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JarEl013094Father Knowledge


Teacher, JarEl.

Father Knowledge

T/R Betty

January 30, 1994

JAREL: I am so humble before you this morning, so grateful to be in your presence.

The power of the Father is with us today. His presence ever enfolding each and every one. He protects you and guides you. He infuses your being with love. He is the reason we live and breath and walk in the light. It is His knowledge that we seek. It is the love of the Father that motivates our very being. It gives our life purpose. For without the knowledge of the Father life is but like the wind blowing from one branch to the next and gathering in swirls along the ground, ever in the direction of the wind as it blows.

Today, I have before me a lesson prepared to enlarge your knowledge of the Father throughout your existence on this earth. Knowledge of the Father has evolved from one who is to be feared, one who has wrath, to one who is gentle loving and kind. This evolution of the Father among mankind will forever change and enlarge to embrace a larger more loving picture, so that it is easier for mankind to hear the Father as one approachable, and on his side, one might say. In the past there was the negative aspect of knowing the Father in that rigid rules and regulation we were a prerequisite to being in grace with the deity. After Moses descended from the mountain he brought with him an enlarged and more enhanced impression of the commandments, both in regulations required by the Father and for mankind. These enhanced commandments were a more gentle, loving and applicable record from which to sail the vehicle of progress and knowledge of the loving Father. Now, the text has given us an even larger knowledge, enhancing our viewpoint as to our tremendous responsibilities each has in bringing the Father into our knowledge, into our being, as a real presence in our lives. Having this opportunity strengthens our desire to know the Father as deeply and as widely and as quickly as we are capable each and every one at his own pace.

These things that were spoken of earlier have value and it would serve each well to contemplate what he believes to be the truth for himself regarding his knowledge, regarding what he knows of himself. The beginning of knowing the foundation from where you are to be launched. This whimsical position of uncertainty must be dispelled. It is but an indulgence, when will it be that you know. These are times of uncertainty and great change, and it would do each of you well to know how this change will be integrated into your life. For each it will be different. There will be struggle and resistance and confusion, and joy. But I say to you dear ones, sit in the stillness with the Father and ask for His guidance, and once and for all decide that which you will become. Strive for this image in the way you walk in the world. Ever enhancing your knowledge of the Father and how he operates in your life, ever knowing that His gentle hand upholds you when you are weak. His loving voice whispers in your ear when you are tired. His gentle presence singing in your heart when you are weary. He is always with you. Always there, willing, loving, deeply loving.

Dear ones, close your eyes. Think of the Father. Think of the love He has for you. Allow this love to completely fill the vessel of your being. Allow your eyes to see this love in each that you encounter. The love you receive from another is from Father. This is the Father reaching out and loving you through His children. Would you do less than love another for the Father, as He has sent His love to you. Ever enlarging your concept of the Father and passing it on to your brothers and sisters is Gods gift of love to them.

And now dear ones if you have questions I would be glad to answer.

HAL; Greetings JarEl. Does anyone else have questions. Other should go first.

DONNA; JarEl this is Donna.

JAREL; Good day Donna. How are you ?

DONNA; I'm fine. We were talking earlier, you might have heard, about retarded children, or individuals who might have what we might call non- normal minds, and we were having a discussion as to whether or not they have a thought adjuster. Now I know this is complicated as probably some of them do and maybe some of then do not , in any case some of these retarded individuals seem to be able to make good connection in their prayers to the Father. Could you please elaborate on this topic please ?

JAREL; Those without the ability to worship the Father, their thought adjusters are no more. If this injury or disability occurs after the indwelling of the Father fragment, the Father fragment will have departed if the ability to worship is no more. The subject is a complicated one and could be enlarged upon to encompass many different cases. However I feel your concern to be the care and guidance of these unfortunate beings. I will say to you. Each one is cared for. Each one has been assigned special guardians to care for them, and nothing of value will ever be lost concerning these children, these adults who are disabled in this way. Surly you can see that the inability to function in a society that is ever embracing the technology and higher ideas of an evolving planet is a handicap for future generations to come. Each generation must decide how these children, how these adults will be cared for. But never fear that the Father cares lovingly for these individuals. Does this ease your mind and concerns ?

DONNA; Yes Jarel,this eases my mind somewhat. I appreciate your comment.

HAL; In regards to this, you commented that they have lost the ability to worship. For our benefit in our worship, what is the ability to worship ? Is it a mechanical physical damage to the nerve cells and brain cells, or is there something other than that?

JAREL; The ability to worship also contains the ability to place your future, your higher self in the hands of the Father, that He may guide you through these troubled times. Through times of good, through times of bad. That you may know in your heart that you are doing the Fathers will and open to His guidance. Worship is entrusting your very being to that higher than what you can comprehend. The disabled, the mentally disabled, when they have lost the ability to worship has very little to do with severed nerve endings.

STELLA; I would like to ask. Where is the mind. Is it outside of you or is it within. I understand the brain is but a conduit for thought. Where is the mind ?

JAREL; The mind is not an organ. The mind is not a chemical that is stimulated by nerve endings. The mind is around you and hovering in an ether just below the surface. The ideas that come from the mind are of a higher nature, of a more etherial beginning, of a more elusive and transient vapor. This is the spiritual mind. This is the circuit through which one receives impressions. One embraces those impressions and runs them through a network of experiences and expectations. When you have the ability to reach pure mind then the higher ideas are viewed and embraced, regardless of this process of data retrievable from ancient beginnings. Do you understand ?

