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S.Cal Teaching Mission, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Man’s Relationship To Deity

Jan 1, 2000

JarEl, t/r henryz

ten attended

Father, we open our hearts to receive your love and to access your wisdom. To learn more about ourselves and the wonderful and ongoing relationship which we have with you.

Greetings, It is I teacher JarEl. It is good to listen into your evening discussions. It is also good that the planet as a whole has outlasted its mental limitation of the millennium, at least another day has passed and a new age dawns upon this world, in a new millennium, with a positive new light. Hopefully less constrained by doubt and confusion. Ready to accept the ongoing challenges of light and life.

This evening, we will be continuing our discussions of Deity and man's relationship to Deity. Last time we discussed in a general and broad sense, the relationship of the Paradise Father with the universe and His sending the thought adjuster ambassadors into the worlds of time and space to indwell the lowest born of all universe sonship. How it is these ambassadors, these thought adjusters, and these lives in which God's orchestration portrays its symphony on the evolving worlds of time and space. That the universe at large gets a chance to understand and know Deity little more intimately, just as you yourselves are understanding and knowing Deity little more intimately.

For God the Father does not move from Paradise. The eternal abode of Paradise and its gravity center is the most stable phenomenon in all of the universe of universes. The concept of God and His myriad aspects are learned and discerned, felt throughout all of the universes from the Sons of Paradise who venture forward into the universes of time and space; Through the administrative heads from paradise; through all of the wonderful consolers and beings who venture forth and tell the story of the goodness, greatness and oneness of God the Father. It is for want that all universe personalities respect the plan of Deity without having personal access to this Deity. Therefore it is much more in the realm of responsibility that having been chosen as the tabernacle and temples of these paradise ambassador thought adjusters that you as earth mortals shine forth the paradise lights in the universes of time and space. For you and all ascendent beings indwelt with thought adjusters are truly the personal representatives of Paradise Deity here on these worlds of time and space. So this is a spiritual overview from the other side. You are the blossoms, the fragrant blossoms of the universe. You are the gardens in which all celestial being is attendant upon. All the angels, and even us as teachers who have volunteered to come in particular to this world, Urantia to witness against all doubt, all default, all rebellion. To witness the bright and shining light within the lives of individual mortals here on Urantia who continue and steadfastly show forth truth, beauty and goodness in their lives.

So dedicate yourselves and rededicate your intentions in the beginning of this new millennium, the millennium which has the potential to usher in the dawn ages of light and life upon Urantia. Affirm and rededicate your commitment to the will of the Father, and the plan of His Son Michael, to restore this world to its rightful and conspicuous spiritual heritage. This is the foremost planet in the universe of Nebadon in which mortal individuals are carrying forth the light of life and the spiritual light upon a world of former spiritual isolation and darkness.

In the coming week consider these thoughts as you approach and rededicate your life to accept the challenges and opportunities which will show forth themselves in your lives.

On Paradise, the Eternal Son, the original and second person of Deity is the person of spirit personality. Spirit personality in the interaction of spirit, the worship of spirit, and the service of spirit. This Deity sends forth its likeness to the worlds of time and space, in an order of sonship, the Michael Sons, who are endowed with perfection of purpose and the Paradise personality of sonship to bring forth the will of the Paradise Father in establishing, administering and maintaining a universe in time and space. The Michael son of your own universe, the master son Michael of Nebadon, who choose your world, Urantia to bestow his final life in creature manifestation is an example of the capacity of God to down step himself in person. Michael as the human, Jesus Christ lived as a man among men, portraying God to other men. In doing so, has shown man how to portray himself to God. Here we have the second arena of Deity, the first being God personally sending a representative to indwell the creatures of time and space, and the second arena, we have God sending his Son, who in his capacity of sonship incarnates in the likeness of your own kind. Through love and mercy, showing to mankind the loving, and concerning nature of God, which can be portrayed as the life of a living mortal being. This life is a tremendous resource for your whole world. You have had a living example of God living a simple life, a life defined with focus and purpose, and a life demonstrating the willingness to associate with its kind, in negotiating goodness, righteousness, friendship and service to others.

So what is important here today, is to consider, "How are your lives similar', 'How are you showing forth God in your own life to another'. The one important aspect to understand about the masters' life, was that the master was able to remove himself from all social contact to commune with the Father. Then re-enter into the social context of humanity and demonstrate this intimate contact. This loving concern and this genuine recognition of the spirit of man, as he walked by and interacted with everyone he met upon his daily path. This pattern is a model for all mortal life on Urantia. The intimate daily contact with your own indwelling spirit. The resourcing of this contact and your daily life as you deal with the struggles of life as it is lived in your lives. You have a model pattern, to begin to build healthier patterns of manifesting spirit in your lives. This is the gift of the Eternal Son and his order of sonship to the universes. The Michael sons are living examples of the Paradise Father, and subsequently the Paradise Trinity. The Michael Sons demonstrate all Deity capacity to their own universe sons and daughters.

Begin to sense that you are connected to spirit. You are connected from within, and you are connected to each other. It is this connection within which brings forth this external connection. This willingness and desire to know men and women. To serve and love men and women. When you connect with God, you begin to connect with God's desire. It is this desire which begins to manifest and live in your lives, as you begin to manifest and live in spirit. You show forth in your own life this willingness to allow spirit to express itself through you. The simple portrayal in this lesson, is the single greatest challenge that you as a mortal will encounter. The initial challenge to identify with spirit and the challenge to begin to show forth and express the desire of this spirit within your life; in your life's activities.

Again, over the years, we have discussed at length, the personal interaction of the thought adjuster, and how in your mind and will, this activity of the thought adjuster manifests in your person and beingness. So consider the God-man Jesus, and pattern the model of a spirit led life. This unfailing certainty to desire to do good. This encouragable fearlessness to stand in righteousness. This sublime gentleness to do good to another, as to a child. This unselfishness willingness to show forth the beauty of a spirit filled and a spirit led life. This is your challenge for the new millennium. Go forth fearlessly and joyously. Truly desire to love one and another. May you find blessing in all opportunity. Thank you.