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2001 Snowbird TeaM Conference--


Down To Earth Spiritual Reality

July 6, 2001--Friday Morning--First Session--2nd message.

TR: Bill Kelly

Good morning. I am your Father/Brother, MICHAEL, of Nebadon. I am your steadfast loving admirer. You are aglow with divine enthusiasm. Your hearts reach out to me in adoration and a desire to serve. I know you each personally. My Spirit dwells in each of you and I am aware of your thoughts, your desires, your emotions. I am as close to you as the Father himself. We are indeed one, the Father and I.

I personally welcome you to this Conference of universe personalities. The place where you sit is literally filled with celestial company. This is not merely a mortal Conference of the members of the Teaching Mission. This is a celestial gathering as well in jubilee on this native planet of my birth, this crown jewel of Nebadon.

As you breath in and out to live, so you must inhale the spiritual presence of my Father and I, and are aware at the same time of the arms of your Mother, my consort. You breath in our reality. You acknowledge that you are enveloped and enriched by this inhaling of spiritual truth, love and beauty, and you must exhale that love, that truth, that beauty in service to all of my children.

I am aware that you all have conflicting thoughts at times, that you do not all see alike, for it is not my desire that you all see alike. The great challenge of the unity of the Supreme is the result of the blending of the diversity of the great web of individual unique personality blending together into one gorgeous fabric. The truth is only fully known on Paradise by the existential First, Second and Third Sources and Centers. Even my sovereignty does not grant me the total understanding of all truth, but to the degree that I, as universe sovereign, know the Father in fullness so do I share this with all my creation. Your journey to Paradise has begun at thelevel of planetary experience, but it is, children, just the very barest beginning. You cannot imagine even with a thorough understanding of the Urantia Book the majesty of the immensity of our Father's great universe.

I have created with Nebadonia's assistance an evolving universe of great satisfaction in my heart. I have experienced the lives of seven creature levels. I have been mortal, as you know, and it has been an incredible experience to unfold in time and space--an attempt of the replication of the beauty of Havona. You are invited, indeed you are a part of this replication of the beauty of Havona. You are now my hands and feet. You are now my voice. Rejoice that you share my ministry to each other. Exhale my love and the love of all divinity throughout the universe to each other.

Enjoy your time, my friends. Break bread and eat fishes around the fire of love which glows in your hearts. Relax and set aside your stress. Enjoy these mountains that I am proud of. Indeed, if I were incarnate today would I love being here and I am here. So, do all things with joyful hearts, my friends. My peace I leave with you. Good morning.