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S.Cal. Teaching Mission,  Arcadia, California

Teachers:  JarEl, Thornsen 

Topic:  A Father Personality

August 14, 2000

T/R:  Henry Z.

Greetings to you It is I Thornsen. It is good to be here and partake of your pleasant conversation and social friendliness towards each other. We are witnessing an open and energetic receptivity and response to the spiritual presence on this planet by members of the human race all over the world. Many more people are embracing health, leaving their jobs and pursuing what they want to do with their lives. Many more people are open to the leadings of spirit. People are finding a desire to correct aspects of their lives.

We are beginning to sense the momentum of a spiritual resurgence on your world today. Continue to show forth your kindness. Thank you for allowing me to speak.

Greetings to you my friends it is I JarEl. Thank you for coming again this evening and partaking in this simple lesson. It is an opportunity to share with you a few words and hope to motivate and stimulate you. Tonight we would like to look at Paradise a bit. In looking at paradise we see the central abode of God and the manifestation of God in Paradise Deity.

The personality of the First Source and Center manifests within the whole known creation, on every world where there are beings, both spiritual and mortal. God manifests in other ways also--all energy, all physical matter, all substance of your realm comes from Paradise. All form and pattern that you are aware and then some emanate from Paradise. All mine, all thought, all desire emanate from Paradise. In understanding the complexity of the First Source and Center, it is helpful to view God in various aspects. Though God is the source of all things, God has divested himself and recreated himself into Deity--God the Son and God the Spirit, the great actor. The functional relationship of these three persons in Deity constitute the pattern of relationship in the whole of Paradise, the intricate and diverse phenomenon of Havona and the actuality of time and space, the worlds of time.

From where you are now, to begin to comprehend and view the tremendous nature of a personality that constitutes everything is quite overwhelming. In a sense you are all striving for this greatness. That greatness and quality which is like God. The quality of perfection, of knowingness, of being. That quality of mind which pervades attitude. That quality of personality which draws all things to you.

One of the challenges as a mortal being evolving into a spiritual dimension is to on one hand access God personally within and to access God in the manifestation of the whole human race.

What we have created is a reciprocal relationship. On one hand we have courage and wisdom, love and compassion, kindness and tenderness from within manifest within your capacity to relate to the outside world, your brothers and sisters, everyone else who is also trying to manifest these spiritual qualities within themselves. This dynamic of accessing God through others and from within is the constant pattern of discovery that will take you through all of time and space universe ascension and through all Havona worlds and into the abode of Paradise Deity. When you finally get to Paradise you will have to see God in everyone else before you will be able to see God as the single being .

Part of the diversity of God is His collective nature. What is this collective nature?

Viewing God as a whole, not just a part. True, you must access the part to attain the whole. It is like the parable of the seed. The seed is the fruit and the fruit is the seed. One contains the pattern for the other. In the capacity for God to express greatness, God has divested Himself, parts of Himself into all levels of created manifestation, and has just allowed these manifestations just to be what they are. The capacity and ability of God just to give completely of Himself, to give wholly and totally to everything is His greatness.

When you are faced with finding your greatness, you will find that this greatness is greatest in the most simplist form of giving of yourself to another. As the parent, so will the child. God never stands above anyone. God has chosen to grace your presence with his beingness. He has sent his spirit to lite your own candle, to kindle your mind, to awaken you to your true selves and your true nature. To bring that peice of your self to activate who you really are. When discerning the greatness of God, realise the patience it takes to live within the mind of a human mortal, which can wait patiently until that mortal begins to open that door which brings the mortal face to face with its spiritual destiny.

Much distortion has been placed in the human mind about the fear of God. The wrath of Diety, and I apologize for the spiritual hierarchy which came to pass these thoughts on to your world. Such is not the case. There is nothing to fear from God. God is a provider not a task master. There are others whose designation this befalls.

When you study about God and Deity, note how relationship functions on this level and how it is passed down that others may function. The prophets of old who were awestruck and inspired by the awesome power, mystery and might of Deity, have sought to proclaim the greatness and majesty of Deity, to alert the lethargic minds of the times of the potential of such quality. In this day and age, the emphasis is not to impress you with the awesomeness and power of God as it is to impress you with the simplicity, the quietness, the stillness and patience of God. The ability of God to meet you on your own terms. To meet you wherever you are. There are many and various ways in how God relates to each and everyone of you. It is not for any one to discern this for anyone else, it is up to you to discern this for yourself. The most important aspect of God as a spiritual growth concept is the person-ness, the personal beingness of God. Notice that the personality of God does not indwell you. The essence of God which does indwell you ignites your own personhood and personality; brings quality into a quantitative mind, brings color into a black and white mind, it brings depth into a shallow mind, and it brings compassion into a selfish mind.

