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Illawarra District, Australia,

Machiventa Talks.

Subject: "Thy will be done".

Received by Sandy Montee.

November 17, 2002

Machiventa: "Good morning, Sandy and George. This is Machiventa."

Both: "Good morning, Machiventa."

Machiventa: "Today I would like to speak to all about "doing God's Will".

"We could well begin with the first line of the Lord's Prayer, 'Our Father Who art in Heaven. Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.'

"There is so much worthwhile information and clear direction in that short statement. 'Our Father's will be done' is not often viewed as an easy goal by many people on this, our beloved Urantia. We often hear the question, "What is God's will for me?" To do His bidding can either be very complicated, or very simple, but it is always in relation to each person's perception.

"Indeed, the walk towards perfection entails doing Father's will on each and every day as you go about your routine tasks. One example of this would be of a poor and hungry mother of an infant, who is isolated from others, not having the opportunity to interact on a mature or spiritual level with her kind or kin. Her inborn instinct of lifting her baby to her breast to provide it with nourishment is the doing of our Father's will. For her, at such a time, that is what it takes.

"Our Creator has instilled in us the ability to discern, even to recognize as if it were remembered, the right choice of the different paths that we might travel in our lifetime, and towards closer communion with Him. 'Father's will be done' needs to be a main event in each person's life, according to his or her individual abilities to contribute and progress.

"For many it means that they must first arrive at a certain age, or at a certain level of maturity, at a certain degree of wisdom, for it to be realized that the Father makes it easy, and puts these opportunities to contribute right in front of them. And it often means that by serving others as a way of life that the greatest rewards come to them, that they will grow as they impact on the lives of others in a positive way, as teachers or healers, as those that assist the fallen to get back upon their feet, and announce that God does care, as ever more His words become theirs.

"You are His children and He has created you all to be different, with different perceptions, different abilities, and different goals in your lives. Believe that you are capable of doing Father's will. Believe that the small acts of kindness that you perform do indeed make a great difference in that needy person's life, and, at the same time, create an immeasurable delight for "your Father which art in Heaven".

"Let us always keep these messages short, and, hopefully, a "Seed of Truth" will be planted right now to help uplift a day in the life of a thoughtful brother or sister, who sincerely asks, "How can I do God's will on this day?"

"I will leave you now. I am Machiventa."

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