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Teacher: JarEl.

Topic: God’s Presence and Thought Adjusters

t/r. Betty

December 11, 1994

This is JarEl.

Group: Greetings JarEl.

JarEl: What joy it brings me to be in your presence this day. Like the ripples on the water coming from great distance I wait my reunion with you. Each week I look forward to our meeting and conversations. Let us begin with our prayer of the universe.

The power of God protects us. The love of God surrounds us. The presence of God enfolds us. He is with us wherever we go, wherever we are. When ever He is needed He is there instantly by our side.

This is the great mystery of the Universe. How this is achieved is really unknown. There are many thoughts and opinions regarding the bestowal of the Thought Adjuster on the beings of Urantia and yet the true existence of these beings is unknown to us. None has been known to default after it has been bestowed. Yet the preexistence is as much a mystery to us as it is to you. I am sure you know by now that we are not informed of everything. Our knowledge is often on a need to know basis according to our assignment. Much teaching is required before our assignment in order to be effective in our task before us. At this time we are given the information we need to complete our task. It is part of the excitement and blessing to be tutored when one has volunteered for service of Christ Michael and the Father. We are often too many to be all chosen for the task at hand. The enthusiasm of the volunteers for the teaching mission however has been astounding. There is no lack of teachers and guidance available to the inhabitants of Urantia.

It is true, as your conversation prior to our meeting attested that much is occurring simultaneously with the uplifting of this planet. The consciousness and the physical adjustments are all part of Christ Michael’s plan to uplift this planet, this Jewel of the Universe. This home of the infant Christ our sovereign savior of Nebadon. How could such a precious endowment be not cared for in the most endearing way.

You are fortunate to be on this home planet and yet the pitiful beginning and needless suffering has been tragic and a source of concern to all beyond. Yet we know not the complete plan and workings of the Father in advance. We see with limited vision, even where we are. A change is required, much obedience and direction is required in order to do the will of the Father in a timely manner. We volunteer our services at every opportunity and are given the utmost training in order to accomplish our needed assignment and with this ministry comes also our growth and our path is lighted. We are registered as having attained our objective. So you see dear ones we work together, you and I.

You are much loved and cared for. Each and every one of you are beautiful to us, and yet we are sometimes concerned about your beauty and have judgments regarding the same. If you could see the light shimmer above you, the love in your heart waiting to be expressed, longing to be connected. We are aware of your presence, of your whereabouts. Many are there to watch and assist and guide those around you in this critical ministry regarding your supervision and care. Do not be afraid. Do not concern yourselves. Care for each other and indeed the Fathers Will

be done.

We are aware of the illness of our brother and sisters who are not with us today. These illnesses are prevalent on the planet at this time, the time of the sun with lessened strength, these bacteria are allowed to flourish, the virus is allowed to grow. Has it not occurred to you that the condition of.... (this one searches for a word). These bacteria and virus, this illness that comes with the cycle of the seasons is not by accident. It is the source of much concern that the health of each be maintained and we have given much direction and impressions upon you at this time regarding the care of your health. We are confident that all will be corrected shortly. How could there be a lingering of ill health among such loved and cared for beings. This does not preclude the accidental occasions occurring, of flaws of our eyes or hearing. These things are accidents and have no bearing upon the viruses and bacteria that are abundant on the planet at this cycle in the orbit around the sun.

There will be great progress made very soon in the discovery of the nature of viruses. It is only a matter of a few discoveries connected with the data at hand to achieve this harnessing and subduing of this virus. It is a concern to all that the health of the planet be restored and blessings on all will be known an felt. It will be as if a miracle has occurred. This is the glad tidings that will be felt by all.

Now dear ones, I will pause for questions.

Marlies: JarEl, does that mean that within our lifetime there will be a cure for the common cold ?

