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S.California Teaching Mission, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Peace

December 11, 2000

t/r & transcriber henry

Greetings to you my friends, it is I JarEl. It is again good to be here with you this evening to listen to your discussions and concerns, your thoughts and feelings.

Again, we have an opportunity to bestow a little light upon your spiritual minds. It is again the time in which the world serves the gathering. The gathering and the thankfulness for its bounty. The remembrance of the Master's birth, the message of PEACE and again, the joyfulness of families coming together and people in general coming together in peace.

This season exemplifies much that could be a continual tradition throughout the year. Those of us reborn of the spirit partake in the daily celebration of life, and the thankfulness of life bestowed upon us.

The goodness of the earth, its people; what is produced for comfort in your lives is evidence of the great potential which exists to uplift the quality of life for everyone who lives upon this world. At least in a very basic sense, the concept and joy of giving during this season is a prelude to the happiness which is sustained through the spirit of service within the hearts of the kingdom of men.

This is a seasonal recognition of the tremendous effort put forth by spiritual presence to engender within the hearts of men and women the compassion and the sense to help others as you would yourselves. It is truly important to visualize mankind as a large family. A family not dysfunctioned by boundaries and marriages, but a family working together peacefully to bring about the best for the whole of mankind. Now necessarily to benefit the few.20

For truly all are worthy as sons and daughters of the Father's Spirit. During this season it is important to help recognize the idea of family and your connectedness to each other. All parents want the same things for their children. The Father definitely wants Peace, Love and Happiness, Prosperity for His Children. All of His Children. It is an interesting dynamic that Spirit works in and through the hearts of men. Were we to instantly materialize and do all of the work for you, you would not grow. You would grow lazy with complacency. You would not grapple nor struggle to find truth. You would not search through the minute detail for meaning. You would not have the opportunity to earn value.

Albeit from a spiritual standpoint, from our perspective, what tremendous opportunity for us to serve you. So it is designed that we serve you in a different capacity. Not on your physical plane, but through your spiritual connection; your spiritual yearning and our spiritual intention.

If you could comprehend and experience the quality of our love for you, you would become infected with this love. Go out and spread goodwill. I will step aside for one other to speak to you.

Greetings my children, it is I, Michael. Peace I bring to you today. It is wonderful that you as a group have continually come forth and grow with our teachings. In your own ways, you are serving one another. No small act is unrecorded nor neglected from our presence.

We intend, hope, believe and pray for good and wonderful events to begin to manifest within the hearts of mankind here on this world. There is, stationed upon your world, a tremendous force of spiritual personalities which hold this world, truly, in hands and arms of love.

We heed the call for Peace, especially during this season. It is the season's heralded slogan. We ask that all people pray for peace within their own heart, within their own family, within their community, within their nation, with those who are different, with those who practice different beliefs, with your neighbors at your borders, with all living things on your world.

Peace is not a band-aid for the wound of conflict. Peace is health and healing. It is the connection to the greater kingdom within; the ultimate potential for life as you know it to live up to its full potential. The threshold of Peace will bring forth tremendous spiritual reality within your physical presences and lives upon this world.

We do ask that you practice kindness and love. I have asked and I will continue to ask that the responsible leaders of government begin to look within the hearts of their people and begin to understand the need for world peace. The human contingency upon this planet is very intelligent. For the past century there has been needless and unwanton destruction. Have you learned anything yet? My friends, how much does it take before the whole of man begins to benefit from the striving of a few. By those clear-sighted and open-hearted brothers and sisters who are willing to put their lives and themselves aside to let Father's will manifest in their lives.20

This season, give the gift of Father's will. This is the gift of PEACE, the gift of LOVE.

I thank all of you for your continued support, your continued prayer and your dedicated service. This season, light the candle which lights the whole world, thank you.

Greetings to you my friends and children, it is I Mother Nebadonia. I am truly joyed at the striving that is taking place on your world today. I am joyed that the open-hearted effort of many.

It is tremendously important for us to hold your world in love and healing. Many, many of my children work on healing the many conflicts and wounds that exists in the lives as it is lived on your world.20

Do not think us not concerned, or uncompassionate, for we are saddened by what goes on here. We have a tremendous respect for the bravery of spirit on your world. My children exert a tremendous effort and extra special care to preserve the integrity and dignity of the right and rights of each and every individual on your world. We attend to your world like it is already in light and life. Though they are cautious and concerned, my children go about their daily tasks joyfully, humorously and with tremendous love. Our work has not fallen upon unfertile soil.

Though there is tremendous distance yet to gain, there is a strong start of the spiritual contact and development within the hearts and minds of the people on this world.20

During this holiday season, pay special attention to those who are in need and help to bring joy and light into another's eyes.

Know that I am within you; your mind and heart also as a constant source of love, compassion and nourishment. Know that our love for you extends to every human being. Thank you. Thank you both Michael and Nebadonia for your messages and your visit here this evening. We ourselves look forward to the periodic visit of the Master within our own ranks. His hope, courage and intention for this world, is just as equal as it is for the whole universe of Nebadon.

Stella; To Mother Nebadonia, there have been many so-called appearances of the 'Virgin Mary' to people throughout the world. Is this in reality you Nebadonia?

In reality, Daughter, it is like me. It is within the image of the beholder that we appear. For what is important here. As the soul grows it needs rudimentary nourishment. As the soul matures and becomes more refined, its needs have shifted, its comprehendence, and comprehension capacity and understanding have become more acute and grounded into a more universal sense of reality.

The human race in general on your world are like small children. They must be nurtured on their beliefs and who gradually will gain experience and understanding of a capacity for love and service. This desire and intention of spirit to reach all souls and level of minds' belief. It is just important for a fundamental believer to see what they believe, as it is for a scientist to see what they think.

