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DATE: 01-14-98



T/R: Steve

Agreement of Will:

The Spirit of God the Father is abroad in the Universe. He resides in Paradise and in the great mystery of life, and an even greater sign of His loving ministry, He resides in the heart and mind of each and every one of you. The indication of your personal spirituality and progress in the kingdom of heaven is the degree to which you are willingly cooperating with that Spirit which resides in you.



Father Within:

The true message of Jesus Christ was not his resurrection but his life. In living a life willingly dedicated to your Will as it was poured out in him during his life in the flesh,

he was the new and living way. My soul has become the temple upon which you write divine law. Let that flame in me grow brighter as I dedicate that new being we create together to fulfilling your Will in this world and the worlds to come. I give thanks for who you have made me become through the path that life has driven me, like the smoke fleeing the wind. I give all to you. For all comes to me through You. As I breathe in the fragrance of life let me breathe out the divine goodness and truth that I perceive. Help me leave each person I meet conscious of the divine mystery of life that is in us all.


His Response:

The way of God is not difficult spiritually. It may be difficult for you materially if your treasure is in the worldly realm. Many times your friends and family will not understand the new you that you are becoming as the signs of Our Covenant becomes manifested in your life as the Fruits of the Spirit. But this is temporary. New friends and family will come to you through time. Old friends and family will be transformed through you. Be patient with yourself and those around you. Pour out the blessings of the spirit on the people you meet and you will be filled with a spring of joy that has no ending. The more you give, the more you will be supplied. May the peace that surpasses all understanding, that proceeds from the knowledge that you are the loving child of the Most High, be with you always.