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Teacher: JarEl.

Topic: How You May Help

T/R Douglas

November 6, 1994

The presence of God surrounds you. The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds each and every one of you wherever you are. Indeed He is with you. Stay secure in this knowledge of the Fathers presence with you daily, side by side He walks with you. He is indeed involved in all of your existence. He is ever concerned for your spiritual development. It is His delight to assist you on your road of ascension to perfection. You, dear ones, are indeed blessed by the presence of the Father through all of His hierarchy of assistance and helpers.

I greet you this wonderful day in this exercise of faith and trust, trust and faith, the two elements that strengthen your belief. Trust in this process. Faith in the Father. The knowledge, the wisdom that is the result of this interaction between the mortal and celestials is what is needed. For you, dear ones, to put your lives on the true course that it is to follow. It is this knowledge through interaction between you and ourselves that will be the true aid to mankind.

We spoke lastly about changes and the need for decisions. The need for your help. Your thoughts have been, ‘how you may help more’, and I say to you, you are correct in your knowledge that it begins individually one to one. The key for you is to do a little more each time. Dear ones, do not be afraid to share His love, His knowledge, for fear of ridicule, or alienation from others. We have often informed you that the Father provides many, many opportunities in the course of a day for you to show this love and give literal seeds that will germinate and grow with those that you come in contact with.

It is, as we have said before, not necessary to give full credit to the text as the source of these kernels of inspiration and wisdom. Let curiosity grow in those that you desire to enlighten and share. Allow them to hear small gems of wisdom, small quotations of truth that has been revealed to you through the text and this mission. Your daily interactions will allow you to call upon these experiences and interactions here and the knowledge from the text to aid you in guiding and assisting others. Your foundation is indeed sincere, a desire to be of assistance. Sincere desire to be of service. Here is the foundation. Here is the strength of the mission in your collective desire to be of service to Christ Michael and all of humanity. You are, as always, commended for these fine thoughts of higher ideals, of higher concepts than what has been practiced on Urantia. Now, dear ones, you are coming to the time when these lessons are of grave import. You are arriving at that point where you can participate from this greater foundation and knowledge.

Dear students, each of you present are now capable of transmitting. I believe that each of you should be given the opportunity to do it more often. The practice session has been restarted and you are progressing, but the need is for you to venture out in full faith, full trust, and simply do. Now is the opportunity for you to step into the arena as transmitters and receivers. Some of you do not feel competent enough, but I tell you from my experience with you and from that information coming from individual teachers, from the view of your growth in general you are indeed capable and should participate to give you more confidence. I would not object to each of you, in turn, transmitting. You must begin. You must make the effort. I, and others are here to support you and nurture you. Do not fear of being in error. Believe me, you will not be in error. Trust in us, as you have from the beginning. Only trust more now in yourselves. We have brought you along, nurturing, eliminating problems that hinder your growth, lifting you up and over certain circumstances. Now you must make another leap of faith. Each of you present should try. The attempt is all that I ask of you. Make an attempt. Allow us to assist. Do not be fearful. Be trusting. Seek the stillness and the presence of the Father and He will give you the confidence to make the jump.

Dear ones, you have read that the adversity that is feared most is that that never comes. So I say this is true for this portion of the mission. That you can come forward in participation as others have developed. (pause)

Yes there is a brightness of this setting. Luminescence abounds. Many spiritual beings bring great luminosity. Steady vibrations of energies of love are present here. This is reassuring. It gives comfort to your hearts. This same comfort comes. Energies will be present and available when you attempt your turn at delivering our messages. I promise you it comes clear to you if you will but open yourself to the potential. ( long pause as he slowly encourages us to speak) Focus again .

Lucille; (as T/R) Peace be unto you the lord loves you as He does everyone in the world. Focus upon the light and you will get truer impressions. Relax. We are trying to establish the circuits between humanity and the unseen world. It is necessary for more and more circuits to be opened to train all the people on the planet. Your unseen teachers are trying to get through to you all. More and more circuits are being opened as time goes by. In your quiet time the messages will be clearer to you. Continue your work of loving your fellow man and being of service wherever you are. Meet each one as Jesus did as He passed by. I am always here for guidance and teaching. It is necessary for you to make the contact through the stillness. Now may others talk. Peace be with you. ( long pause)

JarEl: Yes Stella. You can trust in my words.

Dear ones, let us now take a few minutes and address your concerns or questions to assist you in clarity.

Stella: JarEl. I saw a great many faces and then I saw your lips being synchronized with Doug’s. Did I really see you all ?

JarEl: It is vision dear one. You of this group are fortunate indeed to have so many that have come to that development that have allowed them to see glimpses of the other side. I perceived your question of doubt and answered that you can trust my words. You can trust your mind, Your thoughts of what is presented to you. It is this trust that allows you to venture out in faith and open yourselves to transmitting and receiving. You dear one, have the capabilities.

