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Teacher: JarEl

Topic: The Coming Christmas Season

t/r Douglas

December 18, 1994

The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds your beings. Wherever we are gathered together in His name He is with us. Greetings dear ones.

Group: Greetings JarEl.

JarEl: It is indeed a pleasure for me to sit with you today in our familiar setting. This gives comfort to our hearts and to our beings, that we are indeed one united with the Father. United with the cosmic universe. We are all a part of joining together in thought and spirit in purpose . It is this purpose that will bring to your attention again the enlightenment of Urantia, your planet evolving from darkness into spiritual light with the aid and assistance of you, the faithful ambassadors of Michael’s mission. It is with pride and much love that I greet you this day, and I wish the peace of the Father on your countenance. Dear hearts I ask that you join with me in focusing your healing love to our beloved sister who has so faithfully carried out the duties of t/r for you. The culmination of the two years since the inception of this group. Focus and direct your love and healing power to her that she may endure this setting without the pain....

Feel the vibrations... Keep this one in your mind... in your thoughts... Let your thoughts join the vibration... It is wonderful, the energy you have as a group.. Thank you for your participation.

Our message today will be brief, but not unimportant. You are in the time of this season that Urantia has designated as Christmas. That is the time they have set aside to honor Michael’s birth and nativity. Here is the time that all of Urantia has set aside to give thanks and praise and worship with gifts to the glory of Michael of Nebadon as he incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth. This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved to join in unity on this great spiritual level, to honor the bestowed gift of the presence of a creator son.

Those who are not of this mission or enlightened to the text know not that the Creator Son of all this universe was incarnated. Rejoice in the doctrine of the Judeo/Christian theology that predicted His coming, but does not understand His being and His departure from Urantia. Now you have the opportunity to share with them the great truth of Jesus’s true being. That He was indeed the creator of this universe and He has again initiated great lessons, spirits of truth to be given to the humanity of this planet. You and they are indeed His children who are much loved and respected. It is His desire that all participate in this great outpouring of His gifts. It is the custom to give gifts to one another in honor of giving to Him. He and the Father have given continuously and will continue to give to mankind the great gift, the indwelling spirit the Adjuster. The gift of the consciousness of His presence. The gift of Light and Life to the mortals of this planet. They are, dear ones, bestowed upon you. Take consciousness of the seed. It is not the entire life cycle but the potentialities embodied in this small seed. Likewise for you, the mortals of this planet it is embodied in the Adjuster. All the potentialities, all that you need is the reassessing of the gifts of the Father and the Creator Son.

It is our responsibility, our duty to aid you in this growth. It is your duty and responsibility to share with your fellows, to aid them equally in this growth. It is a time of great joy in knowing that a son of the great Father has bestowed himself on this planet. It is time of great joy for humanity to focus more on the spiritual. Regardless of the date, regardless of the time, the joy of the fellowship of the spirit, the praise and glory that is due our Creator Son and our Father shall be there. So you my students, rejoice in this time also. Rejoice in your growth in the year that has past. Rejoice, be happy in your fellowship. Look forward to the year that is coming that will bring about a culmination of this mission group, here in Arcadia.

I ask that you think in terms of the future and that that will be assigned to you. I am very mindful of this and look forward to three continuous months in preparation of this event.....Yes you are aware of this time.... I understand that you do not look forward in anticipation to the hour in which you will graduate from this mission to embark upon your true mission for the remainder of your existence. This one has somewhat challenged my words . In thought he was confused in what was given. This is not the case. You were informed at the beginning that this mission was to endure for a designated time according to your calendar.. There are considerations, variations, circumstances that have been accounted for in this group.

Dear ones, you are on course. You are on task. You are on time. Your development, your growth is at that point that it should be. Some are a little ahead but some concepts of doubt still remain, and doubt will remain with you. You will never be free of it . in this existence, because it is the tool by which your discernment is activated. So be not disheartened by my announcement. We will experience a wonderful time together before your assignments are given. I ask that you focus and think in terms of assignment for this coming month and at the end of this time we shall resume our meeting February...( In February.. t/r was having difficulty focusing.) I am asking for this time until February to allow you to participate in this season and to arrange your affairs, to relax, to strengthen the body, to devote time to the families and friends that is needed for all of you... Continue in seeking the stillness. Continue in your prayer time for this period. Allow others of the teaching staff to commune with you, your personal and individual teachers will become more active with you for this period,. allowing you to interact with them in the lesson and development that you will need individually. I trust this will meet with your approval.

Hal: Yes that will be fine, then we will skip all of January. Can we set a date for it, resuming our lessons ?

Jarel: The first week of February.

Hal: Then we will skip all of January ?

JarEl: This is correct. (Doug. wow, bear with me here I am really having trouble focusing) Douglas you are very capable of transmitting our message, Each of you will find that verification... So relax and enjoy the presence of those who are gathered together here today to share this moment of peace, and unity, harmony, and love........

JarEl: For this time I will leave you with great love, great joy, great anticipation for our coming together at the next practice session. This one is invited to attend and participate with you. My peace be with you. The healing energies of your love please direct to your sister in faith and trust of this mission. Thank you for your love to me your humble teacher. Pray with humanity for world peace during this time. Look for your fellows to touch the hearts and minds of the leaders and your companions. Peace be with you. Shalom and Farewell.

Group: Farewell JarEl and Shalom.