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9-22-93 Manutia

I Am Permanent Teacher to this Group


I am Manutia Melchizedek, it is with great pleasure that I announce my permanent attachment to your teaching group. This action of course was initiated by your commitment, your group commitment to separate the functions of worship and prayer from other functions you have been called upon to enact as your role as a group dedicated for the precepts of the teaching mission.

It is with great joy that I heard of your plans, your struggles to reach this higher level of attainment with the Father's will. Remember always that God is love personified, in His infinite wisdom He upholds all things and in so doing allows those of us lesser creatures to joyously participate in the emergence of the Supreme which is the current universe goal for all in this great game who are aware of the higher realities of spiritual citizenship. Your commitment, your devotion, your focusing of love and worship allows us to upstep our teaching lessons to you and to other groups that have made that increased commitment to seek and follow the will of the Father.

We are very pleased with efforts you have taken to open your doors and hearts to other brothers and sisters on your thirsty planet. The revelation of sonship with God, brothership and sistership with all your mortal brethren, increased communication and attainment with your Thought Adjusters. I predict that your efforts will reap great rewards for the kingdom.

Continue your deliberations, know that we watch with great enjoyment as you puzzle out the details, you should be commended for not asking your teachers, and other celestial personalities to blindly tell you what to do, who to see, the importance of you as mortals working out these details is very important, is a requirement, in fact, for you to develop the experience, that you gain the wisdom that will mean so much to the success of this mission.

As the teaching mission progresses know that each forward step that you take is measured in determining the future course of the schooling and what shape it will take, and where it will take place. Those of us celestial personalities commissioned by Machiventa and Michael to supervise the outworking of this healing period in the life of your planet and the mortals upon it, watch over all of you within the mission, those aware of the Urantia book, and the souls that have traveled parallel paths even without the bene t of either of these uplifting plans.