Stella: What can I do if I develope the ability to see. If I don’t transmit what can I do with it ?

JarEl: Transmit that that is of your vision. Your impression. For some it is words. For some it is entire concepts. Total pictures that relate the concept to be spoken. If you saw a picture what does that picture relate to you ?

Stella: Well. I was kind of surprised when Doug started talking and I saw your lips start moving at the same time, but I didn’t see Doug but I heard the words being enunciated. So I guess I must have caught a glimpse of you. Then I saw other faces. Some looked like ours and some did not. Then I saw jewels and a mishmash of different things. It was extraordinary. Maybe it was just the beginning of something, I don’t know.

JarEl: You, dear one, have the potential of putting all of these random thoughts into concise intelligible sentences. You must practice with your fellows here. Allow yourselves the opportunity to come into the stillness and focus, and allow the teacher to present through you the lesson. Continue in this wise.

Stella: I will try. It seems I do better in a group that I do individually

JarEl: This is true. You need the energies of one another. You need the support and the presence and the spirit of your coworkers in this teaching mission. Remember the mission is one of harmony, unity, fellowship, and love. These must be present to facilitate your growth and development to the stage of transmitting-receiving.

Hal: I would like to mention our discussion and concern about these transcripts from Finland. We decided it would be best to discuss them when Betty is here. Particularly in chapter 4 in regards to the question of the mind transmigrating. We were in hopes that you could do some research as to the background and validity of these papers. We will discuss them when Betty is here. I thought I would mention them now for future discussion.

JarEl: You may do so.

Hal: We did some research in the U Book. We did not find confirmation of what was said. Yet it does seem to make sense the transmigration of the mind. Also I did some research on the mind, in relation to its going to the Supreme, and the Supreme then participating in the further growth of the mind by returning it to this material environment. Again I could not get any confirmation of the growth and background of the mind and its adjutant spirits. Any way I mention it as food for thought for next time.

JarEl: Dear one. All that you need has been provided in the text. Expansion thereupon comes through this mission and enlightenment. Your enlightenment will be through interaction, sharing, discussion with one another. This is good. You may continue. You will be quite enlightened in your studies. We will delay comments to another time when all concerned will be gathered together.

Hal; Thank you. We have had requests from the ‘America on Line’ by numerous people who have requested information and copies of this 1982 transcript. We are delaying this until we have more confirmation.

JarEl: Your wisdom is correct.

Hal: I have another question if you are available. We have tentatively invited some guest to come next Sunday who are long time readers of the Urantia book dating back ten or twenty years. They have not been exposed to the teaching mission, other than in a negative manner from the Fellowship. One is Bill Becker in particular and his mother and a friend Alice. We wanted to find out what your feelings would be to inviting them into this setting Would it be disruptive or maybe helpful for them. Maybe this is what they need ?

JarEl: We have expressed to you before the fact that all are welcome. We would not object to these or others who desire further knowledge, seeking the truth, to come to this setting and partake with you the fellowship and love and harmony. We look forward to having new spirits present to fill in the gaps of those who are not still part of the mission physically. The more we have the more we can share the Fathers love with. So they are indeed welcome.

Hal: Thank you we will invite them for next week.

Stella: I have a friend too that may come.

Jarel: This is wonderful. You are encouraged to bring those who are sincere in their desire to know more concerning the mission. Please do not hesitate to invite them. It is not necessary to seek my approval. Only that they desire to know . We are who we are. We cannot be other. We will present this truth that same as we have from the beginning. The decision to believe,. the decision to participate, lies with those individuals. Allow them the best opportunity to grasp the concepts of the mission by allowing them to view through you and the transcripts. I feel this will help greatly in what the y perceive as phenomenal. You and I know that we have long past the honeymoon stage of phenomena. We are, as you say, old married people, forever in love with one another. Forever loving the Father and all of creation. So let us continue to enjoy our fellowship. Let us broaden that fellowship to include others.

Hal: Lucille did you want to ask this ? OK I will. JarEl, would you care to comment on a feeling we have that we are almost leading a double life, in that there are so many people we feel that we should not expose to the Urantia book and the mission, feeling that it would ‘turn them off’. I suppose we are making a judgment in this. Could you comment to this feeling of our limitations of expressing ourselves about the U book and the teaching mission to many of our old time friends ?

Lucille: Who have their own faith and seem to be very satisfied with it.

Hal: Outwardly they seem to be very comfortable with what they have.

Lucille: Hal does put out a little gem now and then to which they seem to agree ?

