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Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Urantia Will Not Be Destroyed

t/r Douglas

November 20, 1994

The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. It is the love of God that enfolds you. Wherever you are, what ever your number, He is indeed with you to make known to you His great love. Greetings students.

Group: Greetings JarEl.

Jarel: It is indeed a wonderful day that we have at this time. To participate with you again in this brief setting of the teaching mission. Dear ones, there has been much discussion concerning events of the ecclesiastic world consequences. Allow me to reassure you of your -place in the scheme of the greater picture that Father has given us as part of His plan.

I, as your teacher, cannot look to the future. Cannot see your smiling faces in that beautiful blue globe known as Urantia. I cannot envision the Universe of Nebadon of Urantia being absent, its most important member. So fear not that this planet that is your home of mortal birth, and has been the seat of Michael’s government in this mission will not be around in the eons to come. Erase from your thoughts, your minds, any concept of the total destruction of Urantia through the careless or contrived inventions of mortals.

It is true that circling overhead are massive nuclear weapons with vast capabilities for destruction. It is hard for us to believe that mankind’s security is in the number of weapons he possesses. These great bombs of destruction have multiplication factors that are astronomical if they are exploded, impacted upon this planet. It is through these teachings of love, truth, beauty that you, dear ones, take upon your being and radiate to others of your fellows that the notion of security in weapons will be dispelled. We mentioned beings on the horizon who have the ability because of these teachings to change the course of events of Urantia. These are your fellows who are infected with the love of the Father, and because of that love will be seekers of the truth revealed in the text. There lies in the text a better picture for them of how a planet and government can exist. How coexistence of different nationalities and countries is a workable model. It is our trust that this knowledge and experience will allow them to emulate the same, as this planet comes about in Light and Life. The spreading of love. The spreading of this teaching will overcome the hostilities that man has been building for one another. The beating of the weapons or ‘swords into plowshares’ can incorporate these nuclear devises deactivated and their energy used for sources productive to this planet instead of destructive.

Look to the future dear ones, look to it with openess, gayety of heart, freedom of expression, love of your fellows. Envision these things in your future.

I see some concerns today. Would you have concerns that you would address with me. Perhaps I could give some measure of relief to your thoughts.

Betty: I have a concern. It is a very personal one. I have talked to some of my spiritual friends about it, but nothing seems to feel just right when I talk about it, and I would like to get some advice from you.

I have a friend, a woman who I have sort of taken on, to be her friend an be of service to her. Her husband died about a year ago. This woman is always talking about her illness. New things always seem to be coming up and she talks on and on repeating things she has said before over and over and over. I have struggled with it before because I have heard these stories before. At first it was just that she needed to process all of this because her husband isn’t there to listen, and she needed to talk to some one. I wanted to be of help to her and set aside this time to be with her and have allowed her to talk about what ever she wanted to. But now she is calling me at night with the same stories I have heard over and over. I want to be a good friend and be of service to her but... I just don’t know how to handle it... Can you help me ?

JarEl; What does your love say to you, dear one, when you hear the tragedy of this ones life recounted over and over again ?

Betty: Well. there are always new things, new ailments. She goes to the doctor and she finds this wrong and that wrong with her. She’ll say she has prayed about this and then she would have a betterment of this ailment, but that doesn’t help because something else is wrong. It seems that this is her whole life, talking about it and complaining. I have said to her that Claire you should try really imaging healthy thoughts and see yourself as whole and when these negative thoughts enter in just turn them over to Jesus, and use the mind of Jesus so that you are not burdened with this. She says that she does that, but this is not my experience with her. I guess she wants more out of the relationships than I am willing to give. I guess I feel guilty about that. . .I just don’t know.... I am going to take her down to San Diego to see her son for thanksgiving because she doesn’t drive long distances. I feel I feel that I am a good friend, but she is asking more than I am willing to give her, this calling me every night and complaining and complaining. I think I am doing a good job, but she wants more and more. I am afraid the more I give her the more she will demand.

JarEl; If it is your desire to be of assistance to this one, we must remember that sacrifice is sometimes necessary. We have to give unselfishly of ourselves to aid another. This one appears to have the tendency of hypochondria. These diseases are not being manifest in her physical environment they are more in the realm of the mind, compensation for her loss, as part of the loss, the grieving process.

Betty: But Jarel they are real. They found a pinched nerve in her spine that she has been complaining about these pains in her legs. They found a growth in her neck and feel that it may be malignant, so apparently they are real. I don't know if she is manifesting these by her hypochondria, but she does have physical problems that the doctors find things wrong with her.

JarEl: This is very tragic.... Speak to her heart... Express your true concerns with love. Share with her your fear concerning your relationship and allow here to gracefully back away from so much contact. Allow yourself room to breath, to grow, to regroup. Then proceed again in friendship, to assist where you can. Do not attempt to handle all of her affairs, but remind her that you can assist in some thing’s, as your schedule and other obligations permit, but that all that you do is subject to prior commitments. This will help you.

Betty: Thank you dearly JarEl I really needed some help. That feels right.

JarEl: You are indeed welcome and my prayers for her recovery from the ailments. Those that are brought on by her own desire, and those that are a natural outgrowth of this existence will be minimized and disappear from her presence.

