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Teacher: JarEl


Betty’s Synopsis of the 9 Insights of the Celestine Prophesies

Earthquake concludes this session

T/R Betty.

March 20. 1994

CLASS DISCUSSION of assignment to look for evidence of positive results of the teaching mission and the opening of the circuits to our Urantia.

DONNA: As a positive note I would like to present a book called Celestine prophecies. It discusses ways in which the planet will be a much better place to live sometime, in the not too distant future. It talks about the things that will be happening towards the end of the second millennium, which is right where we are now. It was on a list of books dealing with the various prophecies, by Darlene Sheets from the Claremont group. They are spiritual type books, that are planting really good ideas into the hearts and minds of the people.

LUCILLE: These are like the Spanish book in Mexico that has prepared the minds there to receive the new Spanish translation of the Urantia Book.

DONNA: Yes. They are talking about the insights that are going to unfold to humanity, but they can only unfold one by one. This is interesting this is just the way the teaching mission is. We have to all grasp one thing before we can learn more. That is just the way these insights are supposed to unfold. That is my contribution.

BETTY: The man Richard Cadudo who asked for forgiveness for a major crime, after twenty years, and must now pay for his mistakes. And Aaron the little boy who has cancer, and the classmates who shaved their heads to support him. And Schindlers List. These were from TV and the newspapers. I am so tired of hearing about murders, violence and rapes.

JOE: TV showed the family who had sextuplets, and the way they divided the chores and worked out their daily problems of life. It was refreshing to see something about goodness in real life.

BETTY: I will give a synopsis of the Celestine prophecys. Manuscripts that were written in 600 BC.

The first insight occurs when we take our coincidences seriously. This gives us a feeling that something spiritual is operating under everything we do.

The second insight instills an awareness of something real. We have been preoccupied with material survival with focus on controlling our situation in the universe with security, and to waking up to what is really going on.

The third insight begins a new view of life. It defines the universe as pure energy. An energy that somehow responds to how we think.

The fourth insight. Humans have been competing for the only kind of energy we know that flows between people. This is what human conflict has been all about . It is the result of feeling insecure and weak and having to steal someone else's energy to feel OK. Understanding this we will be able to receive our energy from another source.

Insight number five. A new understanding of what has been called a mystic consciousness. This consciousness is being publicized during the last decade of the 20th century as an energy that is actually attainable. It will be a new source of energy that can be used. The U book tells us of a new energy not yet discovered.

Sixth insight is an awareness of how we control others to get this energy. Every one manipulates for energy by either; directly, aggressively or passively to gain attention. We are either the interrogator, or the intimidator, or the 'poor me' syndrome, or we are the aloof drama.

The seventh insight deals with the phases of consciously evolving yourself. Staying alert to every event that the universe provides for you, and to find a silver lining behind every event.

The eighth insight is how we can aid others as they bring us the answers we seek. A whole new ethic as to how we treat each other. It also warns against growth being stopped by becoming addicted to someone.

The ninth is predictive of what the planet will be like when these are in effect.

There was a great deal of back and forth discussion and additions to all of the presentations.

MARLIES: I was amazed at the spiritual books available at the Price Club store. A very secular store that is patronized by a mass of people.

LUCILLE: Maybe we could put the Urantia book there.

MARLIES: Could it be that the spiritual awareness that so many people are now entering into is producing an awareness of the all the 'garbage' that is also coming to the attention of the world. Sort of bringing these things out into the open that were formerly passed off as 'just the way things are'. We can now make spiritual decisions about them.

HAL: A very positive article in the paper about a close friendship between a man and his boss. A very positive article about human relations.

BETTY: The paper had a positive article about the good that was done by a G.I.Bill that allowed many people to train themselves for a career. A tremendous boost to our society.

HAL: Another positive newspaper article about the physical effects of fear and anger on the body. Showing the physical damage from a spiritual value used improperly. It describes the physical affect on the heart of fear and anger.

We then went into the stillness for JarEl's response.

JAREL: Greetings this is your teacher Jarel.

GROUP: Welcome Jarel.

