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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia California

Teacher: JarEl

Service To Others

Hal’s Service To the Newly Arrived On Mansonia

June 16, 2003


Larry: Father, thank you for our meeting here tonight. We welcome Lucille back from her vacation. It is good to have everyone here. We appreciate the fellowship which we have between us and the love bond. We are so grateful for your love Father. We are so grateful for the life that your son Jesus lived on this planet. We pray for world peace. We pray for Light and Life. We pray that we can be the light to bring this about. Open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to the truth the teachers have to say to us. We look forward to serving you Father. We look forward to serving you Michael. Thank you Nebadonia for your angels that you have sent to protect us and assist us, we love you so very much. Thank you for our teachers in association with the Correcting Time. In Christ Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back among this group again. I too welcome Lucille back.

Lucille: Thank you, I missed you a lot, JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. I too, missed you Lucille. Tonight I will discuss with you the meaning of service to others. At times it may seem insignificant the small acts of kindness to your fellow human beings, it may seem your little acts goes unnoticed. That is not so, every single act of kindness that you demonstrate towards your fellow man or woman is recorded down in your Book of Life for later evaluation by you and others. The importance of serving others is far greater than just being recorded in your book. It is a form and method of learning and growing spiritually. It is a form of knowing God; becoming lesser so that you may become greater. When you serve another human being you demonstrate an act of kindness towards that person. Even though you may not know or feel it, the person receiving your act of kindness may feel extreme gratitude for such action. Service to others is not common for everyone. Many are accustomed to receiving payment for these services. That is not the service of which I speak. The service that I speak of is given to you freely and unconditionally. It is given when it is not asked for and when it is asked for. It is given without question.

Service on Urantia is just the beginning. It is the training ground for later service that awaits you in your Morontia career and into your Spiritual career. To be of service here only gives you greater responsibility when it comes time for you to be of service on the Morontia Worlds. The more practice you get here, the greater the responsibility will be given you when you arrive on the next world. There are many who have been of extreme service to this world who will serve as dignitaries and representatives in the Morontia Realm. Some are given high honors and high positions in the Morontia Government. It is only fitting such serviceable people receive such honor, for their whole lives they have dedicated themselves to the service of others. Being of service is something that you should be getting accustomed to. If you are not doing it now, you should consider being of service.

In the Morontia Realms you are asked to look after those below you. You are asked to go back and teach those below you. Most do it with great joy and pleasure, for it is an honor to go back and serve others. It is an honor for me to come and serve you, to come and educate you. It is not a burden but my pleasure to be here. I look forward each time we meet. It gives pleasure to feel your presence and the energy you bring to this room. It also gladdens me when I see the majority of you growing, becoming more spiritual each day. That is what service is really all about. It is so you can bring something into a person’s life which they may not have received otherwise. You have that gift, you have that possibility of giving this service to another. The service that you give may be what is needed to help them to become a better person. By planting a seed into a person’s mind, by your act, by your service or by your example, fruit shall come forth in their life. From your service they may become an example to others. Service is about changing people’s lives and in the process you change your own life for the better. In the process you grow, you listen and you learn. This growth is not just physical growth, it is spiritual. It is all inspiring and it helps to transcend your soul to eternity. That is what service is about. It takes you into this long process of growing and evolving. It is not always easy, there are many challenges and obstacles. It is how you deal with these challenges and obstacles that bring forth true wisdom. Is wisdom something that is desired? Service is a tool for that wisdom. Service is the instrument by which you will shape your soul into a wise and spiritually enlightened being.

You may view service as something that tires you out at times and you may not have any time for service. Stop and think of how many people have served you during your life time? How many people have given up their time to help you out? I know there have been many people who have been of great service in your lives. Just imagine how your being of service adds to the brotherhood of man. Imagine the people who are affected by your wonderful service to them. In their minds they view you as a wonderful person who took your time to help them. If service is a tool to shape yourself, then God is the fire by which your soul is softened in order to be shaped.

When you are thrown into the fire, when your life is in chaos and there are challenges left and right, this is a great test that you must pass. This is a great challenge you must bend your will towards. At times like this it is foolish to think selfishly, it is foolish to lament over one’s own misery, for it brings you nowhere. In those times, if nothing else, be of service to others. In your service you may find the answers you are looking for. It is more common this happens. Are there any questions tonight?

