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Teacher: JAREL

Topic: Stillness Is The Path To The Father

T/R’s All, ( in this practice session.)

August 10, 1994.

JAREL: (Lucille as T/R) His light illuminates your way. Greetings dear friends.

GROUP: Greetings Jarel.

JAREL: The Father loves you in all that you do. Do not doubt your abilities, practice the stillness. There are many beings surrounding you. They are learning too, the same as you are. This one seems to be afraid, and in doubt. (pause) We are with you. We love to help you and guide you along your path. God is with you at all times.

JAREL: (Joe as T/r). We welcome you all this evening. It does this old heart good to see the sacrifices, the adjustments in your daily schedule and in obedience to come to Him. One more time together with each other. To flex the muscles that need to be strengthened. To be more amenable, and receptive to the messages, ideas, and concepts that are a part of this teaching mission. Be at ease. These week day session are, after all, practice session. Feel comfortable each and everyone of you.. Take the time and allow the thoughts and impressions that come to mind to flow out. Step out in faith. (long pause).

JAREL: ( Hal as T/R) Yes, the power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are He. is.

It is heart warming to see the efforts of plunging forth into the unknown. You are all to be commended for your dedication. Your willingness to serve Michael’s mission.

As we have stressed for many weeks, that the keeping of the stillness is the path to the Father. The Father is anxious for each of you to join Him in love, service , and dedication. As you know, Michael often went into the hills to commune with the Father. If it was necessary for Michael to commune with the Father just think how necessary it must be for you. That is the goal and the purpose of each mortals life; to find the Father. Again, I stress the need for regular stillness and quietness to commune with the Father. We understand the difficulties of putting the material existence aside. The material existence is an important part of life on Urantia, however we need to grow beyond that. We need to incorporate the spiritual life with the material life. They are one and the same on a different level. Use the material life and the exigencies of each day as opportunities to grow. Turn those into spiritual values, which is really the purpose of each material experience; opportunities to reap spiritual benefits therefrom . (pause)

JAREL: ( Marlies as T/R) I would like to welcome Stella as our newest member this evening.

I would like to answer the question she asked about the time of the stillness. In the beginning it is not important how long you are in the stillness. The quality of time is important, not the quantify. Like anything else, when you begin you start with small steps. As you grow, you go to larger steps as you dedicate yourself to go into the stillness. In the beginning it will be for a shorter amount of time that your concentration will focus. After awhile you will gain more time and it will become easier to do for a longer period. But the important thing is to set the time of day to go into the stillness, to make an effort, and to be dedicated to doing this. This is the time you commune with the Father. It is wonderful to have little bits and pieces of it during the day, to just stop and be thankful, and be in the presence of the Fathers love and all He has done for you.. For the Father loves you dearly. But the discipline of going into the stillness needs to have a special time. The amount of time is not that important.

STELLA: I usually go to the silence before I fall asleep. I have been doing that for a long time.

JAREL: That is very good.. That is a good time, because that is also when there is a clearing of the mind of the daily events. As this one does that it is also a time of prayer for a restful sleep, and a restful night. A clearing out of any misunderstandings of any unhappy situations that occurred during the day. But it is also good to go into the stillness when you are awake and fully conscious and when your mind has not been muddled up with daily events. A little time set aside every day. You learn as you go. It becomes part of your habit to do so, and like with many others it comes to your looking forward to it because it is also a restful time. A replenishing time. Communing with the Father is always a wonderful experience. It is uplifting, and when you are in the stillness you let His love flow through you. It is peaceful and tranquil. Your teacher can also speak to you in this time,. All you need to do is ask. Some will impress you with words, some will impress you with vision, some will impress you in other areas. Some can write. But if you ask they will be there, because they are there already. You all have personal teachers who are willing to be there when you ask for them, and then you wait for the impression.

STELLA Well I get thoughts or impressions, but I still don't know if it is from my own mind or if it is from yours. When I sat down the words came ‘greetings I am your friend, I am your teacher Jarel.’ Then ‘don’t be afraid Stella we are here to help you, or words to that affect. I don’t know if that was just my wishful thinking, or a contact from you.

JAREL: That was a contact. It isn’t important how you feel where the impression comes from. If you felt the words that was a contact. I have impressed all who are here. As Lucille has stated , there are angels in this room. There are many celestial beings that are always surrounding you whether you are in this room or whether you are elsewhere. If you give your permission to make contact with your teacher whether it is your personal teacher, or myself , or your thought adjuster you will have an answer when you listen.

STELLA:: I have heard the words , ‘Stella you can be a great teacher if you let go.

JAREL: That is absolutely true. You have taught many things to many people in the human world. You have the ability to be a great spiritual teacher.

