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Arcadia, California

Teacher: JAREL

Topic: Spirit Connection

January 05, 2000

[The Value of Meeting Face-to-Face for Spirit Connection]

JarEl; there are many ramifications that are not immediately obvious in connecting with others. For example in the Masters life, it is shown that many times after his death, when the new teachers of the gospels went into the lands adjacent to the Mediterranean, many who had met Joshua Ben Joseph were struck by the similar notion that this man that had given his life, and had lived these truths was very similar to the man they had met in the flesh. It was that they met a living being, al the more were they ready to believe. So it is in your own lives that when you begin to touch others, their sense of knowingness begins to awaken within them their own sense of beingness. Their own sense of their connection to God begins to strengthen for being touched from the outside. So this is what is meant as the spirit of connection. Connecting in a spiritual way to another.

Look in the life of Michael. As Michael walked on this earth and met people, he simply talked to them. He was . . . [more able] to discern their intention, he was able to see into their heart, able to look beyond the surface of whatever confusion played itself upon their face. He was able to discern the real person. The one who hid within from some form of fear. The person that hid behind their exterior. Michael had the capacity to penetrate the mask and camouflage and view the soul of the person. You also, once you begin to become clear with your spiritual connection and clear with your own sense of spirit will also begin to see through the mask and camouflage of yourself in an effort to see through others. This is a connection to spirit.

IT is just as important to stand up and walk down the mountain top and go down into the valleys and begin to sense your connection to everyone else. The Father himself descended from upon Paradise in the form of his Son and came on down into Earth and walked upon the earth as one of them. This is the model.

Student: I am trying to transfer my thinking from a material father to a spiritual Father, can you help me to understand.

JarEl; I would be concerned to show you your own transformation, and metaphorically sense the transformation which you are making from a material reference to a spiritual reference. What it is

I am intending for you to sense and look at is that in the many years you have lived in this world, you have utilized the opportunities which were given to you to establish a broad base of friendship within business, community, church. Your focus in your stability has earned you a sense of material achievement.

Throughout your life, your intention was to connect more and more into a real sense of self, a real sense of worth. You began to sense spiritually around you, things which you sensed but were not able to totally grasp. In time things were shown to you, other teaching, you found the Earth Book. For many years you sensed an opportunity to help those you love and trusted with this new found sense of hope and spiritual discovery, only to fall back on your own sense of excitement as others began to sense their own narrowness and closing down to this information. You held steadfast and through the years in your own life, senses through you connection to Father a newer sense of being.

This sense of Father, material father, as your father helped give you a sense of worth, help give you opportunities in your own life, you have also done for your own children. It is the same sense that the Father in heaven provides you with spiritual opportunities for you to develop a spiritual sense of worth in your life. I would imagine that you at this time in you life are sensing that spiritual worth. It is very difficult for me to tell you how to sense this, other than it is important to sense that the spiritual value has much more substance on the next worlds than it does down here.

Here you have to use faith and trust. On the worlds to come, this spiritual worth is far more valuable than gold and silver. It is more valuable than material worth. This is the sense of Fatherhood and Sonship. Your capacity to sense God as your Father is your ability to sense your brothers and sisters as your family. This begins here and now and tremendously challenged on the next worlds when you meet many more beings who are not of your kind. Beings more dissimilar to you and this sense of spiritual connection will further develop.

I am trying to have you sense value here, that the relationship and transference from the material to the spiritual are a transference of value.

Student; I intellectually understand this, but I am having trouble having an inner feeling of this, of accepting. . . . .

[Attuning To God Within Is Subtle, Gradual, and not an Altered State]

JarEl; Sense that your intimate devotion and worship to Father gives you a real connection to God. This will establish a greater sense of connection to the universe at large. This is the purpose of the indwelling of God in man, To give individual man the sense of knowing. IT is important to trust this sense of knowing. IT is your challenge. You are not going to experience God as a fact, unless you experience God in your life as a fact. There will be no other announcement in the paper concerning this.

It will be only through your own personal and intimate relationship with the God who indwells you. IT is for each and every one of you to begin to trust that you may not experience fireworks, or sublime spiritual ecstacy, this does not mean that you are not connected to God in an intimate and personal way. Consider the subtle nature of God within you.

I used the word desire. Think about this desire in reference to God. God does desire you. IT is intended that YOU desire God.

Student: I am beginning to desire. All of my friends are going on to the mansion worlds. I am beginning to think that I might ready for this too.

JarEl: It is always good to keep a suitcase packed in the closet, is it not?

Student: Many of us don't have a before and after experience in our lives. We have a gradual process of becoming conscious of the Father. Now that we have an understanding of the Thought Adjuster. I t is a gradual knowingness rather than an experience of an altered state of consciousness. It is good to take spiritual stock of where we are as to where we have come from, to appreciate the awareness of the closeness we have with the Father.

This is why it is so important to do the daily stillness. TO try to continually stay tuned in even though you are busy.

JarEl; It takes time. It is like learning to skate. IF you put on the skates when you are young, at first you fall then take them off and back into the closet, you will not learn to skate. You must give it another try. After an amount of time you begin to move upon the skates, you trust your footing, trust your sense of control in motion. This is what it is like to trust God. To begin to sense God in motion, spirit moving in and through your life. Also this is connection. It is moving, alive, like living truth.

You can read words in a book, and speak and listen to another, but when you connect with spirit and sense the movement in your life, this is knowingness. When you sense your own life moving, you are not always confronted by obstacles, you sense a clearing in the thick of the woods, you begin to discern the path right beyond the entanglement in which you perceive yourself at the moment. It is this glimpse. This sense of movement, direction, flow is an indication of presence of spirit in your life. This is something which you activate. You open yourself to this ever living, present, ever moving capacity of spirit whose desire is to come through you and express, be a part of your life.

It is a challenge to open up. To open the doors of your hearts and the windows of your minds. TO sense your oneness and as a temple, rejoice and allow spirit to move through you.

To daily reconnect with spirit. To daily connect and get a sense of this oneness and real presence with God. This knowingness, this affirmation is within a sense of your willingness to do the will of the Father.