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Georgia, US of A, August 29, 2002.
Melchizedek John.
Subject: Of Rising Spiritual Consciousness.
Received by Carolyn Camp.

 John: Hello my Dear. This is John.

 The sun is at the horizon and the dawn is breaking on a new day of sweeping changes for Urantia. Times when things seem most hopeless are often times at the precipice of great change for the better.

 Many of you are aware in some part of your being that something important is about to take place. You are right. Wrongs are starting to correct themselves. Justice is beginning to take its rightful place. The horrors of war, oppression, hunger, poverty, and disease will in time become painful memories that will have to heal as well.

 The moral and spiritual consciousness of the population of Urantia is rising at a dramatic rate. More and more people are seeking to work with the Celestial Caretakers of this world consciously and unconsciously and from our viewpoint the effects are being seen worldwide, and in even the smallest aspects of everyday life.

 We give our complete support to all who toil at bringing about these changes that are propelling Urantia out of darkness and into the Light.

 My love to you, and to all who give so selflessly to the important work that is taking place on this unique and beloved planet.