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Teacher; JarEl.

You Are Distracted Tonight

T/R Betty.

February 1, 1994

The presence of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us to guide us and protects us. This light shines upon us and we are now each to Him in His goodness.

It is I your teacher JarEl. Hearts are heavy tonight. I have been privileged to be here with you tonight. I would like to give you comfort . I would like you to know that everyone has troubled times to bear and witness. As this one was waiting I took here through a field of grass on to the corn field and all cares disappeared. Tonight I would like to experiment with such a journey with both of you. I feel the distraction would lift your hearts, and you could enjoy the journey. Each of you are to describe their impressions that you have as you journey thru the gardens. Describe where you are and what you see.

We will begin with this one, and a quiet pause for adjustments. (pause).(BETTY) I am standing in grass. It is as tall as my chest. As I look out over the tops of the blades of grass it is very thick, very green. Acres and acres of it. The light shinning with shadows crossing the plain, and far away a small mound. There is a path in the grass and a rabbit running along the path. I can see my body. I am just walking along the path behind the rabbit. If it stops I stop. The tops of the grass is so green. If I look down it becomes tan and the earth is very brown, almost black and the dead grass at the base. The seeds falling as the wind blows and the tassels on the grass. The blue sky is so blue.

HAL: Rather than grass, I see people. Thousands of them all seem to be going someplace with intent in their strides. There is a suggestion of green around, but it seems to feature people scurrying here scurrying there. Little one story buildings, very neat and organized. I seem to be watching the scene from an objective view.

LUCILLE: I was in a shady area. Trees up above. Two steps up to a sort of arbor, with a bench in it. It was filtered light. At the head of the steps was Jesus with his arms outstretched. He beckoned me to sit down. There were ferns all around and little flowers that grow in the shade. Little brown birds hopping around. I just sat there with Him holding my hand. It was just so peaceful.

JAREL: Dear ones. All is well. Our life's journey is full of experiences and situations designed to temper the will. To construct the sword, to sharpen the knife. so that we may be an instrument for the Father.

The snow melts on the tall mountain and the water drips, and drips, and drips, and forms a tiny stream. As it runs down it collects sand, dust and gravel. Growing ever larger and gently trickling down. At the bottom of the incline it is met by other trickles, and becomes a stronger force. It rushes on and carves its way thru any obstacle in its path. Often going around it. Sometimes knocking it down and carrying forth with a force of its own. It may travel many many miles with its burdens. Pushing them on. Pushing these obstacles in its path.

Soon it will all settle in its permanent position and the water will begin to froth an foam and mature in its force in its purposes. It will reach a point where its path is certain, and in its journey it may tumble from great heights, but at the bottom of its fall it will again resume its journey with many streams making its way to the large collection of water, the sea.

Dear ones, I use this metaphor as our life. Our lives unfold with sure purpose. Yet the drop of water melting on the mountain has no idea it will end in the sea. Each stream will finds its own course. The best that we can do is live each day and try to understand that this journey is not easy. But rest assured guardians and unseen helpers are always guarding and protecting us and beckoning us home. Home to the Fathers home. To those that love us. Home to the security of rest and nourishment.

The Father has assured us that the kingdom is of the spirit, and that the world will some day be brought into alliance with His plans and purpose. We are but instruments fashioned for this task. He is fair. We can call upon our images to comfort us and lay our head upon his shoulder and feel his arms around us, giving us comfort and courage.

HAL: I still have images of many people, walking here and there. All journeying someplace. I guess the journey of the Father is with people. We are ALL a part of His plan, and evolving into a spiritual world.

JAREL: Let His light forever be in our eyes. Let our hands reach out for His support. His guidance. Father give us courage strength, peace of heart that we may carry on with our faith in Thee, our Father.

HAL: I have no problem with my dedication to the Father, but my worthiness sometimes creeps in. That last little leap of faith that we are completely in the Fathers service. We have so much to do.

JAREL: The Father ia capable of all things. There is never an obstacle too large for Him to overcome with your faith and your diligent patience, and perseverance. Remember, All things will pass. Everything is changing. Everything is evolving into something new. Look forward with faith and hope. Do not look back. Remember, you are to go forward as a testimony to Christ Michael that He will ever comfort you in your time of need.

HAL: There must be a new awareness. Actually I feel less capable now than I did in the past, and yet I feel I have an inner faith that I did not have before.

JAREL: It is often realized that the more knowledge we have the less we realize we know. But I tell you there is knowledge to have beyond your wildest dreams. The journey we have taken together is yours for the asking. It is a technic of calmness. Of transporting the mind into a peaceful state. Employ this technic often when you feel agitated and anxious.

LUCILLE: Jarel I realize I need more patience. But it was real frustrating to have Kendra not get up and go to school. I need more patience.

HAL: We tend to feel defeated.

JAREL: It is sometimes the state when we realize we have no power that the Father answers our prayers, and administers to us in His ways of wisdom. It may not be recognizable this evening, but have faith and know that this too shall pass. That the sun will shine on a new day of hope. Dear one. let these words comfort you.

LUCILLE: Yes. To a certain extent. I still wonder how much guidance we are to do. We have set guidelines that have been broken four times this past week. I don't seem to be able to reach her with certain things that are required. Attending school is first and foremost.

JAREL: It may seem like slow progress. Yet consistency is the rule, and the roof of security will win in the end. Let there be no disagreement between you and your mate to as how these rules are to to be applied. Stand together as a rock, consistently and with authority, and never fail to communicate this purpose to the young one. Do not be misled by her strong will to do otherwise. Even when you feel you are powerless you must repeat the rules often, even daily if necessary, and soon she will realize that you are ever unbending and wise like a fox. You will come to feel stronger with the constant support you receive together.

HAL: Thank you. This is sage advise and well taken.

JAREL: And now dear ones, if there are no more pressing questions I will leave you now.

HAL: This feeling of insecurity or unsuccessful in our ventures. Does this feeling continue on with us into the next worlds, because reaching for the Father is endless. Is there always this feeling of lacking confidence, lack of accomplishment or being what you believe you should be. Is that part of the journey ?

JAREL: Dear one. So much has gone wrong on your planet, and the plan for your spiritual upliftment. The insecurity has many aspects. However on the morontia worlds and the ascending planets beyond, the path is easier to choose. The guidance more available. You are one who is tested. You are one who must believe without seeing, and yet the circuits have been opened so that assistance is ever near, as we have demonstrated this evening with our journey. Let this be comforting that no longer do you need the insecurity of not knowing. This is your gift. Use it, and enjoy it, for it is a temple unto the Father that you come and journey with Him thru these gardens, and experiences. He has sent you. Let these insecurities vanish, with the intention that they go. Do not dwell on yesterday or tomorrow. Stay with the Father in the present and all will come to fruition. Guard against the threats of fear and insecurities. Cast them aside and journey to the inner place of peace and meditation. Do you understand ?

HAL: Yes. I have no intellectual problem with this. It is this inner feeling down below. The complete oneness of the heart and soul that seems to need improving.

JAREL: When you are feeling disconnected and alone first seek the Father and His comfort. Imagine He takes you by the hand and leads you to a complete inner peace.

HAL: Thank you. This has been extremely helpful in understanding our relation to the Father.

JAREL: You are welcome. I will now take my leave of you. Farewell dear ones, and remember the Father is with you at all times.