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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Participate More

February 2, 2004


Donna: Dear Father, thank you for this gathering here tonight with our spiritual brothers and sisters. Please open our spiritual ears and eyes to hear and see what you would have us hear and see. We love you Father and we thank you for our many blessings. Help and guide us to assist this world to come into Light and Life, in Christ Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile. In our recent transmission we discussed the future plans of the Spiritual Agencies that surround your planet. We also talked about time and how soon you could expect some changes. Please be advised that our expansion of our emergency program has nothing to do with the state of your world at this moment. It has more to do with the spiritual candidates available throughout the world. We have seen much change in the behavior and attitude of many of your brothers and sisters throughout the world. Many are connecting directly with God and many are using our services to further their spiritual lives. We have seen an increase of this in the past months. Therefore for those people who have volunteered their time for the betterment of mankind we expand and preempt the coming of the Magisterial Son.

We have long waited for this day. We know how much it will mean to your world. We are truly amazed by all the people in this world who, despite the state of the world, managed to shine and to guide others toward light. Despite the roughness and the decadence in which your world now stands you have remained true to God and to Michael. You bring forth his message and his love. You bring hope, but most of all you inspire others to follow your path or take on your attitude towards life. Perhaps it is difficult for you to see the changes that have been created in your world. Perhaps it is difficult to measure or gage the extent of the Agondonters that are currently living on your world. Let me tell you that it is very extensive and it is growing by the minute. It is because of these times that Agondonters strive. It is because of these times that you seek out the Light and the wisdom of God. For you know in your heart that what the world is living through is not for you. You seek greater glory and a greater justice. You seek greater love from God. When you find this greater love you immediately translate it into your own life in which it begins to show to those who surround you.

In the coming sessions we shall return back to previous sessions in which the group attempted to transmit individually. I would very much like every one of you to begin to listen and to hone in on a transmission that is being sent to you. Begin to practice transmitting to the group. This is something that has been done before. So it should not be difficult for you. Many of you have gone a long time without transmitting. Now I will step aside so that you may listen to the words of Michael.

Michael: TR, George. My dear children, I greet you with love and tenderness from my heart. I bring with me my energy and most graciously envelop you with this energy so that you may feel my love. For a long time have I looked at each of you grow up and live your lives. For a long time have I kept my eyes on you, watching you and loving you. Many of you have come here tonight to connect. My connection with you has always been there and shall always be there. Never have I been disconnected from any of you. I consciously feel your struggles and your challenges. I fully understand the difficulties that you have in your lives. Children, do not worry yourselves about what the future holds for you. There is much to live in the present and much to do. I constantly send Angels and Midwayers to assist and aid you. We value you as distinguished Agondonters on this planet.

Allow me to take your hand and guide you. Allow me to come into your lives and to hold you in my thoughts, for I shall always think of you and I shall always love you. I leave you my peace, good night.

JarEl: TR, George. My dear brothers and sisters, this is JarEl once again. Remember that the next time we meet I expect all of you to transmit. If you do not feel capable of transmitting, then a prayer will do. My goal is to achieve a level of spirituality in which all of you will participate. It is not fair for one member of the group to arise when the rest of the group remains at a certain level. It is important that the entire group be uplifted on a spiritual plane. By doing this you will prepare yourselves for future tasks where you will have your own group. A time will come soon when you shall all be teachers and instructors. You shall all be sought out to teach. Everything that you have learned here has and will prepare you for the future. Like Michael said, pay attention to the present for there is much to learn and much to do, until next time, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.