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From The George Barnard List

Confirmation That Machiventa Melchizedek Is Urantia’s Planetary Prince

Christ Michael

March 30, 2002

Michael: "My dear one, it is my wish and recommendation that you attain a greater level of fearless trust in what you are receiving in this, for you, a new way of touching the Spirit Realm. It is my fervent wish that you strengthen even more the bond you felt with me when you were still a child, and that you may reach for me at any time you wish to converse. I am Michael."

"It is of Machiventa Melchizedek that you inquire of me, and for me to confirm his appointment. It is indeed your beloved Brother, Machiventa, who is now so deservedly Urantia's Planetary Prince, and in his very own right. Yet I shall be with you all as I have always been.

 "They are the advantageous ways of the Creator Sons that They can communicate with numerous of Their children and Superiors, simultaneously, and in vastly disparate places, realms, and dimensions in time.

(Unclear). . . "that he has been appointed as such. And the timely arrival of the Magisterial Son, as was earlier alluded to you by your Midwayer friend, has much to do with this change, this reorganizing, this shake-up, concerning numerous "new arrivals and promoted local personalities" that are now here to assist us all.

"Your friend in LA was indeed guided in providing you with this information, and although these changes will result in few overall revisions of the present status quo on your planet in the sense that it might effect your immediate siblings, you will know that, as always, Machiventa Melchizedek holds the steering wheel in both hands, and he will navigate Urantia into the onset, and completion, of your time of Light and Life.

"Whatever changes will now take place, would have otherwise taken place. Whichever spiritual treasures you will find, you would have, at any rate, found. Whatever progress you will detect, was meant to otherwise also have come your way.

"But we know of your curiosity, and we know of your modus operandi, and we even know of your. . . theory of reaching a greater level of spirituality by default, and by your desire of "wanting to know everything".

"Be assured that in the future, and whenever your inquisitiveness prompts you [to] reach for me, I shall be there for you. Be confident that your exercises of prolonged meditation will bear the fruits you desire to harvest. Be convinced that you, and your beloved associates, will remain under our constant watchcare, and that many more projects are in the planning stages for those who choose to work with you, and with your friends.

"I will leave you now, my dear one, in the knowledge that you will spread around that very same love I feel for you, and all my children. I am Michael."