JAREL Let us go into our prayer. The love of God surrounds us The power of God protects us. The presence of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is... Your conversations earlier where I hoped to design a lesson to enable you to look closer at the workings of our Father savior Christ Michael. His efforts to direct these energies associated with the new millennium of activities into a positive realm on discovery of the love of the Father in every aspect of our existence. These incidents will be a continuous stream of information and uplifted ideas. We will begin to see people come forth and enacting great achievements either in awareness of this spiritual energy or in developing avenues by which this energy can be experienced. It is inevitable once this plan has been set into motion, for the results will always be as desired by our savior. It is this desire that time be a consideration in the achievement and unfolding of this awareness prior to these energies being available to facilitate this renewed plan.

The consideration of time was not available in force. His thoughts were made immediate in the manifestation of what was desired or hoped for by our savior. This time lag is beyond the comprehension of those faithful servants of our Father. There is no time consideration on paradise. However we are time creatures and I encourage you to keep a journal of these heroic acts and heartfelt behaviors to share with one another as you did today.

Now let us practice our ability to transmit perceptions as has been our practice. All try to speak. Let us begin . ..

JOE: Just allow the ideas to be brought forward. Let if flow. We are in unity. We are family. Release the words.

DONNA: Keeping journals is a positive activity, and keeping journals of positive happenings in the world is an even more positive activity. This is something I think we could all do for great benefit for each other and for ourselves.

HAL: Greetings. It is indeed and exciting time. The world is expanding with spiritual values. Individuals are growing in spiritual worth. Become a part of it. Become a motivator. We are truly fortunate to be in this era of change. Use it for personal growth Use it for planetary growth. It is truly an exciting era thruput the Universe to watch as Urantia opens up its circuits. To increase spiritual knowledge and values. We are excited as we know you are. Go with the flow. Be one with the Father. Let it happen in your life. Watch it happen in others lives. Watch it thruo,ut the planet. It is truly an era of change. Your knowledge brings it first hand. Accept it and enjoy it. Be apart of it.

MARLIES: This is a time of change. A time to reseed. To gain a new freshness of faith. To then look at old habits and traditions, and release them. Embrace the new that is coming. It is a time of planting. A time of gaining new ideas, and accepting new ways. Sowing new seeds and watching them grow and fruit. A time of renewal. As the spring comes upon us there is a new lightness . A new joy of the earth. There will be new things coming.

LUCILLE: Be joyful. Be happy in your ways. It is a great season of spring. A new growth, enjoy each other. As the lizard throws off the old skin, throw off the old ways. Enjoy the beauty of the world God has given you. Enjoy each other.

JAREL: My congratulations to all. This practice is providing the opportunity to strengthen the connection between the unseen and the heard impressions, and distinguishing between the chatter and the teacher. This practice in invaluable in its experience, but the practical application that will enable you to communicate with your teacher once our mission has been accomplished. I have been informed that as this ability increases the personal teacher assigned to guide you will be better able to facilitate this knowledge that has been collected and prepared to guide you in your individual journey...( the tape ended)... I am learning to accommodate to your mechanical recording devises. (laughter) Dear ones, do you see the long reaching implications of your ability to transmit. Do you see how this ability will continue to serve you when your ancient old teacher has resumed his path.

Let us now pause and collect our thoughts for questions of a spiritual nature. Remember the questions are important. The questions are the rungs on the ladder to your destination of a higher understanding of self. To facilitate the growth of the spirit. Let us pause..

DONNA: You just mentioned the ability to transmit was a service when you have gone on to other paths. Could you elaborate on this. Who could we be transmitting for. Our private individual teachers or perhaps someone else.

JAREL: Yes. This is correct. The practice of discovery of your teacher communicating with you is facilitated by the experience of receiving my messages, and my ability to use my resources to train you in this practice. However once trained in this ability to perceive my messages it is a simple transference for the teacher to become the guiding companion by your side. Do you see this ?

DONNA: Yes. But I am still not sure I am receiving your impressions, I am still a novice at this.

JAREL: Yet this is exactly why this exercise has been put into process to bring you from novice to master. Please remain faithful thru this experiment and the reward will serve you well.

HAL: Am I correct that in this transmitting we start out expressing our own ideas learning to express and talk. As we progress we open ourselves up more to you and our teachers, This will then lead to our ability to open for impressions from our teacher and the Father. Is this the pattern we are working on. Is this the way we start out expressing our own ideas.

