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Center For Christ Consciousness


Draw Into Me All Your Fears

OCTOBER 28, 2002

Tonight I greet you as one who has walked this Earth and had the life experience that you now have. I am your Creator Father-Brother Jesus.

Tonight I wish you to draw into me all of your fears; your feelings of isolation. I take these spiritual wounds from you if you will but draw them into me now with your heartfelt desire to share these with me. Your burdens are my burdens. Your cares are my concerns. Think not that you must face the challenges and heart-worn deprivations of life on this world alone.

My hands are open to you now. In your mind's eye reach into your being and find those places where your cares and burdens are too much to bear. Place your hands on them. Tell your mind that you are ready for them to be drawn out of you. Tell them to come to me, and I will take them.

This is your free will choice. You do not need to relinquish them, if you do not want to. But if you do desire liberty, hope, and a lightness in your spirit, then consider this your gift to me. Spend a few moments in locating that which has troubled you, place your hands on it, call it out of your body, and give it into my hands. (long pause)

Transmitter: I'm being instructed now to go around the room, like we have been doing, and just let everyone have this opportunity to feel that drawing power more. So, as we start with S, what we want to do is put our attention in the center of the room, in that ball of energy, focusing on the person that Jesus is working with, and then we continue on to the next person.

NOTE: We went around the room and Jesus worked within each individual. This went on for approximately a half hour or so.

Jesus: My children, let the Spirit of Truth commingle in your beings, and create new realities within you (end of tape side one) . acknowledge, in time, in faith. Let not the thoughts of the past create that shadow barrier in your thinking that clouds your minds with doubts or misgivings about the reality of my presence in your life.

There is much space within your mind for the light to shine , and ever will this light grow stronger the more you fan your faith with trust. Doubts, skepticism, misgivings are all a component of your naturally unspiritized mind. Do not fear them. Do not try to run away. But look at them with objectivity, and ask for the truth to penetrate each shadow of doubt within you.

It is not up to you to identify what the truth is. It is up to me to reveal the truth to you; and let your mind be so open as to reflect that which you can understand, and let it grow greater the more light your mind absorbs.

This is a living reality. And you will only know the validity of the experience in time, and through your own daily living. Let your heart and mind rest easy now. Bring your focus back into the presence of the room, and I will share my life experience with you as you query me now on that which you wish to find answers for in your own life. (pause) Who would like to begin?

Student: Jesus, could you show us some of the pleasures of learning about the Trinity - the way it's a gift to expand our mind into tri-unities, or just the pleasure of learning about the Trinity as opposed to just of one God?

Jesus: Is it not more enjoyable and fulfilling to have relationships with more than one individual? (Yes, it is) For you learn about one individual and you explore new facets of their personality. And does this not help you resonate something in you of a deeper nature and help you explore your own inner qualities in a much broader fashion?

And so I say to you, if this is so, then you only need to ask of each personality of the Trinity to reveal a deeper comprehension of that personality form and substance and essence and vibration to you. And you will learn, and you will find new depths of your personality, resonating with that which the divine personality can offer to you.

This is how you gain greater depths of expression for each divine personality has something unique to offer to you. And in so choosing to explore this relationship you can be given much that enriches and elevates your life. Do you find this to be of assistance to you, my son?

Student: Yes, it is, Jesus. Your leadership shows us how simple it is to ask in a very straightforward way. Thank you. (pause)

Student: I would like to ask the Christ Consciousness to strengthen the container of my being for doing your healing work; to clear the pathway within me so that I can relinquish my ego - and give me guidance as how I can assist the process, and to also support me financially, so I can do this work. Thank you.

Jesus: There is within you a divine nature that is resonating. When you are within, and you sense this divine nature, call it forth. Call upon me and my consciousness, and ask that your divine nature so resonate with my being and my consciousness. The ego, as you define it, is a part of your mind that has not yet attained a certain level of spiritual resonance. But it will in time with your conscious communicating of your divine nature to continue resonating with mine.

That which is your desire to do in service to heal can then be more deeply activated within you, and you will find new opportunities to share your gift in loving service and dedicated devotion to helping your brothers and sisters also attain a high degree of spiritual resonance.

Spend time in allowing your being now to calibrate with me. It is your heartfelt desire to seek this that will strengthen this connection between us, so that I may share with you that which I am, so that you can be the instrument of healing to those you wish to serve. Do you understand, my daughter? (Yes) Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you). Your container is growing more beautiful and light-filled each moment you align yourself in my consciousness. Be in my peace. (pause)

Student: Hello Jesus. I'd like to ask a question, if I may. It is similar to the previous question. Perhaps there is something different that is relevant here. I have a sense of destiny moving me inexorably towards service for a ministry. It is clear to me that there is nothing more pure - and effective, and needed - than that which can come through me when I become fully aligned in your consciousness.