Jarel: Yes dear ones. I am going beyond my boundaries here. I will not predict a time or a place, but many will realize that the harnessing of this harmful bacteria, that germ, as it is now experienced. The many kinds of virus have many faces, but the discovery will be universal to all, but it is predicted that within your lifetime, dear ones, this will be indeed subdued. The ministry of Light and Life to this planet encompasses all thought and physical ministry, as well as spiritual and intellectual ministry. It encompasses, government, philosophy, cosmology, and science The balance will be evident, as now you are experiencing openness of spiritual consciousness on the planet at this time.

Lucille: JarEl will this include that healing of the aids virus, HIV.

Jarel: All viruses are connected, they are all from the same family. It is without regret that we will harness this harmful enemy and eliminate much suffering on Urantia. It is part of the rebellion and default of Adam and Eve that has weakened the plasma of your species. As you know it was not the intention when the life carriers implanted this plasma originally on the planet. It was intended to be supplemented with the specie of Adam and Eve to strengthen the humans of this planet. Upon the default the plasma was not passed on and infused as strongly as originally planned.

When a planet is destined for Light and Life all corrections are a part of that ministry, and believe me, all things will be balanced in the process.

We have made much progress in the past 200 years in the fight against infection and germ warfare. It is a relatively short period of time and yet the plan for Light and Life for this planet has been in progress since the beginning of time. This may sound contradictory, but it is part of the mystery of the Father.

Lucille: JarEl, you mentioned the entities that surround each one of us as we go about our daily lives. Are these our guardian angels, or are they seraphim, or what form of entity is it that helps each one of us individually ?

JarEl: There is always the Father within that guides you. There are two guardian angels assigned to your being, and there are unrevealed beings present at work with your thought Adjuster to insure your spiritual awakening and progress. These beings are unrevealed to Urantia beings, and I must say no more regarding these entities. You have a teacher, a teacher intern, and a student assigned to each. So you see, dear ones, the space you occupy is quite crowded. These beings are all assigned for your guidance and protection. Believe me, were you aware of their presence you would be quite amazed. You are the see’er and in your quiet time have you not glimpsed their presence. Is this not true ?

Lucille: Yes, and there are many here today.

Jarel: Let us all be thankful that we have come together to enjoy this blessing upon us this day. That we have found each other in this world of change and chaos that is slowly and surely being brought to order. We are pilgrims of the realm and each one is inscribed on Uversa, the name and the status of your being. Be assured you are revered and loved and will be blessed with much abundance of love, faith, and caring.

Hal: I would like to ask a question. Would you care to make any comments about expanding our group to the Saturday Noetic group. I think they would be quite amenable to this. I think they would be good missionaries for the kingdom if they were made aware of it.

Jarel: Greetings Hal. Dear one, you have been endowed with great intuition. It is an antenna far reaching. It has investigated many groups, and you intuitivly feel that these beings are open to the teaching of the text. The revalation for Uranteia. It is with my blessing that I encourage you to present to them the content. It seems an appropriate setting for such, as their minds are open and they are looking. Do not be concerned about the judgement or the value that they would place upon these teachings, this book, your fellows, or anyone connected with this revelation of time. It is your presentation that is important. Your love of the Father revealed through your ministry to others that will be witness as always, this is the reflection of your faith. So I encourage you to follow your intuition and the calling of your higher being to assist you. Does this help ?

Hal: Yes . Thank you very much. It sounds like it would be an exciting adventure.

Jarel: We are all on an exciting adventure.

Donna: Jarel, I have a question. This is Donna.

Jarel: Greetings Donna.

Donna: Greetings. You were talking about the spiritual beings that surround us and the guardian angels. My question is does every human have a pair of guardian angels. I know there are company’s of angels that supervise different groups, of human beings. Does everyone have guardian angels, or it this something you earn or achieve after you have reached a certain level of spiritual development ?

JarEl: Yes. This is true. You earn, or are given as a gift these guardians that work in pairs. As you advance spiritually, and the soil is ripe for higher learning you are also protected as to your spiritual knowledge and that which is allowed to enter into your higher consciousness. So it is true, not everyone has the capacity for such knowledge.