It is important for you who are here this evening to see and experience what it is at this time in your stage of development you believe. One thing is certain and sure, that as you grow your needs will change. As you begin to expand your spiritual experiences, you begin to exhibit a capacity for more love and spiritual fruit which you produce upon your vines.

By using this whole explanation, I have shown you the context within these visions are taking place. Does this help, Stella.

What was that last sentence.

It is my intention to give you a large context and reference with which to view how these c0-called apparition are taking place. My comment was, is this helpful.

Well I will have to give this a lot of thought.

What are you concerned about?
Just curiosity. What you are saying is that people receiving these visions in reality, this is what they want to see.

This is what they believe they are seeing. This is true. You can look into any situation and see what it is you want to see. Spiritual reality is the same. Faith and belief are real.

A native shaman may see a ghost and believe it is a ghost. A fundamentalist believer may see a vision of the Virgin Mary. A person more grounded in revelation may see a midwayer, an angel, even a teacher. A person connected to the spirit within may begin to experience God.

What is important in all of these examples is that it is helping individuals to function on soul capacity. Though rudimentary in form, the shaman's intention may be to help an injured warrior, a sick chief, a trouble mother during childbirth. A believer seeing an apparition is intending for a greater goodness of their own faith to be manifested to them. A person connected with spirit and striving to bring about the will of the Father in their daily life and activities, are working on a more universal level.

These degrees of faith still show what is important in living life at that tine, that moment. As the soul begins to grow, the individual begins to change. Within our own soul, you should be able to chart the progression of your own belief systems from and early age till now.20

We work on all levels with all people. Even here and now I appear to you through word-thoughts through a transmitter. Is this helpful

Yes, and I Thank you.

Lucille; " JarEl, How do drugs affect a person, their faith and beliefs?

JarEl; This is a most peculiar question. Would you like t narrow this to something specific.

Lucille, We have a granddaughter who is on drugs. Does she have a way of contacting, I know that God loves her, how does it affect here reaction in receiving God's love. JarEl; Receiving God's love is an act of the heart. Whether a person has the mental capacity, momentarily or not, it is an act of the heart which opens to begin to receive God's love.20

A lot of times it is not until a person feels tremendous need. Until a person has been rendered helpless, that a person begins to open to the possibility of divine intervention, God's love.

Drugs may just bring your granddaughter to such a place as to render her completely disoriented and helpless.20

Bringing her to a situation where she may call forth, even beg for God's love, god's mercy.

Lucille; It definitely affects her mind, for sure. How she reacts to things. It needs to come from her heart to accept god's love, is this what you are saying?

JarEl; Yes, this is how anyone accepts God love. You have to accept God's love from its feel. You cannot feel with the mind. This was our lesson from a few weeks age, you cannot taste with your nose closed or stopped up. You cannot feel with the heart closed and shut-down.

Lucille; She seems to be influenced by a group that......

JarEl, My dear Sister, your granddaughter is searching for love. Love which was not given to her when she needed it growing up. She still has the need to fill this. Now, she has gone forth to search out this love from every nook and cranny, so to speak. It is tremendously difficult for you to sit and watch your granddaughter destroy the flower of her youth with drugs, confused companions.

You are wondering what it is you can do to change her and have her accept God's love in her life.

All you can really do is you, yourself to love and pray for her and try to exercise a more intelligent compassion in dealing with her illness.20At this point in her life, she has developed a pathology and she is ill. Yes, it is a disease of the mind. A very precarious disease to bring under control. It is tremendous difficult short of confinement to get the individual to dry-out, straighten up to receive trusting and loving guidance. Somewhere in your granddaughter is a very young girl in an older body. She is confused and lost. She is trying to find her way.20

If you ask for anything, as that her way be given to bring her to that place where she herself calls home. Ask in your prayers that she be brought into a place within her own mind which does challenge her to grow, challenges her to seek the help she truly needs. This will and may cause pain and discomfort in a person's life, non the less, sometimes it is through suffering that the individual intelligently chooses to end this suffering.

Lucille; Thank you very much.

Nell; Isn't there an element of self-pity in a person like that. Maybe we all suffer to a degree in this life. We may be looking for a way out instead of facing it, facing the suffering and hardship.20

JarEl; Yes, it is a terribly complex situation which spirit is actively seeking to connect with the individual and in some sense, spirit is bringing this individual into check so that this individual has no choice but to turn to spirit, to turn to help.20

Suffering is a bit like fear, is it not. In you mind, fear is much more ferocious that it actually is and suffering also weighs heavily in the first few days. As the person endures the quality begins to change. IT is difficult to hold to what you know is the decision which you must make, the path you must take, the process of unfoldment you must endure. It is much more tragic in an immature individual. One that has not quite experienced the depth and conviction, the reward of diligence. A person that has chosen the easy road.20

The human mind is a very delicate emotional sense. It is quite easily scarred. It is quite easily confused, disrupted, manipulated, coerced. This is why it is important to develop strong and healthy minds in your children.

Sometimes developing strong and healthy minds demands sacrifice. Demands, which children may deem as unpleasant, which being an adult you are aware that this is only a certain degree of unpleasantness. Largely associated only n the child's mind. How does this mind begin to grow. Much like a young soul, is it not. The soul must grapple with conflict, just as a child must grapple with conflict As a loving parent, you comfort and hold that child and walk that child through conflict. Just as man must walk his soul through his own conflict of mind, choice and allegiance.

It is unfortunate on your world there is a tremendous weakness of mind, as well a tremendous distraction. All be it is a tremendously healthy arena in the perspective of choice--where there is tremendous contrast.

Thank you