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S.California Teaching Mission, Arcadia, California

Teacher: Jarel

Topics: More World Problems and Fear

T/R: Henry Z.

July 17, 2000

Greetings to you my friends, it is I JarEl. It is good to be here today. This evening I would like to deepen a bit into the concept of fear. I would like to explore how and why fear has become such a dominate trait amongst the races on Urantia. On most worlds n Nebadon, fear is not as rampant and integrated into the genetic mind circuits as it is on Urantia. I usually does not create that much of a problem. There are basic fear patterns contingent with the animal heritage traits, which the mortal races inherit and evolve from. In time, these traits are through selective breeding and through the amalgamation of the races, and finally with the addition of the up stepped genetics, the Adamic blood and life plasm, these animal vestiges are subdued tremendously within the mortal races of time.

Certain problems, such as the legacy of fear and all of its emotional traits and trademarks are somewhat eradicated from the evolving society. Such has not been the case on your world and even today, within the modern and sophisticated society in which you live, fear is a major tool in manipulation and control of society. So what has happened to Urantia, and why has the weed of fear taken over God's garden.

As you look back into your history, originally the life implantations and the evolution of the mortal races were quite normal for a decimal planet. There were no exceptional or radical drastic changes made to the life forms here, though the life-carriers did exercise a certain amount of freedom in making adjustments, since the designation of the decimal planet did allow them to make some necessary adjustments to the life plasm here on Urantia. The unusual and not to often situation where the races of color sprung from one family within one generation, though un usual was not rare in Nebadon. This has been recorded several times before.

The initial settlement of the planetary prince, Caligastia and his planetary staff in Dalmatia, and its organization were quite normal. What did happen that changed forever the course of human evolution on Urantia was of course the Lucifer Manifesto. The manifesto by which this primary Lanonandek Son decided to separate the system of Satania from the Universe of Nebadon and choose not to follow Michael's way nor the Father's will. The planetary Prince Caligastia and his chief assistant Daligastia joined forces with Lucifer and his first assistant Satan. They proclaimed personal liberty and freedom, a new way of being not subject to the Father's will, which forever changed the course of human evolution on your world. Initially it was this conflict which arose from an otherwise organized and peaceful planetary social situation, into one of rage and conflict, which ensued over the planet and people reverted back into much more primitive and former methods of existence.

The amalgamation of the races was halted, and what ensued was tremendous segregation within and between the races, boundaries, languages and belief systems. Not much different than what is present today. This legacy given to your forefathers, was truly given to you by irresponsible spiritual beings. The next problem attendant to this fact was when the Material Son and Daughter came to your world. They also were not able to completely follow their, original plan and thus the hope to fully up step the races, though not fully amalgamated, was again thwarted. So within several hundred years of their being here, the world and its society again reverted back to former and primitive states of rivalry, confusion and thus continues the history and legacy of your world.

All is not lost. Though fear replaced faith within the hearts and minds of men, there were several who stood out, in particular Van and Amadon who held forth for almost a half million years, the followers of light and truly the torchbearers of light on Urantia for that length of time. The reclamation of this world was by the magnificence of the Creator Son Michael in his bestowal on Urantia. Born of common woman, and living in this distortion and confusion, lived a life which brought the light of the Father to your world. He showed that it was possible, that even within the conditions which exist on your world, it is possible for even a human on Urantia to live the ideal life. This life was not particularly lived for Urantia, as it was lived for the whole universe of Nebadon.

Never, in the Universe of Nebadon could conditions exist as they existed here on Urantia to thwart and hinder such a life. What is intended for your world, is that you exercise faith, and begin to control and dominate your own fears. You may not eradicate fear completely, but at least begin to control fear which controls your life and your inability to function more fully as a spirit attained mortal. The reason of this tremendous importance, is that you will move into times some where in your future where it will be necessary to comprehend your universe citizenship. Scientist will discover that there are other worlds with life as you know it. You will have to enter into brotherhood, communication with these others. It will not be your backwardness as it will be your uncouth manner and your fear which will inhibit the otherwise smooth and easy contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

This problem of fear is what has so far inhibited contact with your world. True, there are many on your world who are ready and desire this contact, the majority are not ready. Incrementally and bit by bit, much is being done to prepare man for entrance into the universe citizenship. Michael's life, lived with compassion and service, to show that this keystone of living is a model for any age and any civilization; no matter how sophisticated and advanced the physical sciences become and the worlds evolve, the human and spiritual element ( the element of personality, love, brotherhood, and service) will always carry civilizations to fruition, light and life. Though this has a religious and spiritual component and overtone, it is meant to insure a harmony and balance between all factions of activity on a world. Why would God choose to segregate himself from science. He gave mankind science, just as he gave his Son, just as God gave you a sun, planet, water and air to breath, gravity to hold and support life on your world. We are aware of the burdens which must be overcome, it is why we are pleased that many of you are beginning to open to the possibility in your own lives, to begin to utilize the faith which you inherit through the indwelling of the spirit within. Begin to wear the cloak of faith and not be so corseted by fear, its restriction. Learn how to take fear and use it as a motivational devise to exercise faith. Begin to access modalities that help you acknowledge fear and understand which fear is healthy and which is an aberration.