Donna: Thank you. That is what I thought. It is sometimes confusing from the different discussions and presentations on angels. Could that not also be part of the reason why some people seem to be protected more from danger than others ?

Jarel: Dear one, if you will observe you will notice that the protection comes in many forms. It is a lack of awareness of danger that allows the one protected to walk through the fire without being scorched. Whereas if you were aware of the danger it would be attracted to you. It must be attracted to something. If you are aware of it it will be attracted to you. So the protection comes sometimes from the not knowing or the unknowing of what lies ahead in the path. Is this clear ?

Donna: Somewhat. It is a little complicated.`

Hal: Does this apply to the fire walkers in Fiji where they have a religious ceremony of walking on hot coals ? Is it that they have so completely eliminated their material doubts and fears and they completely believe they can do this. Is this what makes it possible, a wholehearted faith ?

Jarel Well, the dynamics of fire-walkers is somewhat different than the protection from evil or harm. Donnas question pertains to protection and my rather humble but complicated answer has confused her even more.

Donna: (Chuckle) Well Jarel.. did you say that we could attract danger by being aware of it, or maybe being ignorant of it protects us ? Was that what you said ? People who are not ignorant of the danger but are always worried or always concentrating on what could go wrong, that in itself is a kind of attraction for that danger, is that what you meant ?

Jarel: Yes, that is true. If you would please go with me into your mind along the plains of the Serangeti. The herd of ewes will be traveling at a pace and be unaware of danger. Then a call is put out by a bird or a primate nearby that a predator approaches. The adrenaline begins to surge through the body. The confidence of the strong and healthy as they stampede away becomes the protection of the group. Those that are fearful of not being able to keep up and are muddled of mind because of malnutrition or age will be the attraction for the predator. So you see even in their flight they have confidence that they will be successfull in running or being protected by the group. Does this help ?

Donna: Yes. And those that become victim to the predator is due partially to physical weakness or age, but partially it is in their mind. If they become muddled and confused it makes them more susceptible to being victims.

Jarel: So you must always know that you are protected. If you become muddled or confused all that is needed is to seek the stillness and be administered to. It is always available immediately. Open the circuits and give permission for assistance.

Lucille : I certainly know that I was protected by angels or many of them when our car was smashed on the front and then on the rear by an 18-wheel truck that spun me around. I don’t know what happened but it totaled our car. Somebody turned that car for me.

Jarel: Glory be to the Father. Thank Him for His protection for His love, the love that He sends to us.

Hal: In an effort to more fully understand the unseen world and its impact on us and our reliance on confidence and intuition, does this apply to some business men who are extremely successful materially and yet they have no apparent spiritual values. Have they learned how to latch on to their complete confidence that it will work out for them ? Does this also apply to, . . say something like the game of bridge ?. Sometimes we get good hands and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes nothing works out for you, and other evenings every thing seems to work. Is this strictly chance, or is it related to our inner confidence and awareness that seems to go with it when you are successful ? How much of this is related to unseen or unknown energy forces that makes these things happen ?

Jarel: As you know dear one, there are rules that apply to both the material and spiritual worlds. It is not a prerequisite of the spiritual world to interact or influence the material world. Although there is an option if it is required to protect or enhance the position for future service to the Father. I am afraid much is left to chance. Much as we would desire it to be otherwise. It seems that those very much unworthy of spiritual value sometimes achieve great wealth and luck.

Hal: Again, attitude seems to enter into this a lot. A positive, ongoing, forward looking, adventuresome attitude oft times produces results. When I have a positive peaceful attitude I usually get better hands and success. Does this not apply to our total life experiences as well ?

Jarel: Success is fertile ground for further success.

Now dear ones, I will leave you. it is with much love and carrying that I embrace you this day, and encourage you to speak of these loving relationships with the Father to those that you encounter this season. Farewell

Group: Farewell Jarel.