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Georgia, US of A,

Malachelia Melchizedek.

Subject: "Inauguration of a New Era."

Received by Carolyn Camp.

April 3, 2003.

Malachelia: "It is I, Malachelia, your old friend John. We understand your frustration of late, and that of your colleagues, also. We sympathize with the fact that, at times, the senselessness of it all seems to be more than you can take. I'm here to give you another point of view that may be helpful.

"Often, events are only recognized for what they are after they have come to a conclusion. It is unfortunate that many in your world can only "see" in hindsight. Even then, important lessons are soon forgotten. Terrible events have been repeated throughout the ages on this planet. Yet, for the first time, there are large numbers of people who want to break out of these repetitive patterns, and they are demonstrating their willingness to do so. We are very gratified by what we see in those who are thinking beyond themselves and their loved ones -- yes, even their own countries.

"The lure of tribalism is being tossed out in favor of inclusion and acceptance of those who are not only different in many ways, but not even in close physical proximity. The tides of brotherhood and sisterhood are sweeping the world. Much of this has been due to your world wide electronic technology. Many of you have dear friends half a world away, which you have never seen with your eyes, but love with your hearts.

"Take some time to ponder the ramifications of this one observation and see the potential it holds. You must see that things will change. Even the horrors that are now occurring will end. And once they do, an accounting will be made. There are too many who are awake and aware to continue living in deceit and secrecy.

"These are times that, as such, have not been seen on this world. You are at the inauguration of a new era. The darkness that you are experiencing is the dying howl of an old reality. Your new reality is already unfolding before you.

"Remember when you are depressed and struggling, that we are here for you in your dark times as well as your bright times. Hold the light of Love and Hope in front of you and you will see us there, cheering you on. Our love continually flows to you all.

"I am your brother, Malachelia."

© The 11:11 Progress Group "Que Dios bendiga a los Pacificadores." (May God bless the Peacemakers.)