Jim: What you say JarEl I believe. I have understood every word that you said. I concur and I do see myself in my thinking heading for God. My biggest concern in bringing God more into my service is choosing the right God. I don’t want to be misunderstood, I know there are many Gods out there, is that so?

JarEl: TR, George. There is only one God! There are billions of interpretations of Him. Every single person sees God in a different way. It is when you try to impose your idea of what God is to you on others that leads to misinterpretations. It is better to speak from your heart and from your soul. It is better to speak from love and kindness and comprehension.

Jim: It makes a lot of sense JarEl, my heart is full of love.

JarEl: TR, George. Then take this message and give this love to others. Give the love to those who need it. Regardless of what perception of God a person may have, they are still deserving of love and kindness. We are all God’s children. We are all connected to God. Everyone has feelings and emotions. Everyone can hurt and be in pain. The truest way to show God to someone is to show them love and kindness. Are there other questions?

Lucille: This is not a question but more of telling a story. I want to thank the Father for the beautiful time I had with my family and friends the last three weeks. It was beautiful to go back East and see all the dogwood in bloom and the rhododendrons. It is a beautiful country on the East coast with all the forests that we drove through. It makes me realize that we are in a desert out here. I thank you Father for the experience. I did miss you JarEl and these meetings. It is good to be back, but it was a wonderful experience to be on vacation.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Lucille for your observations and yes, we missed you too. We are glad that you are back here among us.

Jim: JarEl, I have a question that I would like to ask you. I was thinking about this for a long time: what types of institutions are formed on other planets to meet the challenges of life?

JarEl: TR, George. There is much trial and error, just as there is on your world. The peoples on other worlds in their lifetime go through various forms of government, up to the point they reach the Age of Light and Life, when they are able to govern themselves without the aid of government. What is good for another world is not necessarily good for yours. Your world must go through many transitional phases. Your world must adjust and re-adjust. Your government must transform itself in order to represent its people and the citizens of the world. It would be futile for me to explain to you the exact workings of other governments. For it is not always appropriate to compare.

Jim: Thank you JarEl. I believe that you cannot have enjoyment without appreciation, would you comment on this JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. That sounds reasonable. If you appreciate something you enjoy it as well. There are many that do not appreciate and therefore there is not enjoyment in what ever they do or receive. That is a very good observation.

In keeping with my lesson tonight I would like to report on a friend of ours who has been of great service to all who arrive in the Morontia Realm. Since his arrival he was given great responsibility for he showed great potential. Since that time he has advanced in status and has been given great responsibilities, for he has shown himself to be a man of integrity and honor. I speak of Hal. He has impressed many and he continues to work hard to uplift his fellow Morontians. He constantly thinks of all of you, especially you Lucille. Although he cannot be here at this moment, he sends his fondest wishes to you of love and happiness.

Lucille: I look forward to seeing him. I hope it can be soon.

JarEl: TR, George. And so does he look forward to seeing you Lucille. Hal has been a great example for all of us. He has truly taken the meaning of service to heart. He has learned to grow and to adjust with the growth. He is no longer handicapped by the pressure of physical life here on Urantia. His service has excelled tremendously.

Lucille: What does he do in the way of service?

JarEl: TR, George. He helps those who are just below him or who have just arrived. It is very difficult to transition when your thought processes or your belief system is not correct. In Hal’s case he understands many who arrive on the Morontia Realm and with this great understanding he helps them to transition to what is now real for them. Many have graduated from his classes and are grateful for his guidance and his patience in these hard times of their lives. For many it is not easy dying and it is not easy finding that you are still alive. As you can imagine it is confusing for many. This is where Hal helps to take away the confusion. He helps them to transition to this new reality. He is very good at his job.

Lucille: He was a wonderful teacher down here too.

Donna: That is true.

Lucille: When we transfer to the next life is it entirely different then what we experience here?

JarEl: TR, George. Not entirely. There are some things that are like this world, but there are many things that have improved and are noticeable. After this life, many will be in shock and many confused. It takes serious men and women like Hal to help many to transition into the Morontia Realm. Hal is very good at his job and finds much pleasure in what he is doing. He loves to serve and he loves to give. This is a quality which is required in all such positions on the Morontia Worlds and beyond. With that I shall leave you until next time, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.