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Teacher: Jarel


T/R: Betty

February 8, 1994

JAREL: This is your teacher Jarel. Let us begin with a prayer. The presence of God surrounds. The power of God protects us. The love of God ever enfolds us and keeps us safe in His care.

:Tonight I would like to remind you that time and the continuation of thoughts and actions are ever impressed upon your mind as the reality of the moment. However, this too shall pass. Think back to a difficult time in your life. Think back, you were sure you would never get through it. That it would be forever affecting your thoughts and security. That your life would be changed in that instant. Dear ones, was it not a trial, and yet you survived!

:Circumstances could arrive from decisions made under stress that are very well remembered. These lessons are reenacted over and over again until they are learned. The Father is with you. He understands your needs. He gently whispers in your ear His loe and guidance. The temptation to fly like frightened geese, following the flock as tey flutter into the sky. This is a natural reaction to fear, and yet if you will observe you will notice that they return again and again to the source of their nourishment and comfort, until they take flight once again.

:Nature moves through all life forms ad brings to maturity their species, and the desires for procreation. This cannot be halted. These desires are but natures way of maturing the species. The protection and guidance you can offer at this time along with an abundane of the ever present love and concern you show. Each one matures at their own speed ad grade of experience. Of course, you have the choice to decide when these efforts and oligations are sufficient and fulilled. This is your choice. However, cooperation will be needed for success, and satisfaction to be forthcoming.

I will answer questions at this time.

HAL: We have been most impressed and enjoyed the lesson we had on Sunday. It was a highlight.

JAREL Thank you. Douglas is also thrilled at his participation and spiritual nourishment.

HAL: You may have heard us discuss the spirit of Truth.

JAREL Yes. It is a wonderful thing to observe my students participating in this way. The love and fellowship deried at these meetings is joyful to the many who oserve these proceedings. This opening up, not only benefits those participating, it unlocks areas of deelopment and allows for growth in a deeper richer way.

HAL :We raised the question of trying to identify the Spirit of Truth. We referred back to the text, which answered it quite well. We have read it before but oft times we forget. It indicated that we are never fully aware of the Spirit of Truth. It is a subtle urging within. Can you add anything to this that might help us?

JAREL: :The text descries it quite clearly. We have read it before and after the bestowel on Urantia as Michaels gift He promised, and was unmistakable once it arrived. It is quite unfathomable what it would be like without this spirit that indwells each and every one on Urantia. The gift of the Spirit of Truth is a gift from the Father and the Son. It indwells mankind with a deep knowing, that he is not alone. He is forever campasionate with a loving presence to guide and make known to him a path that would lead him to the Father.

LUCILLE Jarel you know my concern and love for Kendra's safety. I know she has a thought aduster and a Spirit of Truth both. Will she reach the maturity where she will understand and hear these callings instead of rebelling as she is now?

JAREL All youth must at some point in their development, rebel. It is the prerequisite for independence. This spirit she is demonstrating will ultimately be of much assistance to her development later on in life.

It is true that often the lessons are painful in their forthcoming, and these young ones do not understand the effect they have on those who love them. They are too inexperienced, and not yet mature enough to see the far reaching consequences of their actions. However, this one has demonstrated her spiritual nature and curiosity, and it is true the Father cares or her, and looks over her even now. Continue with loving guidance, and see the Father in moments of stress.

LUCILLE Should we continue to have her here, or should we have her go back to her father or mother? I mean can we be of more help to her here in her growth?

JAREL As I mentioned earlier that her cooperation is needed, ad communication is a prerequisite to cooperation. You must have serious disussions in order to clarify these disagreemets.

LUCILLE Thank you Jarel. You have been a great help.

HAL :Yes, we need the wisdom to know te answers as to what is best for her, as well as for our own growth.

JAREL It is hard to know at the beginning of a journey what you will find at the destination if te destination is unfamiliar. And as you can see the end is not clear, neither to you or to I. So we have to trust in the Father's plan and purpose in our lives. So we proceed on the journey in faith that His will be done.

HAL :The purpose is eternal life for each of us. To continue our ascension journey. But whenever I stand in a line I like to see the head of the line to know that I am in the right line.

JAREL With this one the lesson cannot be found at the head of the line. We must forbear until the fruitation comes about on its own merit.

HAL :Then we need faith that we are in the right line. I would like to return to this Spirit of Truth again. You mentioned its influence on us. This endowment of the Spirit of Truth on all 5 billion people on this planet is to advance us spiritually to where we are being prepared or light and life on Urantia.

JAREL This is true. Truth changes as mankind grows, just as our concept of the Father has changed over the eons of time. So the Spirit of Truth enlarges in our concept, and its presence in our life.

HAL: The Spirit of Truth does not make itself known to us an entity. We have to assume it is a subtle infuence over our thought patterns, an urge to seek the Father. That we will never be fully aware of the Spirit of Truth and its actions.

JAREL: Dear ones. The hour grows late and if there are no more pressing spiritual matters.

HAL: I would like one other question. I think it is a spiritual subject. I was impressed to presenting last Sunday's lesson to the teacher of our Mens Bible Class. I would like to challange him to see what his reaction would be. I felt it was a wonderful lesson. Have you any thoughts on this as to whether it would enhance the spiritual growth of our group.

JAREL: Dear one. This is entirely up to your judgement of how well prepared you feel to present these items of wisdom and thought provoking statement to your fellow men. As you well know, the outcome of such an event cannot be foreseen or commented upon by myself. I would encourage you to decide how well prepared you feel to discuss these principles and ideas with these others.

HAL: I have their attention now, but I am not sure I am ready yet.

JAREL: And now dear ones, I leave you with love in my heart for all. I will be with you and do my best to impress upon you any assistance required or contact with your teachers, if only you invite me to participate. Remember I am your servant and your guide, and it gladdens my being to serve you. Farewell!!

GROUP: Farewell!!

HAL: Farewell. I will invite you when I am contacting Olin.

JAREL Please do.