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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl :

Topic: The Search For God

June 24, 2002

George: Tonight I am going to transmit in Spanish.

Larry: I don’t know Spanish George, you will also have to do the transcribing.

George: I found out that I can transmit in Spanish. That was my first experience in transmitting, it came in Spanish. It was in a dream, I was waking up, it was really long and I was transmitting to a group of people riding in the back of a truck. We stopped the truck and took a break, at the time they all wanted something from me. I don’t know why, but then I figured it out and I gave each of them a personal transmission from Michael and then interrupted him and my Thought Adjuster came and finally my own personal Teacher came. I was already awake at that point and I was still getting these messages. I was fully awake and they were kind of like congratulating me for these transmitting/receiving efforts on my part. That is what encouraged me to do these transmissions because at that point we needed someone to transmit JarEl.

Jennie: I’d say that was a pretty good sign.

George: Would someone like to start our meeting with prayer?

Larry: Father, thank you for bringing us together tonight. We are so very grateful for all the blessings that you have bestowed on us. We are so thankful that you bought Holland to our meeting tonight and that he got his copy of The Urantia Book so that he can start reading. We hope that he will come back next week when we have our Urantia Book Study Group. We love you so very much Father and we would have our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds open to the truth. Allow the Spirit of Truth to work in our minds. We would have the mind of Michael. Thank you Father, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Greetings, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Welcome to those who are here for the first time. I was listening to your conversation earlier and from the sounds of it you are doing fine, you hardly need me. I am proud of you, you have advanced a great deal and are ready to express the love of God to your fellowmen. You all understand the concept of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. You are all willing to accept anyone as your brother. Those are the qualities of an enlightened mind and a brave heart. The Spirit indwells, God protects you and loves you. All of these permeations are indwelled within you giving you strength and encouragement to profess your wisdom, truth and love. That is all you need, nothing more. My mere presence here is to advance your knowledge and give answers to your questions, but the knowledge of God and his love is indwelt within you; all of the answers lay within you, a place where most people seldom look. Inside your hearts and minds is where you find all the answers of the Universe, all the answers about God.

The young man who visited you tonight is a clear example of the searching that one must go through to find God and to realize that all that was needed was to look within and there God exists. Yes, you may entertain your time looking through books, attending lectures or trying new things, new ways or new ideas to find God. All of these things may inspire you to find God, but the truth is that God is within you always and it does not take that much to find him, you don’t have to go far or search long. He is within you and shall always remain there, forever bound to your love, to your heart, to your soul and spirit. He is forever faithful to your very being, he protects and guides you and encourages you to continue on with your daily life. God is always there in everyway, in every situation and in every moment of your life. He is constant and dependable. He never lets you down, not even when you believe that he has let you down, because at those times you may not know the true meaning behind your failures. Sometimes your worst failures can become your greatest victories in life. At those moments you must recognize God’s hand in the event, for he is truly present in every moment of your life. He is present at every ripple, at every downfall.

The search for God does not take much, it is a simple task that anyone can accomplish. As you grow and as more ideas are put into your brain, you begin to think that God is impossible to reach. You begin to imagine him far away. So far that it will take ten billion years to get there, but that is not the case. As adults you believe it and all of this is encouraged by others who also believe it is this way. In your hearts you know that God is there with you, in your hearts you feel it but your mind tells you otherwise and you don’t know which to believe. In such a time when your heart and your mind contradict always follow your heart, it will never lead you astray. Following your heart is like following God. God represents the highest ideals, highest moral values of life and your heart knows it, because in your heart you have a homing beacon that points directly to God and all that is good; it is founded in God and felt within your hearts. The search for God is not far and all of you are capable of doing this, of finding him, of knowing him and of making him your personal friend, your personal Father.

He is truly my Father and I love him with all of my heart. I love him so much, that I owe my whole existence to him. I know you all feel the same as I do and perhaps one day your love will be so great that it will fill the entire Universe. As you may see or hear I enjoy talking about God. I enjoy expressing all of his marvels, all of his cares, all of his love. I enjoy detailing out his beauty and expressing his grace. I enjoy supporting such an entity that deserves this and much more. I enjoy all of this because he is true, he is real and he is right. You all serve God in your own way. You all have your own relationship with him and he loves all of you equally. I ask you this: in all of your life and in all of your experience who do you serve best, who is worthy of all your energy, your efforts and your time?

In this life on Urantia, many have other masters other than God. Many serve money, power and many other material things. All of them not worthy of such tribute, all of them with no positive end. The one truth is God. To serve God is to serve the Universe. Wouldn’t you rather serve something you believe in, something that won’t go out of style in a couple of years? Something that will be consistent and true and right until eternity. Perhaps your political party that you belong to will only last a couple hundred years. Perhaps a certain team that you rally after will only last another season. Perhaps a company that you work for will only last another day, for tomorrow its’ stocks may go down and you may find yourself unemployed. After that you may ask yourself: how could this have happened? How could all of the effort and energy I put into this, why was I let down? I will tell you why, because you put your energies in the wrong place, into things that are trivial, un-important, material.

If you see, then see, see that God is everywhere, see that God loves all of you and loves all of your brothers and sisters. If you want to serve, serve him, serve your fellowman, because serving them you are serving God. We are serving the Universe and the Super-universe. You are serving something that is worthy and true and right. When the millennium has passed and you are on the Morontian Worlds, you will find that you are still employed in the service of God. You are still working for the one thing that has always been true in your life and you will be happy because you realize that back then you knew, back then it clicked in your mind, what was right and true and good. I want you to be happy with yourselves, I want you to give yourselves a pat on the back for realizing this, for understanding this major concept that is going to be with you the rest of your lives.

You are loyal citizens of the Universe. You are agondonters of Urantia. You are children of God. You are my brothers and sisters. I serve next to you. At this moment I am helping you serve. In doing this I serve the Universe, I serve God. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see all of you flourish, love and grow spiritually. You are my students and I am very privileged to be your Teacher. The certificate that you will receive in completing this class will be felt in your hearts and in your minds. Go with God and serve him well.

I will now let others speak. Is there anybody who would like to say anything?

Jennie: I would like to make a comment JarEl on the lesson tonight. I want to thank you very much for probably one of the most outstanding and loving messages I have heard since I have been coming here and I really appreciate hearing it. Thank you very much.

JarEl: TR, George. It brings me great joy to hear you say that. I search for brilliance in my messages. I search to touch your hearts and your imaginations. If I do that then my job is done, thank you. Are there any other questions or comments?

Virginia: JarEl, I have a comment and a question. I want to thank you for coming to see us all these months. I really enjoy it and it really makes my day. The question that I have is: when couples marry on this earth for many years like Hal and Lucille, when both of them go to the Mansion Worlds, are they still married the same as they are here?

JarEl: TR, George. No. Only if they choose to remain together are they allowed such privileges, but you have no wife or husband. You are sons of God, you all are brothers and sisters. Hal and

Lucille may choose to remain by each others’ side, for as long as they want, but ultimately it is a very long time, many, many thousands of years that transpire in the Morontia Realm. At one point or another, a couple may decide to take different routes and they might not see each other for a very long time. It is not that they don’t like each other or they do not want to see the other person, it is simply a matter of doing what you’ve got to do. No Virginia, you are not still married. Marriage is an institution created here on Urantia and you are free to be with who you want to be with or where you want to go. Does that answer your question?

Virginia: Yes, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Are there anymore questions? Well then my precious students, tonight will be a short lesson, so I bid you good night until next time.

All: Good night JarEl.