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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California

 Teacher:  JAREL, Andrew, Nebadonia, Michael

Topic:  Correcting Time Is In Full Force

Prayer & Stillness

December 30, 2002

Larry: Dear Father thank you for being here tonight with us and our spiritual friends. We are all so very grateful for your Spirit which indwells us. We are so very grateful for the Spirit of Truth which indwells us. We are so very grateful for your son Michael and for Nebadonia, we love them very much. We love you Father. We pray for our brothers and sisters who are unable to be here tonight due to illness. We pray for Nel Benjamins that she is healed. We pray for Norman Ingram who had his knees operated on. We pray that he is healed soon so that he can be back to his kingdom work which he loves so much. We also pray for Susan Kimsey and for Eric Johnson. Let your love, your energy, your light and your blessings be upon all of them, as it is upon us, we love you Father. Amen.

JarEl: TR, Lucille. This is JarEl, welcome everybody, I am glad to see you here. As I told you before I always keep this appointment with you, even if I am far away. I know many people celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas time, but you also know that he was born in August, so in a way you can have two celebrations of Christ’s birth …… . (This transmitter is having a little trouble in having the information flow through her) …… I wish you all happiness and peace. Be content with your life as it is. Give out your light of love that Jesus gave you, because love is the only thing that means much. When you have problems even if something does happen to you, you know you will be taken care of because you know where you are going … . .to a wonderful life on the Mansion Worlds. So enjoy each moment on the earth while you are here. Serve your fellowman as Jesus taught us.

When I go out and see the many planets in this great big universe and then see this beautiful planet with it ’s many complications ………… . I am very optimistic for I know that this is Jesus ’ World and that it will turn out right, although it may take some time. Jesus had complete faith in the Father. Nothing bothered Jesus long because he knew that the Father was taking care of him. He communicated with the Father many times. If you all can learn to have many quiet times of your own, you may be able to hear different entities. Eventually you will be able to hear the Thought Adjuster or have impressions of the Father ’s leadings. The Spiritual World is cheering for you, watching over you. There are so many spiritual beings out there who are around you. You have no idea how many are observing you and trying to help you. They cannot interfere with your freewill. Concentrate on doing the Father’s Will. When you complete this life you are all going to the Mansion Worlds. You have no idea how beautiful it is. The more you can learn and overcome the easier it will be when you arrive there. I will step aside for others to speak.

Andrew: TR, Larry. Good evening, this is Andrew. It is good to be here in Arcadia with this group. The love that emanates from each of you flows out from this home. It is true that God is Love and He has created each of you in His Love and therefore you are love. When you deal with each other in love that warmth is felt. When you deal in any situation in love, that is the power which is of the Correcting Time. All things are possible. There are great changes happening now. God has a plan for each one of you. If you would allow this plan to be fulfilled, you will be on the right track, you will be moving forward, you will be Paradise-bound. When you do your work in love you bring a passion to that work. When you serve your fellowman with love they can ’ t help but notice that love and light. That makes you the light. By sharing love, by doing God’s Will or by being the love that he created. ………… . the more you love your Father in heaven the more you shall know him. The more you know your brothers and sisters the more you will love them. Each one of you is an individual personality. Each one of you is a unique definition of the love of the Father and by knowing your brothers and sisters you also come to know the Father. The Father indwells each one of you. Only you can define the Father in that particular way and that is an aspect of the Father that only you can present, but you have to make contact. You do that by service, you do that by being kind and you do that by praying. There is so much power in your prayers and many people have been helped by your praying for them. Do what comes to your mind, follow the leadings of your spirit. Do everything in love, show kindness, be loving, not only to your friends but also to your enemies.

There are great changes going on in Urantia right now. The Correcting Time is in full force. Just as there is a plan for each one of you there is a plan that God has in mind for Urantia and it is coming about. Michael is executing the Correcting Time right now. Progress is being made, do not be discouraged. Allow the love that you have to flow out to the world, allow it to flow out to everyone that you meet, to everyone that you know. Don ’t be afraid, have faith, stand up, reach out to people that you normally would not reach out to. Look for that spark of God in their lives, look for that unique definition of the Father that only they can present to you. God loves you so much and he knows that you love him very much. God is so proud of each of you. Continue to serve each other and continue to pray for peace. God’s plan will come about on Urantia.

Michael’s Correcting Time is happening now and you are a part of it. Be of great joy, be positive, look for the good in mankind, for there is a lot of good. Take an active roll in whatever you do. You have so much power within you and God is within you and will lead you. Do your best, do what you have a passion for. Do what you know is right. Go into the stillness and talk to the Father daily, he will answer you, he will lead you, he will present the next step to you, he will give you opportunities to act in the love that you are.

I am very grateful to be among you and to be a part of the Teaching Mission. God loves all of us, we are his army. We are the sons and daughters of light. We shall lighten this earth, this Urantia, with Michael leading us, with Nebadonia with us, with the Spirit of Truth speaking through us the world shall be transformed before your very eyes and you shall experience much of this in your life. You shall see the glory of God. Keep the faith. Thank you for listening to me, good night.

Nebadonia: TR, Lucille. This is Nebadonia my dear children how wonderful it is to hear from you, I send you my love and wrap you in my arms, you are so precious to me … . .I send my love to you tonight.

Michael: TR, Larry. Good evening my children, this is Michael, your father and your brother. I am so happy to be here with you tonight, just as I am with you all the time. I indwell each of you in the Spirit of Truth. I hear each one of your prayers, you are my ambassadors in this Correcting Time. Do not be discouraged because of wars or rumors of wars. Do not lose faith for things are changing and things are changing for the better. The Correcting Time and the Father’s Plan shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. God loves us and he has set challenges and opportunities before us each. I hear your prayers, I hear you when you speak to me. I love each one of you, each of you is a blessing to me. Be of good cheer. My peace I leave with you. Good evening.

Donna: I just wish to say, and I don’t know if this is my teacher or me, this is Donna. I just wish to say that my heart is so happy. I wish I could create a poem just on the spot, just in the moment because this is just wonderful. What a beautiful evening and what beautiful messages we have heard from JarEl, Andrew, Nebadonia and Michael. It is fantastic, my heart is very happy and it is flying on angels ’ wings and dancing around with joy. That is what I have to say, that is all. I hope everybody is as happy and joyful about the messages as I am, thank you.

JarEl: TR, Lucille. This is JarEl, I just want to point out the fact that small groups can be a very powerful force by working together and doing God’s Will. Does anyone else wish to say anything? If not I shall return in two weeks. I wish you great days ahead.

All: Thank you JarEl.