I sense that I am moving along nicely. And, in some respects right now pretty fast. And I also recall the many years of preparation for this time. I guess the specific aspect that I am wondering about is the experience I would like to have more of: where I am very clear that I am in communication directly with you, and you are in communication directly with me at any particular moment, so that the effectiveness that I can have is much larger and immediately meaningful to those who come into my presence that I can serve.

I would like to have a little more, perhaps if it is needed, direction, of focus; and experience out of the mind much, much more - and a lot, lot more into the heart and spirit. So, I think that is the question, and I would like to have a response from you.

Jesus: After a while, there is a natural inclination of an individual to seek this union of my consciousness above all else. You are now at a juncture within your own awareness that this is what you desire foremost in your life. The human desire precedes the actual mastery of living in this state at all times. But it must be there, for the desire serves to continue your growth as the perfection hunger increases your appetite for greater truth alignment.

That which you seek you surely shall have. Allow the requisite experience you need to gain establish a stronger foothold in your experiential body. Think of the piano as this wonderful instrument that is able to articulate emotional range and depth, through the striking of many different chords and resonating with beautiful melodies and harmonies.

You are learning to attune your mind, and to control the different melodies and frequencies, so that your response in any situation is beautiful and mellifluous. So I say to you, my son, practice. When you are in conversation, allow me to sit at the keyboard of your instrument - your mind - and to play those tones and notes within you that will strike the chord that resonates within the other individual.

In this way, you never have to anticipate what you will say, or how you will respond. In your mind's eye imagine that I am inside, playing these chords; and that you will be assured that what will come forth from will be of such high quality and beauty that it will leave a lasting soulful impression on that other individual. Are you of an understanding of this now, my son?

Student: I am. It sure helps me to understand why I took piano lessons when I was a kid. Yes, I do. Music seems to be coming through me as a medium, and your use of the metaphor of the piano is pretty striking, and pleasing and something that I can clearly resonate with a lot. I am very thankful for that.

Jesus: And be at peace. (Thank you).

Student: Could you please give some insight on starting a new journey - closing one chapter and beginning another chapter?

Jesus: My daughter, you have already begun. The journey begins with your decision. That which you start in your own choosing of a particular path will lead you into new ventures, new relationships, new ideas of how to respond to the aggregated spiritual current as it is being reconfigured within you.

It is at these junctures in life that you can do two things with the previous chapters of your life's experience. The first is to ask for the truth that you have learned through life to now commingle within your desire to set forth on this new course, and to continue to move you in the direction of creative expression of that which you have learned.

The other use of the past is to close the door on those experiences that have severed your connection with the truth - those things that have hurt you, or caused you feelings of abandonment or isolation. That is no longer your concern. So, as you strike out now, the one door is opening to new adventures, and the other door closes off those experiences of the past that did not suit your highest good. Hold this duality in your mind. And ask me to take that which is there in the forward movement of the past, and the closing of the door; and allow me to continue to work within your mind that which you need - and that which you need to release - so you are freed from it. Do you see the duality of what you are being requested to do now? (Yes) Is this something that you find you will be able to do as you move forward?

Student: Yes, and I think that the lessons I have learned on forgiveness, and the opening to the possibilities of the gifts that I have received spiritually in my journey here, have been well worth it. Thank you.

Jesus: You venture out now, with a legion of support. In the coming days, as you become re-oriented in your new environment, ask to be connected with this support to greater depths than you have already experienced. Ask for the commingling of your sensing awareness with that of the angels and guides and teachers who now surround you, to impinge upon your consciousness to a greater degree - that you can feel how you are being guided. And to know that the trust that you are activating in you will bear fruit that is enjoyable, nourishing, and enriching to your soul. You are not alone on this journey. And you only need to spend a few moments in connecting with me, and I am there to guide you. (Thank you so much)

And you have all of the love and well wishes of your brothers and sisters here, to reflect on and to warm you. And let the sweet memories that you have give you joy. (Thank you)

I wish to draw the evening to a close. You have within you a spark of divinity that is growing larger each day through your conscious choice to grow in spirit. Lovingly nurture this spark within you each day, by asking your consciousness now to reflect that which is mine to give to you.

There is a strong affinity in your mind with that for the divine, for that of the spirit - of love - for that which is yours as your divine birthright. This consciousness is a thought away. It is only in asking for that alignment, and surely it is given to you.

Even if you do not consciously recognize it at this point, it is accruing in your nature. It is unfolding in the depths of your mindal circuits. Let it grow, my children. Let it overtake your being. Let it penetrate each thought, each experience of your life. Let it lift your spirit with the buoyancy that the truth brings to your soul - and be free, my children. My peace is yours. My presence lives within you. You are mine. And you are dearly beloved. Good evening.