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Idaho, US of A,

Machiventa Talks.

Subject: "When Obstacles Block Your Way."

Received by Sandy Montee.

April 4, 2003.

Machiventa: "Yes, it is I, Machiventa, and I greet you on this glorious spring day, my sister in Christ. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to, at any time of my choosing, visit you in your home, for it feels good for me to regularly relax and worship with you for a time.

"You have experienced a great number of ups and downs in the period during which we have been in frequent communication. As your brother, I have experienced these unsettling events with you, and I admire you for your ability to nevertheless go forth in the love of God.

"Hold onto what is good, truthful, and of beauty. Let 'the bad' slip away for the irrelevance it represents, and stay comforted in the knowledge that the Father has in His possession an excellent recipe for eternal happiness, as He reaches out with both hands into the darkness of evolutionary life to lift His children into the light.

"Each and all of us are children of God, and as a loving Father he allows us to make mistakes, while teaching us the lessons on how to forgive and go on about experiencing happiness within our hearts and souls, even in the most difficult of times. In His heavens He prepares a place for each of us, as we all succeed in passing the tests that prepare us for the further lessons of eternal life.

"He will bring us all home, and we will all find comfort and joy in the careers of our selection that lie ahead. Let your steps go ever forward in this lifetime, and more so when the road may be rugged, and when obstacles block your way. See beyond the problems to focus on the solutions, and be thankful for the earthly 'schooling of entitlement' in this mortal life.

"This is Machiventa. Carry on, child."

T/R’s Note:

On many occasions I have been aware of Machiventa's 'presence', and I guessed he wanted to be here, and that he was just very tired of all the work he does, perhaps even despondent, and that he 'arrived in my home' to simply get away for a little while. At these times, it occasionally happened that he had nothing at all to say. It now appears to me that these quiet times are Machiventa's times of worship and meditation, because I sensed his presence today, and, for at least fifteen minutes I waited before I finally heard his words. Sandy.

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