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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Exercise To Focus Energy

January 7, 2002



I just pray that the energy in this room lights up the neighborhood and shines out and reaches around the world and that our energy, spirits of love . it just feels so strongly that this world is on the verge of Light and Life. It feels like it is about to open up, that it is going to unfold before us. I hope that we can jump in and make it happen, before it all happens without us. I pray that we can keep up with it.

Lucille: JarEl is here.

George: Yes he is.

JarEl: George, TR. Good evening.

Steve: Good evening JarEl.

JarEl: George, TR. Welcome back. Happy New Year. You all had a nice little break. I hope you had a relaxing time with your loved ones and with the issues in your life, but it is time to get back to work. If you truly feel that the time is coming for Light and Life, you should be more aware that your services are greatly needed to make it possible. The world does rest, the world does not slow down and the world does not take a break. So while you were enjoying your lives the world continued to rise and fall as it normally does, but at this moment I need you to help it rise again. I need you to combine your efforts, combine your energy, combine your light and lift the part of the world that has fallen. Lift the part of the world that is lagging behind, lift the hearts of those who are losing hope. Let us again combine this energy in this room into one. Focus it to the center of the room. Feel it envelope you and push it outward to the center. Now slowly lift it beyond the walls of this room. This energy is slowly seeping outside into this neighborhood, beyond this City, beyond this State, beyond this Country. Now it is washing down on those who need it. On those who desire some hope. Send your energy out to these people. Find them with your love, find them with your hearts and project this energy out as a whole, as a group, as an entity. Now bring it back, bring it back into this room, bring it back in front of you. Focus it to those who are surrounding you right here. To those of you who are sitting and one by one as a group I want you to heal yourselves. I want you to heal your hearts and your minds. I want you to heal any ailment that you feel that you have. We shall begin with Lucille. Focus all this energy into Lucille and give her your love that you all bring here tonight for her. Bring this warmth into her life and let her know that you are all here for her.

Lucille: That is wonderful.

JarEl: George, TR. Now pull back and redirect your energy towards Donna. Let her feel this warmth that you all have for her. Let her feel the love that you have in your hearts for her. Everyone of you here is a friend and she is well loved. Now pull back. Now redirect this energy towards Larry. Let him feel your warmth and your love for him as a brother. Let him know that he is well loved, respected and admired. Now pull back. Now redirect this energy to Chris. Let him feel your warmth and your love. Let him know that you are proud of him and that you love him for who he is. Now pull back. Now redirect this energy towards Steve. Let him feel your warmth and your love for him. Let him know that he is well thought of and respected and help him to heal his illness so that health will come to him. Now pull back. Now redirect this energy towards George, the TR. Let him feel your warmth and your love. Let him know that he always has a family in this group. Now pull back. Now redirect your energy towards Fred. Let him feel your love and your warmth. Let him know that he is a valuable addition to this group and that his ideas and his thoughts matter and that he is well loved by this group. Now pull back. Finally redirect your energy towards Jennie. Let her feel your love and your warmth. Let her know that she projects love towards everyone and that she makes everyone feel so wonderful inside and that she is loved, respected and admired. Now pull back. Now I will send my energy to all of you. I love all of you and respect everyone of you. I admire all of your strengths and dedication. I look forward to the day when we shall meet in the Mansion Worlds. You are all my brothers and sisters. I shall carry your memory with me for all eternity. I will now open the floor for another Teacher.

Lucille: JarEl, do we have any word from Hal? He certainly was one of our


JarEl: George, TR. Lucille, all I can report at this moment is that Hal is doing fine and that he is very busy with his new job, his new assignment that he has on the Mansion World. He constantly thinks of all of you, but mostly of you Lucille. I cannot tell you more, unfortunately.

Lucille: Thank you.

Steve: Does this new gift of Michael of which you spoke of in our last session, correspond with a new level of instruction in the Teaching Mission?

JarEl: George, TR. This gift that you speak of Steve, is a gift that is being prepared and awaits your opening it once you reach the Mansion Worlds. There is no other requirement at this time other than you continuing to do what you have been doing thus far. In any case the gift remains unopened until such a time that you arrive on the Mansion Worlds. It is a personal gift. It is a gift assigned to each and every one of you, but it is personal. You each shall have an opportunity to open your own gift and be amazed by it, but it is not a new level of understanding in regard to the Teaching Mission. It is only an incentive to continue to do the work that you are doing already. Does this answer your question?

Steve: Not completely. I think if it did answer the question completely it would spoil the surprise one gets when opening the gift not knowing the content.

JarEl: George, TR. It is indeed a surprise. That is precisely why Michael

did not describe it completely.

Steve: It is kind of like when we were kids under the Christmas Tree shaking the packages.

JarEl: George, TR. Good analogy.

Steve: There does seem to be some new level of understanding which we seem to be matriculating into and perhaps we could consider this a separate gift that we are getting now in addition to the one that is waiting for us. It seems that many of us have experienced a great sharpening of our spiritual senses relative to the way we relate to our brothers and sisters on this planet in a positive aspect. Meaning that perhaps we will be able to access even more currents of energy even to the point of aiding us to be of assistance to other humans; our fellows in distress. I have been laying out impressions that have been coming to me and what I am really asking for is some kind of confirmation or clarification of these ideas.

JarEl: George, TR. Certainly Steve, this deals with a subject that was talked about not too long ago. It has to do with DNA encoding and unlocking certain DNA mechanisms within your body. Once you have reached a certain level of Spiritualism you manage to unlock certain mechanisms that automatically trigger a cascade within your body starting a program that was designed to go beyond. This program enables you to have heightened senses and additional healing powers. I am quite sure that this lesson was given by certain Life Carriers. Perhaps you might want to go back and research this for yourself and reread the papers on the lessons given by the Life Carriers. You will find a lot of information that confirms all that you have said. Are there any more questions?

Steve: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl: George, TR. Seeing that there are no other Teachers wanting to speak tonight I would like all of you to remain true to yourselves, true to God and true to your beliefs. Continue the course of actions that you have initiated, continue the ideas that you have formulated and continue the belief that you have begun to have faith in. In other words, continue to bring this world into Light and Life and continue to bring joy and happiness to many people. I wish you a good night until we meet again.

All: Goodnight JarEl.