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Teacher JarEl.

Lesson On Love Associated With Prayer

T/R Betty.

May 15, 1994

This is your teacher JarEl. It pleases me to be here with all of you once again. It has been a long time, and yet we have all gathered around the fire once more to warm our hearts and to experience the warmth of the love among us. We are joined today by many of our unseen helpers, our teachers, and Bertrand is also here with us today. I am honored to be your teacher. I am privileged to convey to you the lessons that have been prepared for your spiritual nourishment and your intellectual advancement. All are encouraged to participate in questions an answers that will clarify any and all misconceptions that you may have, that in some ways block your understanding for advancement.

Today we are privileged to present to you a lesson on LOVE associated with PRAYER. When we pray to the Father for our loved ones a light appears in the heavens coming from the spot that you occupy. The beam is encircuited in a special prayer circuit that channels up towards prayer. It is a beautiful sight to behold when feeling this brilliant beam of energy flowing from earth. It is also the beam by which you are located by your teachers.

The ability to love is a powerful and awesome energy that is not fully understood by the mortals of the realm. Jesus of Nazareth was the master at teaching the transformation properties of love. The transformation literally 'loved' the world into a new era, and the legacy of that love is ever administered to mankind.

The ability to forgive is the prerequisite of love. However there must be a continuation of this energy for transformation to occur. Without this transformation the feelings of resentment and of injury linger, and the words lack meaning, they are sincere, yet saying it does not make it so. The transformation must be present in the energy of love. How often have we spoken words we wish were true, and by saying them we hope to make it so. I tell you, without love the transformation or forgiveness is incomplete and forgiveness will be repeated again and again.

The prayer for the completion of this process is the glue that holds the two together. This is a great mystery, and yet witnessed by the love of our creator for us and those crucified by His side. The transformation occurring in the cosmos on that day will be remembered thruout the aeons of time. How often have we listened to those dear to us telling us their story of woe, and in our hearts we knew exactly the pain and agony experienced because of our own. And we knew by listening where our own shortcoming have occurred. This is the reflector of spiritual growth. We discussed these things and it is my hope that these words have been experienced as reality over these past few weeks, and that you have found growth and peace during this period of rest and relaxation.


We have many things to decide today so I will now take questions and answers. At the end of this session I will ask each to transmit impressions received. These impression will be not necessarily from myself but from many teachers and students in the room with us today, to practice their skills.

Let us begin with questions and decisions.

STELLA: I have a question. I have been thinking about it this week. I am glad you brought up the effect of prayer. However I was thinking prayer seems futile as we pray for peace in Africa or Bosnia. Peace is not occurring. Is it futile to pray for these things if they will not happen ?

JAREL: These things will happen. The immediate results anticipated as the answer to your prayer may be elusive. However prayer always is productive. All prayers are potential and divine in nature. The natural evolution of a continent and a government on that continent requires human communication and an involved group of people learning to cooperate. Your prayers are food for this to happen. It is the Fathers will that the planet evolve into Light and Life. Each community, each nation, will be actively participating in this transformation. Never fear , dear one, your prayers are needed, and wanted, and necessary. Let us all pray for peace. Let us all pray for understanding, and never, never be afraid that they are not heard.

HAL: Jarel, you are aware of this conference coming up in June. We are requested to have a transmission at that session by you. It does require a topic or subject matter. Do you have a suggestion for a meaningful topic for the conference ?

JAREL: The topic that has been chosen is UNDERSTANDING. This topic of understanding has many aspects to be explored.

HAL: Thank you. Then we will turn that subject in to the directors. Have you any other suggestions that would help us to contribute to the conference to be meaningful for everyone ?

JAREL: I would say to relax and enjoy the companionship of others in this great mission. We have an opportunity to receive much love and energy from others, and the acceptance of like-minded individuals. Please go with an open heart and open mind and please participate to the fullest of your ability.

HAL: Thank you. We are all looking forward to it with keen interest. Would you have any other comments. I understand that there is another similar conference in July in Washington state?