JarEl: Yes dear one. I will comment to this. Sharing is the goal. You approach your friends and associates with the idea of sharing. You have found something of value and desire to share it. They may have something of value. Here is exchange, interaction. Share from a foundation of love. You do not have to attempt to change their belief systems. Only to lovingly share that which you have found. Subtly, friendly. They will share also with you those gems of wisdom found in their belief system. Both you and others can benifit from small sharing.

Continue planting seeds where you can. Do not feel discouraged if you are not able to plant a seed where the ground is too hard to break for the hole. Go to another spot where the ground is softer, then plant the seed. Eventually the rains will come and soften the hard ground, you will have the opportunity to come again and plant in a more fertile environment. So it is with these friends and associate, if you cannot interest them in the sharing that you have proceed with others. Circumstances and the angelic help will soften their position and later they will ask for your sharing. I hope this is of assistance in relaxing your thoughts in this concern ?

Hal: Yes very much. Could I pursue this further ? We have been asked to be chaplains of this group of 80 to 100 dedicated people. I felt it was a golden opportunity to sow some seeds and plant some of these little gems. We are going to need all of the help we can get. I read someplace that the original intent of the U-book was to merely expand the concepts of the humans to realize that the universe is inhabited and that we are not an isolated life form. Merely expanding their concepts of the universe and the multitudinous life forms of Gods creation would be a suitable seed to sow.

I understand that this was the original intent and then the ‘angels of the church’ felt that the life and teachings of Jesus should be included, which has proven to be the most fertile soil to work with. But does that fit with your concept of the original intent of expanding our concepts of Gods friendly creation, teeming with life forms ?

JarEl; This indeed fits in our understanding to expand the consciousness of man, to make man realize that he is part of a much larger universe than he perceives. Your attempt in this new setting of planting seeds and gems of wisdom will go well if you use the terminology consistently, not necessarily direct quotes but synopsis of concepts sprinkled into your general presentation will help tremendously. It is not necessary to be technical or to present a technical approach to cosmology. Only the idea and concept that you have arrived at through you study. I am sure that you will find ways and examples in the text to relate these higher concepts in casual or formal discussion.

Donna: (Asked a question after the tape ended. We were late in turning the tape over. We picked up the last part of JarEl’s answer)

JarEl: Do that which is good, that you know in your heart of hearts that you should be doing. Do not allow the view to be as a burden. The doing of good is never a burden. Burden is not the consequence of this. The end result is helping in sincere sincerity and love.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

Jarel: You are indeed welcome. I am aware of your efforts. It shows forth here in this setting. come to the prayer time, to the stillness, and leave those concerns and burdens there. Arise anew, rejuvenated and strengthened in the love and the knowledge of the Father. Here you will find strength to overcome those normal human tendencies.

Donna: Sometimes I don't know whether to pray or enter the stillness.

Jarel: Both are appropiate. Pray first and then seek the stillness.

Donna; Thank you Jarel:

Hal: Back to the transcriopts from Finland. We haven’t touched on a subject about our sun to be replaced, giving us a new source energy. It is hard for us to concieve of this, which adds to our questions about the transcripts.

Jarel: Dear one, I would hope that the Melchizedek himself would address this particular issue of transcripts. I will reserve any comment at this time, but I will refer the entire issue to Machiventa himself. A reply will be forthwith coming to you. Perhaps not in Arcadia. You must peruse the transcripts of other groups. It is very true that we sprinkle the knowledge about. As a gardener you would not water just one plant. You must spread the water throughout. The water must be given equally to all plants. So it is with this mission. We must review the transcripts from all of the groups. There you will find answers to your concerns. There you will find answers to your concerns sprinkled through out the garden.

Hal: Thank you we would appreciate it if you would consult Machiventa and see where we should go in the use of these transcripts.

JarEl: It will be referred.

Dear ones, let me take my leave at this time wishing multiple blessings of peace, love, unity, and fellowship upon each and everyone of you gathered here today, and those who are indeed in our hearts in their absence.

It is a profound joy to participate in this exchange and interaction of concepts, ideas and thoughts of a higher concern and spiritual nature. Continue, dear hearts, to be all that you can be with the knowledge available to you.

Continue to proceed from the foundation of love in your outreach to others. Be not dogmatic but be diplomatic.

I thank you for allowing me to share with you this day what wisdom, what knowledge the Father has blessed me through this mission to deliver. Take that which is good and usable and use it to better your lives. That which has no value, no place with you, leave it.

My peace, My love, My respect be upon you. Farewell.

Group: Farewell JarEl, a most informative lesson.


Stella: It was so strange. He was talking and I saw Jarel;

Donna: This was a visual confirmation to you, wasn’t it ?

Lucille: Couldn’t you see his face ?

Stella: I only saw about so much. JarEl face then it slid over into other things like a mishmash of, oh and things . ...jewels again.

Lucille: You always see jewels. When you get to Jerusem they say there are jewels of a beauty we can’t even conceive of.