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About Her Body

October 18, 2000

From: SK

Hi Everyone,

Calvin has raised the topic of Prince Caligastia's staff with his question:

Does the "Staff"of the Prince today--Ham, Abe, Welmek, Will, Daniel, Olfana, Emulan,Tarkas, and company, have the same physical modified make-up as the former staff members of the Prince's staff?

I don't claim to have the complete answer to that, but I recently received a transmission from Olfana where she mentions this topic of what her "body" is like, so I thought I would share it with you all.

I am also sharing it because what Olfana discusses is a response to a "letter to the editor" which was published in Issue 9 of the Light and Life Journal, which questions the validity of my transmission. I have also posted the original transmission, which was done in 1996, and reproduced in Issue 8 of the Light and Life Journal. So, you have the transmission in Issue 8, the letter to the editor in Issue 9, and my letter and Olfana's response, in Issue 10, which Jim Cleveland has just posted on his Light and Life website, By the way, the new Issue 10 of the Light and Life Journal is very well done, and I encourage you to go to the website and enjoy it for yourself. :-)Love, Susan

The excerpt from Olfana from Issue 8 of the Light and Life Journal:


Olfana: I am an ascended mortal from a time-and-space world, who has now developed God-Fused capacities to reach beyond all limitations of time and space. I can operate within time and space dimensions, but am in no way restrained by these parameters. I am well aware of much of the "Knowingness," the Wisdom of God's Ways, and am guided from this high level of His Design. I have "power" over other beings, if you will, in that my scope, capacity, and range is so much more all-encompassing than theirs. But, I would never, in any way, violate the freewill choice, and growth, of those within my "realm of responsibility," as it were.

From Issue 9 of the Light and Life Journal, in "Letters to the Editor"

Dear Light and Life Journal,

As a 25-year student of the Urantia Book, I perused briefly your Issue 8 [of the Light and Life Journal] and was struck by the unlikelihood of an ascended fused mortal (Olfana, pg. 16) being allowed to make unilateral unattached contact with evolutionary mortals on their natal planet. The morontia mortals described in the book, [who] returned to an evolutionary planet were attached to Prince Caligastia's staff. Each time Michael was incarnated on his seven bestowals, he presented credentials defining his status. Her contact smacks of the type of spiritualism denounced in the book, and leads me to doubt the accuracy of the rest of the articles. No being, let alone simple a God-fused mortal, has "capacities to reach beyond all limitations of time and space" (p. 16) save the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. This person is putting you on.

Sincerely, Robert Walker Soquel, CA

Susan Kimsey's letter in response, in Issue 10 of the Light and Life Journal:

Hi Robert,

I received this message for you from Olfana, which I hope will address your concerns regarding my previous transmission. I hope you will continue to examine the Teaching Mission transcripts for their merits, and feel free to raise any other questions you may have concerning the accuracy of what we TR's transmit. My desire is not to put anyone on, but instead to be an effective "mouthpiece" for Olfana, whom I love and respect. I hope her answer satisfies your concerns about the integrity of this process. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Susan Kimsey Half Moon Bay, CA ____________________________

The transmission from Olfana to Robert Walker:

Greetings Robert,
I am happy to address your concerns regarding my relationship to the ministry which now serves Urantia in bringing about its rehabilitation. I am indeed attached to the ministry corps which is lead by Prince Machiventa, and I serve under his immediate direction. I am also in charge of delegated groups of celestial forces of many categories, who carry out specific components of this Campaign of Redemption. I serve with and administrate other celestial beings in the work of healing, teacher-training, the establishment of further Teacher contact in many countries, including those where the Urantia Book has make little impact, and the amplification and elucidation of the Life Carrier programs which continue to evolve and develop on this experimental planet.

In my capacities as a Teacher and Administrator in this Campaign of Redemption, it is necessary that I move swiftly and efficiently to many points on the globe. This is indeed a capacity I hold, and I am not bound by restrictions of gravity, the physics of light, nor any other physical limitations which bind time and space energy fields to set dynamics. Being released from time and space limitations does not, in and of itself, release me from other laws which control the morontial energies of which I am composed. I remain most definitely bound by these energies, and this clearly distinguishes me from the freedom of dimensional movement and capacities of manifestation which are the prerogatives of The Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit.

I appreciate your attempt to question the accuracy and validity of the transmission done by this TR. It is a most important point that you each view these transmissions as full of potentials for truth inspiration in your hearts and minds, and yet you humbly recognize their potential to also contain confusion or inaccuracies because of the human limitations of those who sincerely attempt to transmit our words. Your responsibility in this process is to explore our teachings so as to discover what of our words can inspire your heart in faith, sharpen your understanding of your sonship with the Father, increase your insight into majesty of God's Power manifesting in your lives, solicit your soul to further develop in the light of truth, beauty, and goodness, and develop attunement with the Master as your guide, protector, and model of inspiration, in your path back to the Father.

I hope you will continue to grant us an opportunity to be a component of your spiritual studies, Robert, and that this one point of contention that you had with my commentary will not set you on a course which avoids further contact with Teaching Mission material. I applaud your long-standing and loyal commitment to the Urantia Book, and hope you will see our ministry as a loving service to augment the beauty and wisdom which the book holds. Namaste. The Teacher, Olfana Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group