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S.California Teaching Mission, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topics: New Times Are Testing . . .

T/R: Henry Z.

July 31, 2000

Recognize the source which lies within.

I am the source of all Goodness,

I am the source of all Hope,

I am the source of all Knowledge,

I am the model, the pattern and the Creator

of all that is good and all that needs to become.

Within each of you is a pattern of all that you are.

Access this pattern by opening your heart and your mind.

Begin to look within. Listen for my still small voice,

My unerring nudge, my faint echo, which ever urge

each of you at each moment of decision

during the trial of hesitation.

The resource for the whole world lies within

your own heart. Use this resource intelligently.

Greetings to you my friends it is I JarEl. Again it is good to be here, to listen and participate in our discussions, issues and concerns.

We are moving into new times. Just as everyday your earth moves into an uncharted path in space. Each day brings a fresh and new opportunity. We are moving into a time in which you are being called upon to choose. You are being called upon to choose between the way of the old and the way of the new. You are being called upon to choose light, to open up all doors to darkness, and to bring the light into all of the rooms of darkness; to bring the light into your own heart.

We are moving into times in which you will be tested. Your faith and trust and your belief in Father and his Will, will be put to the test. The line will be drawn, and where do you stand?

It is easy to complacently allow your mind to tell you that you have plenty of time in which to change, you have an eternity to grow. What you don't accomplish here, you can accomplish in the next life, somewhere else. I am here to tell you that this is true. I will also tell you there is an opportunity, here and now, which only exists now. This opportunity is tremendously challenging and it carries a tremendous reward.

The people on this earth needs your help. This planet needs your help. Michael is on his knees, begging that the Father's will be done. We ask you now, which do you choose? We cannot detail

activities for you, we cannot call you forth to action, but we can alert you to the sign of the times.

Continue to grow, continue to trust, continue to strengthen by exercising your faith, your mortal will. Find how Father's will can work with your will. Find how your will worked with Father's will. You will find that you will have to bend a bit more towards father's will. There is an opportunity for you to contribute tremendously to the overall spiritual abundance necessary to turn the tide of a lethargic and self-seeking power which is on your world. This power is entrenched in patterns within your very being. It takes tremendous resource to confront your own fear and weakness, and to develop the strength to begin to trust that which is not so obvious. Except that you begin to feel His presence.

Just as a change in temperature beings on a breeze, a change in attitude begins to open your heart. Begins to fill you with an inspiration, a desire to make a difference, a desire to change, a desire for something real and substantial. Something which eagerly gets you up in the morning and feeds upon your desire. The fullness of this life is yours for the asking.

Our last class, we discussed some of the problems in which fear has incarcerated humankind. The way in which it holds your mind to operate and to think. We introduced the idea that faith was the original intention and modality in which you mind was to operate Your whole being is designed to resonate and to operate upon a faith based mode. This is the modality which opens your energy systems, unclogs your circuits and connection to spirit. It opens the pathways to glory. It beings the ear of God right to your heart. Faith is as cleansing as it is health giving, as it is a resource which gives substance and meaning to your life and to your decisions and activities.

Faith is the one modality and attitude which the Master exercised on a daily basis as he lived in the flesh on your world. He truly loved men and women. He truly believed in them. He was not always impressed by their actions, but he intentionally and patiently knew that they could grow with just a little encouragement, a few guidelines. They could begin to access their own greatness. He approached the lowliest and the highest person on this planet with the same attitude of open-ness and respect.

The master never once gave in to the mind set of fear. Occasionally he would exercise caution, but nothing which could be called fear. The master was truly fearless. He was not afraid of confrontation. He was not afraid to lend a helping hand. He had time to listen. He was moved by the plight of the human condition. He was not afraid of Lucifer. He was extremely cautious with the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, and occasionally he toyed with their minds. The master was not afraid of death. He tried to show that death was just a transition, that within three days man would rise again, reborn into a new life, another opportunity.

The most dramatic exercise of the Masters life, was to live fearlessly. The Master never went out of His was to prove anything to anyone. He was always there for everyone. He made himself available. He was cautions not to mislead his followers and his chosen few into thinking that he came to fulfill their expectation. He was courageous enough to begin to show them a new way of thinking. Even when he entered the room that Thursday evening, the last week of his life on this world, when he entered the upper chamber to the feast which was prepared for him and his chosen few, he could sense and hear the arguing and bickering. Who was going to sit where and next to who, in what order. It somewhat humored him, thinking how far they had come in such short a time, yet still how human they were.

Though they had become more fearless, it wasn't until the spirit of truth was released on the world, through the mind personality channels of these twelve men and women did they finally begin to sense freedom from fear. The emblazoned and courageous source of spirit, of light.

Live your lives courageously, my friends. Know that if you are doing Father's will, you have naught to worry about. The details of your life will be taken care of. The universe always sees that you have the where with all to do the Father's work. Thank you.