You must begin to learn to question, look at the details, read the fine print of your life, your soul, your heart. We are moving into the age where Urantia connects with the heart. The heart/mind connection is very important. You cannot have the mind running rampant and disconnected from the heart. You must connect these two. There must be compassion with action. When you create for the world, do so with a sense of welfare and prosperity for everyone. This is the Father's will, that harmony become the source of inspiration and that His will becomes the modality in which society begins to function. The beginnings of all this begins with each of you. As you begin to live more fearlessly, others will be encouraged to do so, also. Thank you.

Student; JarEl, can you elaborate more about the communication possible between us and other beings in the universe. How is that going to work?

JarEl; How is it working now? (Is this it? Like it is now?) You must decide what is it that you need from other beings in other places on other worlds. A lot of information has been given to this planet within the last several thousand years. There have been communication with other beings throughout the ages, albeit within the last hundred years this has been tremendous up stepped, and recently with the lucifer adjudication this has opened a much prepared for and much awaited possibility to reconnect to the universe, and this is what it is all about, reconnecting to the universe. This is a very delicate matter. The universe is ready to connect with Urantia. Is Urantia ready to connect with the Universe. On Urantia there is a tremendous problem between countries connecting to each other, between individuals within these countries connecting to each other. When you have so much confusion, it does not invite something more intelligent and organized to come down here. In these initially stages, you are being mentally and faithfully prepared for the inevitable. You are being reconnected to your original plan as part of the universe of Nebadon. This is a spoon feeding. There has been the New Age movement on your world which has been receiving messages and information for several decades, and more recently this, Michael's teaching mission which brings a more spiritual insight into personal transformation and the service modality. We are preparing the individual person to bring to society a way to connect more lovingly with each other. Yes, there will be individuals who will be contacting others off your world. In time there will be much scientific advancement, more so at a time when scientists begin to acknowledge channeled material and that some of the information begins to develop into changes within certain of the systems on Urantia. This is not unexpected nor new to you. This has been in the makings for the past century. Have not science fiction writers offered opportunities to prepare the mind of man to accept something greater, such as universe citizenship. Even the religions on your world, now would not be prepared to understand that Jesus Christ is actually the creator and Master Son of a Universe of organized and peopled worlds. That the vast dimension of reality within the universe would appal most proscribed minds on Urantia. With caution and all due respects to evolution and time all of these things will take place. The most important thing is not to transform the sciences, it is to transform the mind of the scientist. To transform the mind of the human to comprehend the wholeness of your world. Begin to see that a problem in Africa is a problem for the whole world, a conflict int he middle east is a conflict for the whole world, a starving child in a country is a problem for the whole world, so when the human race evolves in the understanding of its whole self in relationship to the universe, then you will see tremendous change.

Student; Then we are a long way from receiving the universal broadcasts such as they get on the sea of glass.

Student; I am perplexed by all the problems on my world. What about the role of family and its problem, is it going to evolve into something more practical in the future.

JarEl; Relationship is the nature of the universe, the nature of organized matter, the nature of personality, it is the nature of beingness. Everything is in relationship, it is either working(facilitating) or not working(not facilitating). If relationship is working ideally, it is working as a whole, for example; if the relationships of all of the millions of cells within your body is not synchronized, the ph in your body changes, organisms begin to live within your body that don't belong there, you develop a pathology, it may be cancer, that cancer is in a bad relationship with your body, it can destroy your whole body. You can take steps to change the conditions in which the cancer begins to take hold within your body, thus effecting the relationship. Lets use this metaphor for the family. You have relationships, a man and woman and children come together, and the man and woman raise the children much the same they were raised, they change a few things hopefully and their economics and belief systems work to support the family and give the children an opportunity to succeed in society. On Urantia, there is dysfunction within the family units and tremendous problem in relationship between men and women. There is tremendous problem with relationship period. Non the less, in some form, relationship exists. This will change and may in the future find a form which will more fully support a family and the raising of children.The relationship between man and God is the most important for individual man and all other relationship. In time relationship and the family will come into correction.