Betty: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl... You are quiet, dear ones. Is that because of the number ?

Hal: No JarEl, not because of the number. We are relaxed and at peace with the Father..... I have a concern I would like to consider. I know that it will be resolved some day, concerning myself. Possibly a dual concern that might be related.... I try, with your wonderful guidance and lessons, and believe that I have made tremendous progress in my spiritual growth. But I am still torn with the concern of internalizing it to the basic corp of my true self. Of receiving the faith and spirituality that I have attained with my intellectual decisions and indecision, of internalizing them to my basic soul. I suppose... I hope... I have made progress. but it seems like I am spinning my wheels sometimes. Whether there is anything further I can do other than hold the faith and stay in there with mind, but how do I further internalize it to my soul., the spiritual corp. within, my true self.

Does this tie in with my other concern, my inability to walk ? It seems to be a very unusual and non standard problem. I wonder if it connected with my resolve some years ago to do whatever it took to do the Fathers Will, to find that peace of the Father within and be His missionary or His messenger. Not dreaming that this is possibly what He had in mind that I must do. It has slowed me down to where I believe I have become much more spiritual.... which is what I wanted to do, enter into a deeper spiritual life. Whether those two are related in my need for spiritual growth..... I don’t know. Could you comment to this. As to where I could go from here ?

JarEl: Dear one, I can say to you that much effort on your part has been made over the years to further the cause of truth as a result of your generosity, your consciousness and concern. Many have been brought to the teaching of the text. This has been spread from individual to individual. You have been a constructive part of this phenomenal growth in this area. The associations that you have aquired over the years have taken away great spiritual insight after sharing and conversing with you. You have made wonderful contributions to the Father and they are noted and appreciated. They however have very little to do with your physical problems. As we have said before, certain inevitable accidents occur. We use all of these experiences to foster spiritual growth. We use all adversity, all vicissitudes to foster our spiritual development. This is what is occurring with you.

You do not have a problem spiritually internalizing your growth. It is done for you. It is done by the adjuster. The adjuster grows in its experience. It is aiding you and guiding you. The physical difficulties you are currently experiencing may not have a solution in your science. They may not know the cause and origin thereof. You are relying on spiritual knowledge to enhance this perception so that you may understand the malady. Perhaps it can come about. I can not say. There are diseases, maladies, malfunctions that occur in human beings, in mortals, that we do not have a solution for. It falls on the belief systems of the victims, and the support of their loved ones and their belief and faith in the Father to give relief from these afflictions. It is thereby taken out of the hands of doctors and placed in the consciousness of the love from fellows, humans, that brings the final resolve. We ask of you to continue to pray. To ask for a resolving, or more conscious understanding of your malady. Hopefully this will give some peace to your thought process. But I, as teacher, know that when the history of this mission is recorded, as it is daily, your names will be there as the helpers, as the bright shining stars that kept alive the new revelation and truth of Michael’s cause. In the future on other worlds after you have completed your ascension, you will be remembered in Nebadon as the light bearers of Nebadon. So hold to your faith. Rely on one another, come together in fellowship and prayer, and unity in the love of the Father and His son. Help one another to grow as best you can. To grow. To develope. To have help and strength.

Hal: Thank you Jarel. That is most reassuring. I was wondering if by some miraculous healing that I could better serve the Father. ?

Jarel: It would be obvious that more mobility in function of the body would allow you to do more things, to circumvent your environment. But I must say under the circumstances you do a very good job as is. It would be a pleasure to see you scurrying more here and there lighting little fires of truth here and there. This would be a wonderful sight. Yes it would help more were you completely healed miraculously, but we are not up to miracles. Miracle watching only takes the focus of our existence away from the realities of the day. Be hopeful, but not to the extent of miraculous transformation. The miracle is occurring on a daily basis. It just has not reached fruition.

Hal: I do find it as a challenge to test my patience and frustrations. Which hopefully is contributing to my growth. Thank you for your reassurance and encouragement.

JarEl: You are welcome. To find comfort, assurance, rededication in our words it is good. There is much energy present this day in this setting of this number...... It is vibratory....... Let it fill your being and offer healing where healing can be had in the name of the Father and our Creator Son Christ Michael.......

Bless you dear ones. For your faith, bless you for your trust, bless you for your belief, your staying the course. seeking the Father, desiring and knowing to do His will. Bless you for your love for one another for your fellows who walk in darkness. Be the Light bearers that you are. Share your energies with one anther. Share your love with this world. Come together in one mind, for one purpose and achieve that purpose through you collective energies and love. Allow us, your teachers, to share with you our love our concerns, our energies toward light and enlightenment. Be strong in your resolve to complete this mission. To bring to Michael many persons who will carry the banner with you. Take strength in the knowledge that the mission is on course. That you are indeed principle players in this the mission of Urantia.

I will allow you to rest at this time and gain your composure and strengthen one another, and I Take leave of you this afternoon. This energy of love. My love and that of our fellows gathered here to partake with you will be comfort and sustenance for you this day. My peace be with you.. Farewell

Group: Farewell JarEl, and thank you so much.

JarEl. You are welcome.