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DATE: 04-14-98



T/R: JoiLin

STUDENTS: JoiLin, Eric, Mary, Steve, Fred, Mare, Henry, Julianne


1.          Size of Our Group

2.          Tingling in Hands and “White Noise”

3.          What Each Person Brings to the Group – Foundational Exercise

4.          Words of Comfort Regarding the Tr Process

5.          Difference Between an Open Heart and Opening the Heart Chakra

6.          The Extreme Intensity of Love

7.          Allowing God / Impact of Free Will

8.          Teacher Suggestion for Transcribing Transmissions

9.          ‘Marleena Group’ an Experiment Never Tried in Nebadon

10.        Instructions for Building Living Circuits

11.        Difficulty Receiving / Becoming Thermometers of Energetics

12.        Emotional Healing / Humor / Closing

1. Size of our group

Greetings Dear One. It is I, Marleena. I know you are filled with many questions. Please proceed.


Mary: First of all I was thinking, I love [Teacher] Will and I love [Teacher] A'Cilla because I've gotten to know them and I look forward to getting to know you and your personality.


Marleena: As do I.


Mary: I thank you for this opportunity.


Marleena: And I thank you for accepting it.


Mary: I am filled with questions.


Marleena: Indeed.


Mary: Is our group going to remain at the eight?


Marleena: No it is not.


Mary: So it will grow?


Marleena: Considerably.


Mary: Oh, wonderful. Will there be more members from Boulder?


Marleena: I choose not to answer that question at this time. You will know those additional members when the time becomes right.


2. Tingling in hands and “white noise”

Mary: Okay... For some time I've had this tingling in my hands and it use to only be present when I thought of Reiki. Now the tingling is more often and also I have what I call this “white noise”. It's almost what I could imagine if I could hear the vibration in my hands or the tingling - what it might sound like.


Marleena: That is as close to an understanding as you will be able to achieve at this point but it is very close to being accurate. Your body is indeed being up-stepped. Much is changing both about the way you do your inner processing as well as the way in which your body chemically reacts and vibrationally reacts to stimulus either from the inside or the outside.


Mary: So is this part of your work?


Marleena: Only in a small way.


Mary: Is there anything I can do to facilitate?


Marleena: Buckle on your seat belt.


Mary: [Laughing] Well thank you. It's not uncomfortable in the least, it's umm, but it's comforting to know that this isn't something I should be concerned with like poor circulation or…


Marleena: Let me caution you. Do not become too attached to these physical manifestations [tape unclear] outer change for they will not remain.


Mary: Okay.


Marleena: Once your body becomes adjusted they will become so subtle as to be almost impossible to sense.

3. What each person brings to the group – foundational exercise

Mary: Okay... I had asked A'Cilla... Well, I don't know if you are aware of this but I'll go through this little story. I had said to JoiLin that I really couldn't understand why I would be invited to be part of this group because I'm just learning to communicate with my Teacher, I recently learned to meditate, I don't focus in meditation like I desire to, in time with practice, and in light of some of the company, the other members, I feel like an absolute infant. So, I said to JoiLin that I was going to ask you what each of us is bringing because I'm not the only one that is puzzled yet honored to be a part of this. JoiLin said, "Oh no, no, no, you can't ask for other people", so I said I would ask for everyone but her [laugh]. But, I would like to ask for each member if you are willing to address that... what each of us is bringing.


Marleena: I have an even better idea.


Mary: Okay.


Marleena: Eventually, if you still need my input, certainly I'll be happy to share with you, from my perspective, why you were chosen. In great part you were chosen because you chose – if you understand my meaning.


Mary: We were open to serving?


Marleena: Indeed. You have made your commitment to the Father and to this Mission, to be used in whatever way his purposes are served best, and when that sort of permission is given believe me, it is not left long... before direction is given. My suggestion... given, more in light of a direction, I want you to go into, as a group, is just this: I would ask each of you, each of those who now at this point are a member of this group, to write a brief statement, a paragraph, if that is all that comes to mind, about each of the other individuals, telling them, what you believe to be their strengths,

telling them why you believe they were chosen to be part of this project. This will facilitate the foundation, the solid foundation, upon which your future bonding will rest. The Father is the bedrock. His love for you and your love for him and the love you begin to establish between one another.


Mary: I love that idea. However, I immediately start feeling bad about, for example Julianne, I hardly know.