What we are teaching is God is a friend. He is reachable. He is approachable with your own human nature and mental capacity. God is accessible to all. You will find that as you begin to grow and to live with God, your ability to become more of what God is, is your ability to grow into who you are becoming.

The second persons of Deity, the Creator sons, are the total embodiment of the First great Source and Center. Their ability to demonstrate the act of God and this example of demonstrating the act of God was fully acted out on your world by Michael. He also demonstrated the awesome simplicity, power, strength and quality of Deity in the simple live he led on your world. What you are beginning to get a picture of here is that this is not the way an average and normal person on your world lives each day. The norm is to actively pursue careers, families and support the institutions, perpetuate the heritage of your race, your beliefs, your jobs and it is that quality of spirit to bring spirit into whatever you are doing. Create an Art of living, a certain quality of life. This is possible this day and age to live such a quality of life as the Master lived. Begin to make choices which support spiritual growth in your own personal lives. Know that by making such choices you are slowing turning the tide of humanity towards the other shore with the oar of goodness. You are turning the tide of humanity from the shore of self towards the shore of service

In the next few weeks, access that aspect of Deity within yourself in your stillness practice, meditation and your prayers. In your daily interactions begin to sense quality, a quality of beingness which holds throughout the day. Begin to notice how your focus in the morning exudes a quality throughout the day. Your attitude begins to shift in quality. Notice the subtleness which a change in attitude brings. Thank you.

Student; Tell us more about the Thought Adjuster and personality enhancement.

JarEl; The Thought Adjuster who is not personality affects an individual's personality. The Thought Adjuster brings the qualitative aspect of personality to life. The human supplies the quantitative aspect. The part of the personality which begins to grow and develop through the leadings of the Thought Adjuster are such that you actually begin to change. You do begin to re-sense, re-think who you are and what you are doing. This is done through the decisions you make in relation to the Thought Adjuster.

It is somewhat the model of Paradise. The son is the perfect reflection of the Father. We are all sons and daughters. Though we are not created as a perfect reflection, it is intended that we evolve into that perfect reflection of God. Student; In adjuster fusion, do we also fuse witht the spirit of truth, the spirit of Michael.

JarEl; Not in the same way as you fuse with your Thought Adjuster. The term fusion here is designated the combining of the Father spirit with the mortal will personality. The spirit of Truth is a spiritual circuit which promotes fusion. They are personality circuits. The spirit of truth is as Michael Himself.

There are worlds where for one reason or another, the created mortal beings do not qualify to be indwelt with a Father fragment, but do qualify to be indwelt with a Son fragment, a fragment of the Second Source and Center. These particular mortal inhabitants are more receptive to this spirit of truth. There are also worlds where the inhabitants do not qualify for wither the father or the son fragments, yet qualify for the third person spirit fragments. It gets more complicated than that.

There are evolutionary aspects of ascension which allows gradually for these mortals to upgrade in spirit.

You are of a category which qualify for the highest honor to be indwelt with an actual fragment of the Father.

Student; You talked about the essence of the Father's personality indwelling us, could you enlarge on this.

JarEl; Actually, you misunderstood, The father's essence is pre-personal. The do embody the essence of the Father, not his personality. They bring that part of your personality.

You do not remember a time when not everyone was not indwelt with the Adjusters. The indwelt inhabitants were able to grow spiritually and personality wise far greater during the same time and influences ad their brethren. The qualitative aspect of the adjuster os tremendous to the growth potential to the personality and its spiritual develop. There cannot be tremendous personality development without spiritual growth. There can be tremendous ego growth but not great personality growth through the ego.

You are using your material mind to analyze and qualify your choice. The choice is made by the personality, not the mind. The decisions you make are the chart of the soul. You need mind, like electric lights need electricity. You could not function without a mind, and the mind does not function very well without a personality, just look at an animal. The mind only functions in one aspect, in a survival aspect. Personality allows an animal to evolve beyond the survival aspect into a creative intelligence with the capacity to express truth, create beauty and bring forth goodness.

You can begin to see that personality has a qualitative aspect to it. It was designed such that if all the races of the world had been mixed and blended and the proportionate amount of Adamic blood had been given you, and at this time one race would exist, you would have evidence of a tremendous growth of personality and potential in all human beings. Non the less, there are unique challenges on this world. Each person possessed of a Thought Adjuster has the potential and opportunity to grow spiritually and to resource the spiritual universe which is available to them.

Thank you.