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Idaho, US of A,

Machiventa Talks.

Subject: "To Perceive Through The Veil."

Received by Sandy Montee.

September 29, 2002

Machiventa: "Good afternoon, Sandy. This is Machiventa.

"Let us give some thought today to putting our trust in God's Will, our lives in His Hands. As the Father of all, He has the best interest at heart for each member of His very great family, and although many may at times feel that He has deserted them, this is never the case.

"From lengthy personal observation, I understand only too well that for mortals there are many times when you find it difficult to perceive through the veil that hides reality - the shroud that makes it so difficult for you to discern life as a valid spiritual existence here on Urantia.

"Somehow many of you still believe that your Spiritual Self is completely grounded on planet Earth and cannot even see into the higher realms, or that It is likewise oblivious of the fact that indeed you are, at some time to become a fully unified Spirit Being that is now gaining valuable experience on Urantia for a most important career into Eternity.

"The daily joys and frustrations, distractions and duties of living your lives can make it seemingly impossible to discover what is, and what is not, the Father's Will. If you allow yourself to be spirit-led, this intuition can direct you into "the knowing" that your existence here is 'but a flash in time', and that each person can greatly gain from the abundance of experiences you are granted by order of God's Will.

"Trust in the Father, and ask only of him that he will allow you to live and love and care for others, as well as for yourself. Try not to take this life here lightly, for it is a valuable chance to learn that the Father is giving you the opportunities to move ever closer to Him in the experiences He places before you, yet while giving you every chance to find happiness and joy in your daily travel.

"The journey of life brings with it the responsibility for you to use your insight to pierce through that veil and determine God's will for you, and for you to lead your life accordingly. This is not such a tall order because He expects you to make many mistakes along the way and to often trip and fall. The importance is your gaining the ability to stand back up and learn and try again.

"As you bring your love to many people, they will in turn give it back to you. Think of life as an opportunity, never a burden.

"We will again keep this short today, for in these few words you will find life's most important message. I will say goodbye for now.

"I am Machiventa."

The 11:11 Progress Group