JAREL: We will be hearing the results of this California conference in Washington. It will be similar to this conference in Northern California. We must anticipate these gatherings from time to time. They will continue to occur as our network becomes more secure.

HAL: Thank you.

LUCILLE: Jarel we are certainly glad to hear from you again. We have missed you greatly. We are also glad to have Douglas back with us.

JAREL: Thank you Lucille. I too have been very busy while we have been away. Bertrand has been assigned to participate in a more active administrative role. It has been my pleasure to assist him while we have been on recess. Thus the gathering today of many in our midst eager to witness these procedures.

HAL: I gather that time is not as important to you on your realm as it is to us. I assume that the months delay is not that great in your realm of time. To us we have missed it greatly.

JAREL: The ability to live outside of time is somewhat a mystery to each who wears a machine on their wrist to record the minutes. This is unnatural to many of our visitors, where time does not exist.

HAL: Is it that time does not exist to them or is it just that it is in a different rate of timing. I understand that time exist all the way up to paradise but in different ratios.

JAREL: Your ability to breath oxygen into the body is necessary for a human to exist. However you are not aware of each breath you take. So it is with time when you are not aware of its passing. Is this clear ?

HAL: Yes. Thank you.

DOUGLAS: Greetings Jarel . This is Douglas. I would like to jump in and say hello.

JAREL: Greetings Douglas. It is wonderful to have you with us. I want to commend you on the good work you are doing in outreach in your vehicle of occupation.

DOUGLAS: Thank you. I have enjoyed it, but I have missed this fellowship also. This is where my roots are. It is good to get close to the fire again, and to hear your voice and your wisdom, and to share in the love and fellowship of our core group. I am very thankful to be here. I do have a question for you though. As I have been away from the front lines does this affect my ability to transmit ? Before you answer, this morning I asked this question and I thought I received the reply that I was being primitive. I was resorting to primitive thinking to think that just because I wasn't here you had left me. That this was associated with primitive man to think that the Father would ever leave anyone.

JAREL: Dear one. You are ever embraced close to my bosom because not only did you bring me into existence into this mission thru your willingness. I have been assigned as your personal teacher of which I am sure you are aware. When this mission is over with this core group I will be ever available to you, as your personal teacher. So never fear about your ability to communicate. My words would never be withdrawn. Indeed, it is a primitive thought that mankind felt that he would be separated from God. Does this comfort you ?

DOUGLAS: Yes very much so. Thank you.

JAREL: This ability is yours and you can practice anytime you choose.

DOUGLAS: Thank you teacher.

HAL: Along this line that God never leaves us. Maybe we leave Him sometimes. Which ties into a question regarding love. We learned in kindergarten that God is love, Love is the essence of the Father. We are always embraced and enfolded in His love. What is a definition of love. Possibly we don't need one. But is there any way of expressing in our language a concept of love. I understand that love is the acceptance of everyone you meet and an understanding of them that develops into a FEELING of a love relationship. Is there any enlargement on this concept of love that you can give us, as love is the subject for today ?

JAREL: Everyone has within them this potential of love, and this expression that is divine. It is the love of the Father that makes you divine. This expression is exhibited in many ways. It is the ability to set yourself aside and concentrate your attention on another. It is the concern that you have for the welfare of another, be it a friend, a child of your own, or a parent, or any member of your family, your church, or your extended spiritual family. Concern has been identified as a love that will grow to include the whole world as you evolve into a more spirit form. However the materialness of each of us which we have inherited in our genes as a result of our evolution prohibits much of this advancement. It is a muscle that must be exercised in order to grow into the strength and potential energy necessary to encompass the universe, and thus the Supreme is involved in the participation of this evolution of love. This is best revealed to an individual by looking into your heart, and taking inventory of the love that has permeated your life experiences. Does this help ?

HAL: Yes. Very much. I gather then that in the early stages of evolution it is an intellectual understanding and acceptance of your neighbor that grows into an inner FEELING of automatically having this love for your fellow man, for mankind, for the universe, for the Supreme

JAREL: This is somewhat correct. Although the intellect has very little to do with the love force.. The love force itself is more connected to survival than the intellect.

HAL: Yes, a deep inner feeling of love. Thank you.