Student; I would ask, may we take literally the message of the Idaho group when they stated that certain limited types of contact are underway. Implication seems to state the circuits are being prepared and opened for individuals to t/r messages from living mortals on other worlds.

JarEl; Yes, though be cautioned not to think that this is exclusive to members of the teaching mission, this is for the planet at large. There are at this time, many who are not involved with the teaching mission who are in communications with, lets say, extra terrestrial, and this includes the spiritual beings as well.

S. Could it safely be said that humanoid mortals on some of our neighbors in the Satania system are certainly aware on their world of the life and teachings of Jesus as he lived on this earth? (Most are aware, though not n the same context as you are aware). What about those of us who have had limited face to face contact with physical beings, is it safe to say that perhaps this was a precedent to allow some of us to later resume communication or an actual future visitation with the scouts who are working under the auspices of the angels of progress.

JarEl; for the purposes of speculation, lets say, Yes.

Student; For us individually, what can we do and how do we fit into this scheme of opening up the circuits. We still go about our own way, striving to do the will of the Father and to spread his love to everyone we meet, and as we progress spiritually we will be provided with opportunities to expand our teachings, is that how it fits us individually.

JarEl, Yes. At some point the world will have to be corrected and be brought into a presentable form. How many of you, when you expect guests run about preparing your home to receive visitors and guests. That is why it is important to view mortal evolution as a family and this planet as your home.

Student; it seems like a tremendous task.JarEl; It is a tremendous, yet the point is not to change it overnight, It needs to be done one thing at a time. Then it collectively begins to change. It is not totally your responsibility. It is the responsibility of many generations. As you begin to teach your children to care, more and more the future generations will begin to protect, not just plunge and plunder, which has been the history lesson of your world. Yes, a change of attitude is at hand. If you do nothing else in your life but change your own attitude, you will have contributed generously to the plan of light and life on your world.

We are not asking the impossible, we discuss many things and look at situations from different angles, and give you a spiritual perspective on most of it. We are dealing with individuals having various levels of relationship to God. To those who have already changed your attitudes and have resolved a good bit of your problems and are motivated, there is much that needs to be done. Those who are there, are already accepting more responsibility. So we are not asking you to go beyond your capacity. We are asking you to become conscious- conscious of who and where you are, and how you can move into how you are becoming into relationship with Father's will and Michael's plan for the spiritual regeneration and the rekindling of light of love, truth, beauty, goodness, happiness, smiles, fearlessness, art, music, play, dance; that the quality of life on Urantia take on a different air and quality, That it is not always recuperating and recovering from pain and suffering which has been the perennial legacy of your world. Yes, the morontia is here and now. You have the potential and capability to bring this into your lives today. Shift your attitudes and thoughts and open up to the possibility of greatness.

Student; JarEl, I believe we are being asked to courageously share the change in attitude and the shift in air, as it comes about. Being passive about all of this and only focusing on our relationship with Father isn't going to have much of an impact on others unless we are willing to extend ourselves.

JarEl; Most assuredly and I apologize for giving the impression otherwise. Those who are ready to accept the responsibility to act begin to do so. Life will place you in situations and opportunities to change and put into action a different and new way of dealing with situations. A change to reorganize with others in dealing with situations and how they are or not being handled.

To be able to demand a better quality of goods and services which you are paying for, and not just commodities, but the people that you meet, and the whole of human constituency. We are planning to motivate action, though short of organizing you into little armies and giving you orders, we are taking an individual and more spiritual approach. Trying to get you motivated as individuals, and this will begin to take a form of its own within your society.

Student; Is there not a universal mindal contact and as we increase our own spirituality and does thins not only increase the spirituality of the planet, even though we may not doing enough materially, we are doing something spiritual for the planet.

JarEl; There is a collective conscious which begins to shift, yet nothing takes the place of hands and feet, contributing, moving, communication, action. Yes it is also part of the collective inheritance which you contribute this change of heart and new attitude of mind, the opening of the connection between man and spirit, morontia mind, begins to realized in human consciousness. It is also true that when this reaches a threshold, we will begin to see a greater and tremendous transformation, but for this moment in time, we are in the beginning stages, and not anywhere near a substantial quota of occurrence at this time.

One of the most common occurrences is that people are usually shocked at the amount of assistance which becomes available once they get out of this fear space, begin to activate and motivate into something they feel they would like to do. Once the decision is made, all of a sudden, the universe is able to acknowledge that decision and respond with help, and many people also respond. You initiate action by decisions.

Student; I have been contemplating the difference between a guest and a visitor, and how a guest has more privilege than a privilege.

JarEl; You are all guests in the house of God, there are no visitors. God invites all, the choice is yours.