Marleena: Draw from what you know.


Mary: It has to be sincere and I'll want to…


Marleena: Do not elaborate. Come from the heart based on your own knowledge. It will grow. I will perhaps ask for this exercise to be repeated somewhere down the road. In the mean time, it will establish a deeper sense of understanding, between you. Once this is established there will be future, exercises.


Mary: [Laughing] Oh, I like exercises.


Marleena: Yes, I know you are task oriented.


Mary: Yes. I'm just delighted at the moment. I had a million questions. Now I need to try and remember what they were.


Marleena: What, you didn't write them down?


Mary: No [laughing] I did not.

4. Words of comfort regarding the TR process

Mary: I would like for you to offer some words of comfort and reassurance for JoiLin who constantly battles the whole TR process.


Marleena: That is seen as both a strength and weakness. Sometimes our greatest weaknesses become our greatest strengths and this is true in this particular instance. She provides her own check and balance system, if you will. It is one of the reasons why she is seen as vital, as an excellent source through which I was made [tape unclear]. She does not allow ego to invade this space. That is not to say this has never been the case, but it is less frequent at this level of her, evolution. She is not liking for me to be speaking about her. She always tries to put up barriers… and yet her commitment is so strong, that it will not allow her to block the [tape unclear]. She will continue as she has these past five years. She has been tried... tested... and come through each and every season of doubt. She is much stronger than she understands but in some sense that is… helpful and so we do not… push.

5. Difference between an open heart and opening the heart chakra


Mary: I've been told that I have an open heart and yet, I've also heard that we are to open our heart chakras, our hearts, and make that connection, that bond, let that love flow with each... well with each person we meet. But the focus right now is creating that deep love connection or bond with the members of our team, and, I'm just at a loss as

to how to consciously do that.


Marleena: Intent... is the key. When we speak of you as being an individual with an already open heart... that is somewhat...

(JoiLin: I don't know if this is the right word, I'm hearing, 'allegorical' and I don't even know the meaning of the word so I don't know)

It is meant more as a frame of reference when comparing an individual who is either

wholly functioning within the left brain, or someone who has emotionally shut down and is not able to access, inner pain or issues. You are open both to the Father's will to having your own core belief system augmented as well as... you are able to move the energy of love from your own heart outward to others.

It is an easy, seemingly easy, thing you do. You seem to not have to put any effort into loving your brothers and sisters. And, that is what we mean when we say 'open heart'.

When I speak of opening the heart chakra this is more intensive. I mean for you to focus more energy into the intent of opening that heart chakra. Picture, if you will, for this exercise only, picture your heart as being, have you seen those metal containers that one sets inside a pot that's intended to hold vegetables for steaming...


Mary: Yes.


Marleena: Picture it closed up tightly or picture a flower bud, a lotus blossom, if you will, closed tightly and now with your intent and energy coming from your mind and your heart, push the petals of the flower open. Push the metal retaining folds open and now, with intent and energy, hold them open. Do not allow them to collapse once again, onto themselves.

It is this more intense flow of energy both from the mind and from the heart that is needed to retain this open space. Liken it to... the steam that will escape once the fire is ignited. The steam will escape this closed metal vegetable container regardless of whether the doors are held wide open. This, this flow of steam can be likened to the open heartedness of yourself, that easy flowing of love regardless of whether the doors are blown wide open or not. Can you follow this analogy?


Mary: Yes.


Marleena: Was it helpful?


Mary: Yes. Thank you.


Marleena: You're welcome.


6. The extreme intensity of love

Mary: There is a part of me that is overwhelmed by such intense love.


Marleena: Yes.


Mary: It's almost painful. Will this ever pass?


Marleena: The intensity? (Yes.) As your vibration… becomes more refined and higher in frequency, you will be vibrating at a higher rate and so eventually, no it will not seem any different to you than the normal love that flows between you and siblings now. In the future you will be existing and functioning through higher patterns than have previously occurred, functioned at. Does that help?


Mary: I think so. I mean there is a very fine line. If I move ever so slightly to one side, it's painful, it's so intense. It's not all the time but there are times when I just feel the love flowing out of me for someone or I hold someone in my mind and I'm overwhelmed with love for them.


Marleena: Yes.


Mary: And,


Marleena: This is something for which you choose not to experience?