LUCILLE: Jarel, speaking of love. This is personal, maybe I shouldn't ask this in a group, but we do have a deep love and concern for our granddaughter. But she has her own will which she seems to want to exert over all rules and guidelines that have been set down. We have a concern for her studies, which will guide her future. But how do we work this, with her definite will to do what she wants to do ?

JAREL: We have discussed this at different times, and the main object prohibiting this force of wills is the lack of understanding on here part as to which grandparent has the strongest say in this matter, It is important that the two of you decide what it is that is required and stay together. This is important if the energies can be different from one grandparent to another. It diffuses the impact on her actions. It is a most interesting opportunity for the two of you to overcome this obstacle that has its foot in the door. The opportunity exists. The action must be yours. Again you must allow her to make the decisions that are appropriate for her to decide, The lifelong consequences of no education is not hers to decide. The rules must be finally understood. Write then out, and repeat them every day if necessary. Also time should be set aside for communication with this one with no one else present and the phone off of the hook. Is this understood ?

LUCILLE; Thank you.

HAL: Yes. It is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow. We hope she learns and grows along with us.

JAREL: If there are no more questions I will depart. I want to leave each of you with great love, admiration, and respect for your participation. It is my privilege to be with you. It is also an opportunity for us to participate with our unseen helpers and teachers that are present. If you will relax and go into the stillness. Each one has a message. I myself will help facilitate this exercise, and then we will depart. Let us begin.

L: (T/R) Greetings this is Jarel. Again it is a glorious opportunity to be with you and study with you in your growth. Your spiritual growth is my utmost concern. May we work together for many years ahead until you each have reached your potential of earthly spiritual growth. May you each live a fulfilling and rewarding life. I look forward to greeting you at the mansion worlds where we can look back at our growth and development in the material life. and look forward to further growth into eventual residence on Salvington for a period. This ia a glorious future ahead for each. May you enjoy the journey, striving to do the Fathers Will. It will be a wonderful experience. I look forward to greeting you in person some day. That is all.

BETTY:(T/R) I am Sarina and I have been allowed to participate in this meeting in preparation for a group that will form in the near vicinity within the next few months. I am in preparation to be their teacher. Thank you for your participation in this work. I am in admiration of your dedication and cooperation. Farewell.

MARLIES: (T/R) I am Elestina the teacher for Marlies. I am grateful to Jarel for the opportunity to speak, as we are here every meeting, but we are silent, and listen. The topic today on love was very appropriate for all of your teacher are here sitting beside you, waiting for the opportunity to impress upon you. My beloved ones you are truly loved. There is not any reason to have any doubts. We are all on the same road. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak. Thank you . Farewell

HAL: (T/R) This is Olin I have been striving for some time to be able to speak, make contact. Jarel has given us this opportunity today. I am striving through difficulties to make contact. I hope to have a long and wonderful experience as we grow and progress in this impression contact. Thank you for this opportunity.

LUCILLE: (T/R) This is Helorea, Lucille's teacher. Peace be unto you. We truly love all of you. we hope you can express joy at being here on this planet. You have many experiences that we have not had. Continue with your quiet time, ever mindful of Gods love for you. Thank you for this opportunity.

DOUGLAS: Relax and allow for the receptivity of our words. Impressions abound. Farewell.


DOUG; I had blue lights this time. Real Blue.

HAL: I didn't see anything, but I certainly had a feeling of a crowded room.

DOUG: I could see faces I started to ask Jarel if he had golden hair.

HAL: The potentials of being able to contact them is wonderful. To be a part of this.

LUCILLE: I the feeling of being pulled away thru a curtain parted into a beautiful garden with all of the beautiful flowers.

MARLIES: Lucille and her flowers.

STELLA: I had these designs of crosses. They were of different shapes and yet they were crosses. Always designs. Very beautiful.

DOUGLAS: Speaking of crosses I am designing a pin for the teaching mission.

LUCILLE: The "Paradise Papers" had an article about a pin or an emblem with a cross and the concentric circles.

DOUGLAS: Whoa. I better check into that.