OLIN: (Hal as T/R) Welcome this is Olin. It is truly exciting for us , as individual teachers and celestial helpers, to observer the fledglings take their first steps, and spread their wings and fly. It is an observation that you will notice that each one is impressed, and the words that come out are their own words. They are thoughts that they have had in their minds. They are thoughts that they are capable of expressing., as we can only use their thought patterns. . Each one expresses the same concept differently, from their own background, . their own words, their own ideas. It varies with each one as their interpretations, and their use of our impressions. The secret is . ..DO IT. SAY IT. If it is your own idea, so be it. But in this setting your own ideas are usually ones that have been impressed by one of the teachers. Enjoy it. Relax with it. Let it go. I have had problems with this one to let go. It has been exciting to watch the efforts made, the trials and tribulations of working it out. But each step is a step forward. It is truly exciting to see the new concepts and the new words and thoughts. You are to be commended for your willingness to let go and let God. It has been exciting being with this one each day. He has asked for me every day and I have enjoyed the excitement of this mortal life on Urantia. Be sure to ask for your teachers thruout the day, they are anxious to enjoy your experiences and to help you in your concepts. Stay with it. Don't give up. You have a glorious existence ahead of you. There is more than ample reward for letting go and letting God. His love, his enfoldment, have feelings, emotions , and expressions far beyond your comprehension’s. You can just allow yourself to enter into it. The stillness daily is the key. It has been a pleasure to be in this practice session. thank you for this opportunity.

HELONIA: (Lucille as T/R) This is Helonia . I am so proud to see this large group tonight, and so glad to see everyone participating. We love you. we are trying to help you. We are your teachers. We are also experiencing the growth . So continue with your quiet time. We hope to be here often. Call on us regularly. We are here all of the time. There are many teachers here tonight.

STELLA: Is there anything special that will happen August 21st when the world-wide prayer celebrating Jesus’s birthday takes place ?

OLIN: (Hal) There is much excitement among the celestials present here. It is a momentous occasion thruout all of Michael’s Universe. I do not know or cannot express anything in particular that will happen. But my knowledge is very limited on this. We have been told that many things will be happening in the near future. Whether this is the occasion or not I do not know. But everyone should participate in giving praise to Michael on His birthday. I wish I could be more specific in my answer, but that is the best I can do.

JAREL (T/R Marlies): This will be a joyous occasion, for so many to be giving praise at the same time thruout your world. The phenomena of that type of prayer is not within your understanding, but it has huge connotations. In your world the saying ’it stops time for a moment’ and connects with God. This undertaking is joyous for all of us, for we will be with you also.

STELLA: But are there enough of those praying at the same time to tip the balance towards love and light. Or must we wait until there is a greater amount of love in the world before actual peace occurs.

JAREL: (Marlies) The amount at this time is not as important as the effort to do so. There are more and more becoming aware. Peace on earth will come when it is time. Everything is within Gods plan and everything is unfolding according to His plan. We have little bits and pieces of it that we see as it unfolds. We don’t necessarily have the knowledge to see into the future as to when things will happen according to this worlds time, but it is like your saying that one lit candle makes a large light, twenty candles make a larger light. If there are one hundred it could start a fire that will blaze far beyond your knowledge. The fact that it is going to happen in different areas of the globe, it is like a bridge crossing from one point to another point, and there will candles from each point, prayers that will be going to the Father like brilliant lights and it will light the darkness in between. So the amount is not the important thing, but the willingness of a few.

OLIN: We too are all excited about this effort. In the text it says that, they speculate that Machiventa, Adam and Eve, Christ Michael and a Trinity teacher, will all be here at the same time some day. We know not when. Your question is whether there is enough spiritual light at present for it to happen now. We would hope so, but we are very doubtful. We can only speculate, but it is all in the hands of the Father and Michael.

JAREL:" (T/R Joe) We stand in great admiration of the courage exhibited here by all of you The stillness which has been reiterated and will be time and time again, is the key to your progress. courage has been exhibited, because you have not had the benifit of those who have been dominate in the transmitting. You have, never the less, made the effort in obedience, to come together. We welcome Douglas. At this time we ask you all to clear your mind. To relax to receive the blessings and bask in the light, and in the love of our Father, allow your thoughts to flow, as clouds in front of your mind....

STELLA (Transmitting) Blessings on you dear ones. You have done well... All of you... Let not your hearts be troubled . .. Let the glory of God behold and uplift you....... for Thou art my good and faithful servant. In the beginning was the word , the word was of God, The word was God, The word was made flesh.......

.After a long pause we all drifted back to our surroundings

LUCILLE: There was an enormous light when Stella started speaking

STELLA: Do you want to hear what I felt ? It said it is I, Michael of Nebadon. I said I don't believe you . ... He was kind of laughing... (I don’t know It must be a product of my imagination.

LUCILLE; Michael ? ? When you started speaking there was a bright light. That was fantastic.

HAL: He said " where two or more are gathered together I am in your midst"

JOE: My teacher is Allea, but I felt this was Jarel when I spoke.

LUCILLE: I had Jarel at first, but then Helonia came in.

MARLIES: I felt it was Jarel with me.

It was a great learning experience for everyone