JAREL: This is 90% correct. However the beginning of this transmitting experience is perceived as unsure as to who these messages are coming from. Are they your ideas or mine. Now we have a reservoir of a vocabulary available to each of you to describe these impressions. These words or sometimes they will be whole impressions that will require your describing them using the vocabulary available to you. This is quite different than describing your own thoughts. Do you see this ?

HAL: Yes. We are getting your ideas, but expressing them in our own words. It is hard for us to distinguish between what was our own idea and your idea.

JAREL: However the idea was there. Was planted. Was perceived. Was created out of nothing. The words to describe the ideas will be your individual own. Your personality will be perceivable thru these words you are using. We find it difficult to understand the difference between our own thoughts and these higher ideas that are filtered thru the personality and vocabulary of the individual. However as it is practiced and internalized the process becomes more relevant, and easier to understand, although quite impossible to describe.

HAL: Yes that seems to be the problem. We use our own ideas on how to create a cake in the kitchen or repair a faucet, we are using own thoughts and idea's that we feel have not been impressed upon us. This is where we have difficulty in separating the ideas. We are expecting a loud voice or something dramatic to contact us. There is such a fine line between that and our own creative ability. that we have a hard time accepting the impression concept.

JAREL: True.

LUCILLE: Well I think it was definitely an impression, as I don't like snakes. I'm sure I would not have thought of a snake.

It wasn't my idea.

JAREL: This is an interesting comment by Lucille. We often will be reminded in strange ways of the authenticity of the impression.

DONNA: Speaking for myself today. You could say it was an impression or my own thought. I am not real sure. To simply support the idea of journaling about positive things, because I do a lot of journaling on my own. However the journaling idea was brought up by you in your prior teachings. So maybe I was impressed to support that. That it was the impression from you, and I used my own words to express it. Was I carrying an impression from you, or was that my own idea. Could you comment on this ?

JAREL: Yes. Many times I have reminded you that one of the reasons you have been chosen to be here at this time was because of your life experiences. When the concept for an idea emerges and it bridges the deep well of our life experience immediately we are at the tension of the contribution that makes the idea. That is what occurs with you Donna. This is the positive, wonderful mechanism that allows each of us to support the other in a loving caring nurturing way that not only deals with journaling, but other experiences that have to do with problem solving and suggestions and assistance available thru this vast pool of experience. Do you see this ?

DONNA: Yes. I see that. I think your answer was that there is a bridging here between my own experiences that I could see was valuable to your teaching, and therefore I felt the need to comment on it further, or support it further.

JAREL: This is true.

DONNA: But..I'm not sure if that was your idea or my idea. Or does it matter.

JAREL: What matters is the ability one has to listen, to satisfy the chatter of the mind, and truly reach the estate of listening. This is a difficult procedure for some. The dialogue is hard to

stop once we have achieved this state. The impressions are easily understood as other than internal chatter. Does this help ?

DONNA: Yes this helps. I think what I hear you are saying now is that when we are in the stillness and somewhat focused, especially during the teaching mission, we are focused on what you are saying, what you are teaching. That in itself causes us to be more receptive, or perceptive perhaps.

JAREL: Yes, if it stills the internal chatter each one will be able to look within and know the validity of the statement. If this is indeed a hinderance to the ability to quiet your mind and listen then this is where to begin, if you are in doubt as to this process. However most are comfortable with the impressions received, and it is becoming easier to perceive which is which.

LUCILLE: Jarel we were expecting Doug today , we hope that you are with him. He has not shown up as yet.

JAREL: I have no information as to where our brother Douglas is.

HAL: Could I ask another question on transmitting. What is the ultimate purpose in learning to transmit ? Is it so that we can receive messages from our thought adjuster, messages directly from the Father. Or is it for us to grow spiritually by receiving messages from our teachers, for the present only ? What is the ultimate purpose ?

.... An EARTHQUAKE shook the house for about 20 seconds at this point. This brought the session to a close as the T/R was not able to settle down again. There was speculation as whether this was another aftershock of the Northridge quake or a new one. We felt it was a new one from the feel of it, but it turned out to be another aftershock of 5.3 on the Richter scale.