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DATE: 06-30-98



T/R: Steve

Living Truth:

The living Spirit of Truth is poured out like living water on the peoples of the earth. However, this loving spirit must be activated in your experience through faith. The living Spirit of Truth can create a living stream of spiritual water in the garden of your soul.

Every individual son and daughter that has faith will experience in this Spirit of Truth a true teacher and leader to the Way. The Way waters the soul and leads the spirit to find the kingdom of heaven within the daily experiences of your life. The Way and the Water fills you with the loving light of truth, beauty, and goodness. This internal light once lit by faith will eventually light your Way to find God the Father in Paradise.

Father Within:

You water my soul. Let me express my gratitude for all the gifts You so freely give me –

happiness and sorrow, love and loss, joy and pain. I reach for the sky in joyful praise in the goodness of being alive. We both look out together and pour the compassion of love on the world. You are the Source, I am the channel. Let Your energetic river of love pour out upon the world through me. Let the path be clear for Your love to flow to whom

it needs to contact. Let me get my ego out of the way enough today to allow the people who You need in my life and in Your presence to freely come to You through me. Allow me to come to a greater understanding of You through the people I meet today. I know You trust me Lord, not to block those people out through my ego and the vagaries of daily mortal toil. Let me trust myself and the leadings of the Spirit of Truth by my faith. Let me be receptive when those who need a kind word and assurance of Your love come into my presence. Let me not be so caught up with my own momentary problems that I fail one of my brothers and sisters in need.

His Response:

Children, worry not so much about what you are, as what you are becoming day by day. Each of you will make many errors during this life on the material plane. Many times you may cause others great hurt and misfortune. You may be shallow and unthinking. You may damage those you love. All will be well eventually. We are on an adventure of infinite time. These hurts you cause others and which you feel so deeply in your own psyche, are signs that you are marked by God as one of the chosen people. You are slowly learning that when you cause others in that great brotherhood of humanity pain and suffering you suffer.

Your suffering gives you compassion for others. This life is about growing and learning. Teach others what you have learned. Give others what you have kept in the recesses of your soul. Let your love shine out upon those in greater need and the angels in heaven will sing songs of your praises. In the spiritual realm you grow by giving. You bridge into the worlds of the divine by the love in your heart that pulsates into the world around you, bringing the miracles of living joy to those around us.