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York, PA

Manuel (Melchizedek)

Severe Crisis Building

February 02, 2003

T/R: Min Hoet

Do not bow to me. I am no different from you. You see. We are all One in Spirt and one in energy love vibration. That is all that is. As you recognize that as a truth, you become closer to reality and then you become closer to God.

It has been a long time since you received me. However, it was just a moment ago. I have always been here for you.

Great changes are taking place on your planet. It is with all creatures. Humans, animals, plants and environment. It is the time of the cycle. It all happened in ancient history, when much life was eliminated and begun anew. This time it will be different. The reason is that within this cycle your planet has the Son of God manifested and planet Earth will not be destroyed.

Your world is building up to a severe crisis. Of some kind. It will happen as it is supposed to because free will is allowed. However, whatever the outcome will ultimately be the Will of God manifested through the minds and actions of man. His purpose will be accomplished through His creations.

Should there be a war or wars, they will be different from any other gone before. A war at this time, will not be for territory or possessions. It will be a war against evil. God has a plan and the plan will be complete. The Light will override the Dark and only Light will remain. You see. Both the Light and the Dark are of God. They are really the same. Only man perceives them differently. Embrace the dark with love and compassion and without fear. Fear feeds the dark and Love and compassion is the Light.

You have all descended from Adam and Eve. The memories are there. Some mortals subscribe to the concept of reincarnation. It is impossible. However, the memory of your ancestry is always there and sometimes it surfaces and you think of another life. Not so.

Religion is the real problem. There are so many different approaches. You all have the same Father Spirit within you and some sects have the same human ancestor father. It is time to let go of the separation and recognize the Oneness. The conflict will end. Expect Devine intervention.

I am Manuel. One of the order of the Melchizedek. .