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January 6, 2002

*          Malvantra (Mark TR): This is Malvantra, and I come among you once again on what have become the regularly scheduled rounds of those master physician assistants who have volunteered to be of assistance to you in your chosen gatherings, which can be likened to classes in a self-help clinic in that you all have chosen to be here by your own freewill choice and you all do desire to gain a better grasp and understanding of your lives and spirituality. I am one of many assistants here to help you in our endeavor, but as with your institutions on your world, one must desire to make a change and implement these teachings in order to be effective. No one in these clinics is dragged or coerced; you are all volunteers. You all may leave at any time and return at any time.  

I will play with the analogy of habits and consider for a moment that your efforts at self help may be likened loosely to a rehab clinic. As you have well noted, those aspects of your reality that you choose to allocate your limited resources of time to work together to form an overall picture, with various influences acting upon and effecting your overall view. By choosing to change your priorities and to reallocate your resources in a direction you see to be beneficial for your being shifts the influences at play and allows you to operate in a new paradigm.

This is done quite simply and effectively in your material plane by the development of proper spiritual habits, habits that promote your growth and understanding, which create circumstances conducive to your overall awareness. It is your conscious choice to be here at this time, as you have formed a habit of these rendezvous. This habit impacts your paradigm and promotes certain spiritual growth characteristics. Likewise does the habit of stillness and meditation promote certain growth aspects only accessible through these techniques; likewise does your attitude adjustment or swing to consciously change your orientation to one of positive approach as opposed to its complement.

These are steps that, if taken, are immediately effective on your spiritual growth and your spiritual pursuits. Yet the act of our allocation of your time resource is the key fundamental to the whole process of the development of good spiritual habits.

It all starts, ironically enough, with your material plane and the fact that you have many influences drawing on you and acting upon you. It is required of you, therefore, that you must make choices regularly, daily, even hourly, as to which of these influences will be given the greater play, the greater part, in your lives. This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of developing a spiritual framework from which you may springboard as you grow. You are all aware of the consequences of your choices on your daily routines, your spiritual growth, I would just comment that the admirable traits of self discipline and self mastery accompany these wise spiritual decisions to make habits of those aspects you discern to be spiritually beneficial to you.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. Nowhere is this more true than in the witness of others to your disciplines and priorities. One may make a great verbal argument for spiritual growth while another may use self discipline to undertake spiritual growth. I daresay that the example of the one pursuing rather than the one discussing would be the one that will draw attention and also will command the rewards of the effort.

So, my suggestion to you today is to be conscious, aware of the choices you make each day, each hour. Be prepared to be bold enough to choose that which your highest self perceives to be in your best interest. Then through your personal discipline make those aspects your habits where your priorities reside, and all other aspects of how, where, when, and why fall into place as if by magic.

Those are my words today.

*          Lantarnek: (Jonathan): Greetings, teacher Lantarnek visiting you today, traveling with Malvantra and enjoying the adventures. I wish to follow on his heels and begin with a question.

How does one create these habits? I offer two words that are effective in fostering the development of the habitual reflex, that is, concentration and consecration. It is easy to note that in the physical realm to concentrate is to make strong, to eliminate superfluous elements such that an item becomes boiled down to its essence or is more potent. In the realm of mind concentration it is the act of focus to push aside distraction, unnecessary inputs that stir and steer the mind away from focus. It is a one point view. The term concentration is better transformed into consecration when we look at the spiritual life, for consecration is a dedication. It is a focus and a boiling down to the most vital and important values and personalities in your life.

I have said in order to concentrate one must remove the many things that distract. This is the simple approach. However, as you have witnessed, a juggler can concentrate while doing many tasks simultaneously, although I daresay he is unlikely to drive a car while juggling. There are limits even then. To the consecrated soul the entire life is focused on those eternal values while juggling the temporal affairs. Here is the interface of habit; no one becomes an expert juggler by picking up a few balls and tossing them in the air. It requires diligent practice, habitual play and development.

If you are consecrated spiritually you are also concentrated, as the example would be of your tomato paste where a little goes a long way. When you enter into the lives of others the potency is recognized. You aren't dilute; you are powerful. But a strong concoction can be unpalatable without its dilution making it more applicable to the needs, to the task at hand. When you spend your time in stillness, you are concentrating your spiritual life; you are focusing on the greatest value of all, your relationship with the Father. You are boiling down to the essence. This increases your octane, makes your spiritual life more flammable in that you are now able to burn brightly; you are able to dispel those elements that would distract. You are also able to infuse those activities that would have distracted you with the potency of spiritual reality such that they are incorporated into a sense of progressive and uplifting experience.  

A consecrated individual can juggle and drive a car at the same time, for you are not just a single being; you are a partnership. When you are coupled consciously with Father, you have expanded you abilities beyond the range of a single entity.

I have finished my comments.

*Elyon (Ginny): Good morning, this is Elyon here to briefly connect with you. Since you have put much time into discussion among yourselves -- which we have enjoyed thoroughly -- I will close with a note to you all about how pleased we all are at your desire to be and to act in the presence of God.  

You have progressed much in understanding how this can be done. In your eagerness to share with each other your daily experiences, your daily struggles, is a sign indeed of your ability to be a little vulnerable for the sake of learning a lesson, for this indeed is where the lessons are learned, in your daily lives, with your daily experiences. Yes, learning to walk in another's shoes is an extremely important lesson to learn. Every good teacher should be aware of this and spend much time and thought about where the pupils are before beginning a lesson. You have all done well in teaching us more about your experiences. We are confident that your lives of spiritual progress will be magnificent, even on this first short one. So continue as you have been doing and be assured of our eternal assistance and our continuous presence, even when you do not sense it.

Good day.