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Mary, Mother of Jesus

On Mediums Channeling Untruth.

25th November 1998

Received by Amada Reza.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for an inflowing of Divine Love into my soul at this time and I pray that the angels may come through with a message that may help shed the light of truth and love on the question posed by H___ regarding mediumship. Why can Jesus be ascribed to messages that seem to be out of accord with truth and this message reach so many and get the support of the Catholic church? How can this be the working of Your Will and to what good end does it serve to reveal the truth as Jesus has given us through the Padgett messages? I love you and pray for protection from lower spirit influence and pray for faith in the power of Your Love to heal the weaknesses in my nature that would prevent the truth from being revealed. Thank you for this opportunity. (This question was specifically directed at Vassula Ryden, an Orthodox medium who has delivered messages stating very clearly that Jesus is God, and that the Father has to be restrained from pouring out his wrath on mankind.)

I am here now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your celestial guardian, Mary, the mother of Jesus and a partaker of the Divine Love of God. I am a Celestial spirit and I want you to know that you are surrounded by those of us whose intent is to help heal the world of sin and sickness of spirit.

I will answer this question with a question. How can we discern the truth at work in our own lives? What quality do we possess that enables us to perceive the truth at work in this world? As we become developed as human beings in the flesh, we observe the workings of laws in our natural world that lead us to understand its working in such a way that we can survive. This is called survival instinct and this instinct is very strong in us and in the natural world. You cannot deny the ability of a human being to understand that hot things burn the skin, that gravity will cause us to fall if we lean too far over. On the spiritual level we are no less talented and possess that ability to discern what is "good" and "right" to the spiritual existence of our makeup as emotional and responsive beings.

The natural love is a quality that allows us to perceive goodness in tenderness and good will as demonstrated by those who we are close to. It is a happy event when our parents provide such an influence that nurtures our spiritual nature and goodness by their own example, but when such a love is absent, the truth still exists in the world that love and tenderness is what draws the human soul to aspire to improve and create. From such inspiration we have been able to understand the nature of God and the mysteries of this universe that without such a quality of love would not let us exist as humans, only animals.

So with that understood, I want to make it clear that it devolves upon each of us to use the perceptive qualities of our spiritual and love natures to determine the truth and what "works" in this world. The Catholic religion has not proven to the majority of this earth's population that it has the answer that the human soul is looking for. It may be that the church considers this event an opportunity to appeal to the occultists and seekers of a "message of truth" - a medium by which they may support their own policies and fundamental beliefs. But ultimately this medium will rise or fall upon the hard rock of truth, and what every man, woman and child will have to ask themselves: Does this work for me?

Take responsibility for the truth you know in your own soul, and without judgement, make your life a testimony of how you honestly and bravely stand for what you know in your heart is right. Conscience cannot be considered lightly because it is the meat and potatoes of what people use to govern their actions, and this will also work when they need to decide what is truth.

You do not need to fear because the message seems to be broadcast throughout the world. The world is more than just what you see on the internet and what you read in the papers and see in the news. The world is comprised of both mortal and spirit, and as I have said before, there are literally millions of spirits who know the truth and who are working tirelessly to bring it to the minds and hearts of men and women. Trust in the power of this Love in your life and put your confidence in your knowing; for this is faith, and can become like a rock. For this you will be known, and people will see the light in your eyes and the love in your embrace. You are gifted and enlightened by the presence of the Substance of the precious gift of Love from God, and it is more real than anything man or spirit can ever create with their own thoughts.

I love you my dear children and I pray for your continued strength in this power of Love, and I want you to know we are with you always, surrounding you with our love and encouragement.

I am your sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus