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Daniel; Tomas - What Is Self Determination and Its Benefits - Mar 18, 1994 - Pocatello, Idaho

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Tomas

Topics: Determination


March 18, 1994


Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. As a member of the teaching staff under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek I bring you my love and peace. We, Tomas and I, wish to welcome our visitors this evening, to extend our love into your domain. Let not the appearances of this type of communication bring forth fear or doubt. In the realm of the First Source and Center all things are possible. Have faith. Hold on that throughout the evolution of ascendent beings there is time for change, time for growth, time to let go of past concepts. The reality of this day is seated in the truth that the First Source and Center is the source of love and mercy, is the source of all that holds the universes intact. What is deemed necessary for ascendent mortals is carried on through the various Local Universes. Our Father/Brother Christ Michael is working to bring His bestowal planet into higher consciousness.

This evening I will present, along with Tomas, a lesson regarding the understanding of determination. What does this word mean in your language barrier? Many use this term but they are not understanding its basic underlying meaning. Determination, determining, to be determined means that you are exercising free will choice. In this regard I ask you to think about the many ways in which you are a determined individual in the areas of your personal life, in the areas of your personal life through relationships, in the area of your physical life, and the area of your spiritual life.

Have you not made a certain commitment to a certain lifestyle? If you have adhered to a certain trend you will need now to look at this is in the broader context that what you do is something that you have determined. I asked you to look into this because often what you consider as just a part of life is something that just goes on day by day without you stopping to consider why a certain habit, a certain lifestyle continues. It because you have determined that this is the route you will go.

Let us look at an example in order for you to realize the effect of being a determined individual. Let us look at the habit of chewing one's fingernails. I am using a very simple example, yet I ask that you continue to use it in ways that are more significant and have more meaning for you.

One who has initially started chewing their fingernails makes a choice in doing so. Later on this becomes habitual. No thought is given to engaging in this activity. Under stress, high tension, or boredom the individual will seek solace and comfort in this habit. This habit at some point in time may be thought about by the individual as lacking, and therefor they may wish to change.

How many times have you heard an individual wishing to let of habits say, it is impossible! I can't! The underlying question is not whether or not this habit can be broken, but whether or not the individual remains determined to perpetuate this activity or to terminate it. Free will choice lies at the bottom of whether or not this habit can be broken. This is a very simple example that can be viewed by you in deeper terms. The deepest term that I will now present on the opposite end of the scale is that of being spiritually determined.

God is self determined. It is all of the choice and will of the First Source and Center that has created and made possible all that is, ever was, and ever will be. As an ascending mortal you, also, can be self determined. This is the gift directly given to ascending mortals by the First Source and Center; that you have this choice in freedom, in utilizing your own mind set to determine the pathway you wish to follow. Those who freely determine that the First Source and Center is the goal of eternity will in all likelihood follow a path that will lead more directly to Paradise Isle. Those who have not understood free will are those who often do not understand the concept of allowing God to work through your lives. Saying that you wish that your will be that of following the First Source and Center is not giving up your freedom. Rather it is allowing that God who reaches down is received by you reaching up; that you can touch in and be a part of the plan of the aeons.

Self determination in allowing yourself to be a part of the divine plan will behoove you in ways beyond your imagination. It is not restricting to turn your will over to following God. It is more restricting to allow your misguided determination in life to take charge. For in wrong determining are you met with many roadblocks, many challenges, and many sorrow endings. Much unhappiness those who perpetuate the path of not taking responsibility for choices. Determination, that ability to choose freely is a wonderful gift that you can utilize to the fullest.

This week I will ask that you consider the times when you have made a definite commitment, a definite determination. Those who sit in silence with the First Source and Center on a daily basis will be supported in their choices. For how can you truly ask that you be guided and not be guided. If your motivation is that which bespeaks of the highest truth then the choices you make will be guided by the will above. When you have set upon a certain course, when you have committed yourself to a certain course, then be determined in this. Allow that free will choice that you have made to really bespeak and become reality.

As an example there are many in this room who are teachers in many areas. In this teaching, in this decision that you made to be a teacher of minds or teachers of souls you now embark upon the journey to be the best that you can be in that regard. You have made the determination. And now follow it through with vigor and enthusiasm, with joy, with love, and with mercy and tolerance. And now Tomas will bring in his message this evening."

Tomas: "Greetings loyal students, I am Tomas. I have listened with interest to my peer's dissertation regarding determination and have only to add that in the arena where you seek to find fellow fishers of men you may affect them by your determination.

By standing for your beliefs, truths, and opinions you have set in motion some reality which has cause and effect. Your determination fostered by your motivation to follow His leading in all things has brought vigor and life to your moment of social actuation. Your actuation of your determination now ripples into your immediate arena, and your fellows will be impacted by the determination you have made. Many intellectual determinations cannot be moved. However, many spiritual and soulful misconceptions of reality can be augmented or altered progressively by your method of presenting your determination.

Your words and your attitude present, therefor, the Spirit of Truth for that individual to respond to or recoil from. Your fishing venture will sometimes catch fish and sometimes reveal an empty net. And yet in your determination to follow the Master and plant His seeds of truth and cosmic awareness, in those who are merely waiting in anticipation of their own reality being awakened [this] is effected. By your determination to live the will of our Father, our Creator, by allowing our Creator to live in and through you, in your dealings you are manifesting the same determination as the Master; in aspiring to be Godlike, as Daniel has said, in loving, merciful ministry to your brothers and sisters who await your determined call for their soul. I have no further additional remarks to your fine presentation."

Daniel: "Questions are now in order."

C1: "Daniel, Tomas, I am delighted to be here and in your presence to hear your words. I do have a question regarding something that we were reading in our study group where it mentioned the laws of spiritual growth. I am wondering if there is such a thing as actual laws. Could you comment or give me any further understanding of that?

Thank you."

Tomas: "Whereas there is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, there are laws of the universe. These are set down and are manifested through trial and error. Yes, there are material laws, spiritual laws, yet there is no fine nor punishment for breaking such law. Rather as you are children of the Most Highs you are afforded the opportunity to learn through your own experience and identify those laws which have become part of your morontial realization of your freedoms and limitations. I do not know if this has addressed your question."

C1: "It has given me a greater understanding but I was trying to look through the concordance, trying to find what these laws were, to see if I was actually living in accordance with these laws."

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