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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Malvantra Melchizedek


Focus on Your Eternal Goals,

Purpose, Planning,


June 30, 2003

* Nebadonia (Ginny TR): Greetings, my dear ones. As a parent it feels so wonderful to be called on by your children. We are most anxious to hear from you all the time. There is never a bad time; we are always at home. We are always on line. You give us great joy in your eagerness to walk the path of spiritual growth and to be so dedicated and focused on this most sublime task. Every parent loves to see their children succeed. We are most happy with your progress. We notice your little slips and falls, but you seem to be able to rise again to the importance of continuance on this path of your eternal destiny. A few skinned knees and elbows are not much compared to what lies ahead. Focusing on your eternal goals is an important element of your spiritual growth. It is like a beacon, a light, to guide you and keep you on the right path. Again, we are most pleased with you, and we kiss each one of you. My blessings and my love to all.

* Malvantra (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Malvantra. I visit you today. You have been alerted to the value of your discussions prior to our contact and the importance of the content that it determines in our lessons. Today proves true to this response approach that I take. I note your addressing issues of time, of difficult demands, of spiritual longings, and I offer for you a small model to use as a filter, or screen perhaps is a more appropriate word, though my intention is to give you a tool wherein you may properly orient the value and the time allotment to your multiple engagements.

I will use a familiar pattern to you of a threefold concept. The natural human mind and personality tend toward grappling with that which is immediately before you. This springs from the inherent tendency designed within your makeup by the Life Carriers in order that you may survive in a world that threatens you physically. The species, therefore, survived because you have the ability to drop all things occupying your attention in order to grapple with danger. As your civilization advances those daily occupations minute by minute change from the threat of attack, the fear of hunger, the possibility of no shelter, to your current tasks and chores, the requirements of your daily living. But this mechanism within you to this day exists; it will not evolve. Your application of your inherent tendency is what changes. So, by nature you determine the project. You then go about planning the execution of that project, and the fulfillment of that process gives or yields purpose. When you undertake activities and that third element of purpose does not arrive, you abandon the project or redesign your planning in order to be rewarded with a sense of purpose. Purpose is the meaning and the motivation for all the work beforehand. Many a career, many a family organization, many hobbies, function in this manner. This threefold function of your being -- while serving to stimulate human beings to undertake many activities to develop multitudinous skills, and to create greatly varied cultures, causing art to flourish and science to advance -- is better reversed in perspective, seen from your spiritual side and applied to your physical life.

All of you who are diligently undertaking the expansion of your souls, the advancements of your personalities, realize the importance of the overview of spirit perspective. You have come to discern greater clarity of mind when you have that overview overlaying your awareness. And you find your daily activities, while not much different on an energy level, are oriented meaningfully in a greater context. So, you develop a spiritual purpose, a desire to do the Father's will, the intention to expand and develop grace-given talents, the realization of the potential of harmony among all peoples on a given world: The solemnly beautiful experience of loving one another and the discovery in yourself of not only the ability but an ever- deepening well of this ability. Grasping your purpose in an eternal context sets your mind to planning. Through this planning you develop the desire to be of service; you coordinate with other individuals to effect the outworking of a beneficial cause.

You orient your personal day for stillness, for study, and for service. Then you determine your project, and that is the active phase of this threefold process. Here enters in multiplicity, for you may simply hold the door for another at the store, or you may establish a charitable foundation, or you may develop a literary work intended to offer words of upliftment and enlightenment for any who would read. You begin by having purpose before you undertake your project, and this is the secret to the happiness and well-being of a soul embraced by spirit, for a project may fail, and it does not destroy your sense of purpose. You cease asking, "what was that all for?" because purpose is not the end result; it is the beginning motivator. A project may succeed greatly, but you do not run the risk of losing yourself in the temporary recognition and rewards of success, for your eternal purpose crowds out such temptations. To some, as life progresses, who orient with purpose as reward, life changes cause disastrous emotional and mental upheaval. A job is lost; children grow up and leave home; technology changes, and your skills are no longer applicable; and purpose seems to vanish.

By adopting the teachings of the master you make purpose centerfold in your life. Planning is the branching out stage of applying your purpose, and at the outer sphere millions of projects become applicable. The Father allows you to chose your projects, for you have fulfilled His first requirement in the sphere of purpose when you solemnly chose to adopt the Father's way. Then in partnership He receives your input, your desire, your inklings, your attractions, to the outworking of this relationship of God and child. When you are disturbed, ask yourself if your orientation is as I have expressed today; does purpose motivate you towards projects? Or does your purpose hinge upon the success of the project? I have been involved with this group long enough to know and trust that you will benefit from your mulling over these comments. The manner in which you discuss this presentation and those that have preceded greatly amplifies what is presented to you in this manner. We teachers understand that it would be far too burdensome to fully describe or depict the intention at many points in our presentations. While you talk with each other much that we could have droned towards you in this method of transmitting comes to you through you socializing, through your discussions. At this time I open the floor.

Ginny: That really focuses us on our intentions, why we do things, intention rather than the outcome of our projects. We live in such a competitive society, being first, having the best.

* Malvantra: Yes, the orientation is the crux of successful undertaking, no matter what that is. In reality all three function together, for example, imagine one of your ancestors of centuries and centuries back, a budding family. One member of the family has a project to gather the food, begins planning how to accomplish this project, finds fulfillment and success in the hunt, finds purpose in the family as the provider. All three take place simultaneously, but when the soul of this individual develops such that the purpose of being provider expands to doing good to others without personal recognition, then planning takes on greater grasp. Soon this provider undertakes a new project, not simply gathering food for family but teaching offspring the same skills, training them in the ways of a successful hunt. Today in your modern world reversing the beginning motivation with the end desire makes what is really a simultaneous function clear to you personally and enlarges the potentials for your function. Bigger and better may help you, but first you have a lofty purpose, a grand scheme -- and not simply one of personal reward and recognition. This is a rather lengthy way of expressing a rather simple phrase in your Urantia text that you can do many things if you leave yourself out.

Evelyn: You started by talking about a filter or screen. Is that our choosing? I'm not sure what you meant by the filter.

* Malvantra: My model, the structure, of purpose, planning, and projects is a structure that you may use to filter or screen your intention to reorient yourself to sift out wrong motivation and to allow to pass correct motivation. While I must be careful and caution you not to treat this formulaic-ly; these constructs like this one do help you when you are seeking clarification, when you are seeking to dispel confusion. They help to clean the mud from the water that you may see more clearly. I would like to dismiss the classroom. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy every moment of your daily life. There is no better place to be throughout the entire universe than where you are now. Farewell.