STELLA; I am trying to. (laughter)

GROUP; We are all trying to understand it.

HAL; JarEl Those that are damaged physically like cerebral palsy, and various virus, etc, and have actual damage the material circuits. Does that then interfere with what you call the etherial mind circuits, so that they are no longer able to receive those mind circuits , as it is a physical damage that starts the problems, many times.

JAREL; Yes. We have often talked of balance. The balance of the physical becomes the dwelling of the etherial, and that the importance of rest, nutrition, and temperament be maintained as a dwelling for the etherial. Every molecule has its conditions for balance. Every living thing is required to have these properties in place in order to function as its species. Why would this be different ? Do you understand ?

HAL; Yes I am trying to relate this to how we can develop the ability to worship. If we can understand what is the cause of this loss of ability to worship it might enhance our ability to learn to worship. This is the reason for these questions.

JAREL; Dear one. Set aside the time necessary to be with the Father. Begin with thanksgiving. Begin by thanking the Father for all that you have. For all that he has given you and for all that is yet to come. Begin by thanking the Father for the opportunity to be with Him. Do this everyday. This simple act of thanksgiving will evolve into its natural state of worship. This must be the diligent practice of all. It is as if you are going without nourishment each day that this is not practiced. How long could your physical body go without nourishment? How long would you thirst for the waters of life ?

HAL: Thank you. We are then to get this knowledge and this understanding and this faith from the Father in the stillness?

JarEl are you ready for another complicated question ?

This morning in my quiet time I was searching for the Father. You had requested that we write our questions to make them more concise and simple: I have done so.

We are told we are to be more like the Father, to do His will, to strive for His perfection. This seems very much in keeping with what your lesson was today. My question seems to tie in with your lesson today.

Could you help me to visualize what this perfection is that we are striving for. You will probably say that I am trying to dissect things again. That I should depend more on faith, which I am trying to do. But you have had 25,000 years of experience more than we have had, and probably have a different concept of the Father than we do. I would like to comment on my concept that I now have of the Father, from reading and studying the text. If it is within the scope of Machiventa's plans for this mission would you try to expand or correct my concept.

The Father is what we are trying to become like, and we need a concept of what we are to become. At this point my concept is that the First Source and Center or the "I AM" is everything that is. The stars, the rocks, the animals, the people, the angels, the creator sons, Havona, and Paradise are all expressions of the "I AM", the First Source and Center of all things. The Father concept is also a part of the "I AM" and this Father concept is the personal, loving, and intelligent part that is endowed on all beings capable of using it. The 1st Source and Center desires that these beings use the freewill choice, which He also gave them from himself, to voluntary return to his perfection. Is there more to this perfection, in this material world, than love and service to our fellow man ? Can you enlarge upon or correct or change this concept of the Father that I have tried to express ? I have probably over simplified the concept.

JAREL; Dear one. These words are beautiful words. This concept could be enlarged upon with time. However, what you are seeking is an understanding of yourself and how to bring yourself with all of its imperfections closer to knowing the Father.

Dear one might I suggest that within yourself, within each of you there is a characteristic that you wish were not there. You wish that this characteristic would forever disappear, so that you too could become more perfect in the Fathers eyes.

Dear ones, embrace this imperfection. Bring it out. Examine it. Each time it emerges, look it straight in the eye and determine that it will be no more. This is a struggle, a struggle that will bring you to your knees. This is the struggle that will strengthen you, and give you great knowledge, and endow you with a blessing that never before have you encountered in quite such a way. Dear ones. resolve each time this characteristic arises that it will not play havoc in your life ever again. Use all of your will to cast it out, and systematically go about your life working on these characteristics until they are gone. This my dear one will be a challenge equal to your microscopic examination. Do you understand ?

HAL; Yes. We are to bring our dragons out in the open and slay them.

JAREL; This characteristic will not be associated with fear. This will be of a different aspect.

DONNA; JarEl, this is Donna. I feel moved to share a prayer which has been very helpful to me. A prayer that I got in touch with through the Association for Research and Enlightenment books. Would it be OK if I share that ?

JAREL; Certainly.

DONNA; I think it touches on this topic. The prayer is " Father as I seek to see and know Thy face help me to know myself even as I am known, that I may, as a light in me, give the greater influence of Thy spirit in this world."

HAL; That is excellent. To me it is difficult to know yourself, see yourself as others see you.

DONNA; So we ask God to help us. That is the essence of this prayer.

JAREL; Quite beautiful.

HAL; We do this in our stillness, getting closer to the Father.

DONNA; In our stillness and in our prayer time as they overlap or interweave sometimes. And also JarEl the concept of embracing a negative characteristic or a characteristic about ourselves that we don't necessarily like. But first of all we have to know what that characteristic is, and sometimes that is where God can help us. Never-the-less that's kind of a union thing. Talking about the shadows and learning about the shadows and embracing the shadows so we can be more whole. Just like in art work, it is not just the light. It is also shadows and darkness that makes the picture complete. Those are my thoughts on that.

JAREL; And the Father said "let there be light in all things that have form and shape". With these words dear ones, I will leave you now to ponder these characteristics within yourself. To encourage you to examine your beliefs and the platform on which you stand. I leave you with love, and respect, and joy at being in your presence in these times today... Farewell

GROUP: Farewell