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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Temple City, California

Mighty Messenger Relays -  Message From the Father

Michael - You Progress Well

JarEl - Continue To Plant Your Seeds Of Truth

August 5, 2002


Donna: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this evening and for all of our friends who are gathered here. Please help us to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open, let us hear what you have to say to us through the teachers. Thank you for the love that we all share, thank you for your love Lord. We love you very much, amen.

Mighty Messenger: TR, George. Good evening to the members of the Arcadia Teaching Mission Group. I am a Mighty Messenger, here to relay a message being sent from Father: This is Father, have good cheer children of mine. Rejoice in my magnificent plan that is before….it is forever after yours. I am everything, I am all, I am within and I am without, I AM. Children of mine know that I love you. Know that I care tremendously for you. All is within my perfect plan, so don’t worry and don’t fret. Love, enjoy, rejoice and learn to forgive. Take the knowledge with you that I am always with you, I’m always around you, I am ever present and ever accessible. Practice your meditation so that you may speak to me more clearly so that we may have a better relationship. You are always with me. I am always with you. In love we stand together. In spirit I take action within you and with my Sons….you understand better. This is the end of the message.

JarEl: TR, George. Hello and welcome, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It was important that you receive this message before we began our lesson tonight. Father wanted to communicate personally with you. He wanted to reassure you that he is always accessible and does care about you as an individual and as a group. He is not far, he is not out of reach and you may receive messages like this at any time. Some even more personal, some directed just to you. Tonight’s lesson will be brief. It has to do with recognizing the living presence of God in your brethren, of respecting each other as children of God and admiring that Fragment that exists in each and everyone of us. When you see a child playing or walking down the street, remind yourself that within that child there is a potential, there is a Fragment of the ever present, all powerful, all knowing Father of the Master Universe.

This can often be forgotten by those who know Him, but with practice and time you will offer an equal amount of respect to each individual on this planet, knowing that the God Fragment exists in each and everyone. Do you recall the last time that you got angry at someone? The last person that got you so angry that you desired that something bad happen to them? Not only did you hurt the God Fragment that existed in that person but you also hurt yourself. That person is an extension of you, I am an extension of you. I am connected to you as you are connected to me. When you are in pain, I feel it, I understand it. Realizing that this Fragment exists in everyone of us, allows us to create a new outlet, to enhance our possibilities, our Universe. You no longer feel isolated or alone, your inter-connectedness with everyone is felt, is realized and can become a very useful thing if rightly applied. Taking this into consideration you can now treat others as you would like them to treat you. It will no longer be a meaningless message to you but will become a reciprocal fact of life that when you do good to others, good things will come to you. This is because of the living Fragment of God.

When you send out your good energy, this energy resonates around you and it acts like a magnet that attracts other positive resonating energy. Soon all of this positive energy is concentrated around you and you begin to see the effects of your good nature and this is all due to the fact that the live Fragment of God exists within you. Because God enjoys the good energy that you represent, God cooperates in such a way that he doubles this energy that you have sent out, sometimes triples or quadruples. So not only are you sending your good energy but it is being greatly enhanced by the Father Fragment. So when you pray, when you send out your healing energy it is augmented by Father’s Will. That is why you should respect others and admire them for this eternal gift that they hold and admire yourself for being aware of this Father Fragment. Learn to love what is inside of you and learn to give. The more you give the greater your reward shall be.

Michael: TR, George. This is your Father/brother Michael. Good evening my children, I bring you my love, my peace and all my work that exists inside of me. Larry and Donna my children, thank you for hosting this group activity. Thank you for allowing us to come into your home tonight. Thank you for wanting to hear us, wanting to listen to our words and our love, it is greatly appreciated. All my children are looking in onto this planet and marvel at the great strides that similar groups are doing. You are taking the reins of the World into your hands and helping guide it into the right direction of life. You are taking my message and you are uplifting what is good, pure and beautiful. You are being messengers of light; you are being Children of God. You are running with torches in your hands, ready to sing to the World of the love you hold inside of your hearts. You are true messengers of life. You are true citizens of my Universe. Children of Urantia come together and love one another. Love as I love you, stop this killing! Stop your hurt and realize that you are all brothers and sisters.

You all deserve to live and to love and to be happy. I know it is hard, I know it is difficult, I know the pain in your hearts and in your souls. I know the agony that you feel. Believe me when I say, God loves you, you are all his children, you are all brothers. He does not want you to fight each other. My Spirit goes with you, in your hearts I shall strengthen you so that you may face any perils that await you. Continue walking forward, continue to bring others to the light, continue leading those that dwell in darkness to a much better World and continue to give all of your love to those that require your love. Remember the love that I feel for all of you. Good night my children.

All: Good night Michael.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, are there any questions or comments?

Stella: Is there anything that we can do to stop the war in the Middle East and in Iraq?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Stella, there is much that you can do. There are many ways that you can direct positive energy into this World, and perhaps the energy that you send will combine with others with similar wants and desires. This energy might be enough. Always try to look at the positive. There is always a solution. The World has many problems which require many solutions. I will not go into specifics to try to tell you in which way you can help. You of all persons know which way best suits you and that goes for all of you as well. In your own little way you can create tremendous change for this planet.

Stella: I guess I want to stop the carnage now, before more lives are unnecessarily lost.

JarEl: TR, George. What you are seeing, from your point of view, is a shock wave that is advancing towards you, a shock wave with an epicenter thousands of miles away from you. The actions that you may take may not necessarily stop what is already happening. However, your actions are necessary, so that they may prevent similar carnage from ever going on in the future. The sooner you act the better safeguards you will have in place to prevent such an event. I know at this moment you may feel helpless, but you are not helpless. Think of the future generations that are yet to come. Do you want the same to happen to them? Do you want their liberties, their lives to be taken away? You have the power in your hands to prevent such things from ever happening again……….

Are there any other questions?

Nel: JarEl, the power that we have in our hands is the power of love, is it not?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, that and much more. With the power of love, all things are done in God’s Will. You have the power to make decisions, you have the power to structure your government, to make policies and to prevent future tragedies from ever happening again by making policies that protect all people in all parts of the World. Give them all equal rights to life and happiness, all this with love.

Nel: I’m sure that from where you are looking down on this world, you can clearly see what needs to be done, what we could do. But from our point of view it seems so corrupt. How do we change attitudes and the evil being done? We need a broader view I guess.

JarEl: TR, George. Even with a positive view you would still be somewhat limited to bring about immediate change to this World. Michael had an extremely broad view when he was on the planet. Although he was a tremendous influence on this World, he did not bring about immediate change. His fruits were later to be seen. In such a way your fruits are yet to be seen as well. Continue to plant your seeds, continue to influence what is right; what is good and true. You shall slowly see the change that comes about in this World. Do not be impatient, for the change is coming and it is because of your efforts. Take my love in your hands my brothers and sisters and have a good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.