Mary: Oh, no. I'm just wondering if I'll find balance and, will that pass, that sense of…


Marleena: The extreme intensity as in the past, yes.


Mary: And that was…


Marleena: You'll continue to feel it, on deep levels, as you are intended to.


Mary: And, I wouldn't trade that for anything.


Marleena: Yes.


7. Allowing God / impact of free will

Mary: There are... I have friends who feel like God works in the big picture, whereas I feel like God, or his representatives, are working in my life down to the tinniest detail. I feel so incredibly guided.


Marleena: Because you allow it to be Child.


Mary: That's what I was telling JoiLin earlier.


Marleena: Everything hinges, or impinges upon given free will. What you allow will be. What you disallow, is simply not allowed to exist. Because of your choice, the Father always sends his love, always sends his support. It surrounds all of his children… Yet those who have chosen as you... or those who will... act, as well as receive.


Mary: I'm sorry, and ‘those that will’?


Marleena: ‘Act’


Mary: Oh, ‘act’.


Marleena: ‘as well as receive’


Mary: I have a sense…


8. Teacher suggestion for transcribing transmissions

Marleena: May I make a suggestion?


Mary: Of course.


Marleena: And I don't often do this, however, let me preface this by telling you that we very much appreciate your commitment and your willingness to transcribe these sessions for there is indeed much within them that would benefit beyond this circle, however, for the moment, we will focus on the Circle of Light and Love. When transcribing it, be clear, be certain, to leave the pauses in my conversation otherwise some of the meaning is lost. Am I making myself understood?


Mary: Yes.


Marleena: Thank you.


Mary: I was going to ask if it is okay to share among your group.


Marleena: Indeed.


[Sniped section that would not benefit the rest of the group.]


9. ‘Marleena group’ an experiment never tried in Nebadon

Mary: Is there something which you would like to say to our group?


Marleena: I have already said it Child... the beginning of your exercises... There will be others forthcoming... I wish to thank each of you for your willingness to participate in this program.

This program is in its very early stages and is entirely experimental. It has not been tried within this local universe. And so much, very much, depends on your

receptivity, your commitment and your perseverance.


Mary: Wow, that's very intriguing. This experiment, if you will, has not been tried in our local universe?


Marleena: That is correct.


Mary: Oh... Thank you for making us part of this wonderful opportunity.


Marleena: It feels strange for me to say 'you're welcome' when from my perspective the greatest thanks goes to each of you.


10. Instructions for building living circuits

Mary: Umm. JoiLin did post [e-mail] something regarding the effort or the purpose and it's my understanding this project involves making a heart connection with each member of our group and establishing the means of that connection.


Marleena: These are living circuits that you build... that you feed into daily... which increases their strength.

Picture the circuit between you as (unclear) in the beginning as the smallest fiber optic (unclear). With daily practice, intent and increased pressure, if you will... from your own heart centers, along with the inflow energy that comes from my direction, will this tiny fiber optic grow incrementally each time you connect within the circuitry of this network.


Mary: Is it important that that's the visualization I hold because…


Marleena: It is important initially, when you first make the connection each day. I would recommend that you attempt to visualize the energy moving out along the circuits and encircling the individual at the other end and bring the energy back up through their heart and direct it toward yourself and feel it plug into heart.

That will be one circuit, established and grounded. Do that with each individual at the beginning of the meditation. It will become very easy as you practice this.

Once you've done that then you can allow the mind to become less, intense. As you bring in your breath, you'll be drawing the energy from myself and your own heart center, and, as you let it go you will be infusing the circuits with that energy, and that will become a matter of course once these circuits have been opened and connected.


Mary: I found that difficult to... it was too minute and detailed perhaps, when I have envisioned is a white light energy that flows from my heart to the other person but it's like a beam of light that is circulating.


Marleena: There is design behind the design if you will.


Mary: Okay.


Marleena: There is a reason why I'm asking you to do this as I have laid it out.


Mary: Okay. So a thin thread?


Marleena: It can be large if that's what you visualize. It is the direction, the pattern that I want you to repeat.


Mary: Okay, with the breathing and the…


Marleena: Yes, and visualizing the energy moving out from your heart, encircling – start at the feet of the left side of the person facing you – allow the energy to move up.


Mary: On their left or my left?


Marleena: Your left. It would be their right.


Mary: Okay.


Marleena: Allow the energy to move up slowly, quickly, whatever you visualize, to completely encapsulate, completely encircle the person. And bring the energy up their... trunk, you can use a leg or whatever works for you and bring it in through the heart and now back out their heart and bring it toward yourself. And feel it plugged into your heart. That will ground the circuit in your own heart.

That becomes, for want of a better term, like a live wire but it is now a closed circuit, an individual circuit that you have established with that one individual person. Do this with all of your team members each day. Follow the same path, the same pattern.


Mary: Okay...


Marleena: Do not forget. Include in your visualization the start up point being the energy coming from above, down through the crown chakra and meeting your own energy in your heart. It is at that point it will move out from your heart but it will be... propelled if you will, by the energy coming from my direction.


Mary: I am receiving someone else's energy coming up from my feet to my heart and yours is coming from the crown to my heart and together…


Marleena: Correct, but do not focus on the incoming energy from your teammates. That will take care of itself. Focus on what you are sending. You will receive as a matter of course.

11. Difficulty receiving / becoming thermometers of energetics


Mary: Okay. I have a personal question. I have a very difficult time receiving.


Marleena: As do many within your group.


Mary: Okay. And, do you have a suggestion... let me put it this way, giving has always been easy, receiving is rather painful.


Marleena: Yes. As I said, you are not unique within this group.


Mary: So how do we overcome that? We would like to receive.


Marleena: And in fact you are, daily receiving. You will each be given opportunities to become receivers from the entire group. There will be times when everyone's energy will be focused on just you. Each within this group will take their turn at being sole receivers. Do not focus on your worry of how these things will be facilitated. Simply continue to be open and receptive to input from your individual teachers and from myself.

Your evolution, will be evident by the... obvious as well as not so obvious, changes within each of you as individual members. You will also be seen, experienced, on a... energetic level by the… heightened sensitivity of each of you.

You will in time be able to act as individual thermometers, if you will, testing… the energetics within your life situations as they relate to your work place, your home environment, or any environment you are to enter. You will with effort be able to read the environment energetically. This will be a tool that will be utilized by each of you.

[Turned tape over.] This will be a tool you'll each utilize in days to come. Trust in the direction you are being given. Trust in the outcome of the Father's plan as it unfolds within the fabric of your individual lives. Faith and trust – two important components to this path you walk.


12. Emotional healing / humor / closing

Mary: I understand that love is very healing. Will we also be doing healing type work as we understand the term healing?


Marleena: You will be involved for the most part with emotional healings, for it is from this... from this realm of dysfunction that most of your world's ills flow. Were you to be able to heal your planetary siblings on an emotional level it would open the doors to almost instantaneous reformation.


Mary: And therefore we must first heal ourselves?


Marleena: Indeed.


Mary: And I suppose that is why this group seems to individually be experiencing many emotional issues right now.


Marleena: Indeed.


Mary: Well it's nice to know it serves a higher purpose.


Marleena: But for that, you wouldn't walk there.


Mary: [Laughing] Not without kicking and screaming if you want an honest answer!


Marleena: I understand. That was more a statement of fact than a question.


Mary: Oh, I have a sort of strange sense of humor.


Marleena: You have a delightful sense of humor.


Mary: Thank you. I find…


Marleena: Humor, excuse me, humor is another gift that you bring to the circle and we will speak of different levels of service you each will render to this group, humor being one of them.


Mary: I don't know what I'd do without humor.


Marleena: You would do an awful lot of crying.


Mary: Yes. I'm sure. Humor is a wonderful safety valve.


Marleena: Yes indeed. It is also a [tape unclear] One cannot be sad when one is laughing. One cannot be mired within ones own pity party when we open the door and allow laughter to enter.


Mary: I have found it beneficial, the question and answer setting seems to work quite well.


Marleena: Yes indeed and it works well for us as well. But my recommendation would be to have a session such as this one, one time a week.


Mary: Okay. Thank you.


Marleena: You're welcome.


Mary: At the moment I have no more questions as odd as that seems. I truly appreciate your time and your answers and clarifications and sharing with us and for being our Teacher.


Marleena: And I thank you for accepting the opportunity to serve. I will close now sending my love to each of you, keeping the circle held within my embrace throughout the week.


Mary: . ..Good-speed.


Marleena: Thank you Child. To you as well.