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Teacher JarEl:

Practice Session

T/R Betty

January 11, 1994

I am your teacher JarEl

Hal: Greetings JarEl

Lucille: Greeting JarEl

JarEl: "This old one understands your plight and your efforts to understand what is beyond your grasp to understand. Dear ones, you do an exemplary job of coming together with dedicated hearts to serve Christ Michael in His efforts to bring our planet into Light and Life.

The gold of a cup was not always so, before this beautiful Chalice was complete many, many, processes were needed to bring about this beautiful object. Bringing the individual into the light requires much struggle, much effort, and dedication. No one understands better than those here tonight the efforts required to maintain communication with your teacher and your Thought Adjuster. Often, you are uncertain as to what it is you are being impressed with and often the uncertainty spills forth as doubt and the doubt magnifies itself into fear. Am I worthy?? Am I spiritually enlightened?? Am I growing?? Will this work?? These are the obstacles to overcome. This is a moment to rise above this fear and stand with your heart exposed to the Father. Have I not told you that the way is through the Father? Take it to the Father first with sincere counsel, and the Father will bring you out of the darkness and into the His light.

It is so easy to be caught up in our everyday chores. This one sometimes sings and helps to focus energies on the spiritual realm. Find those things that bring you back and employ those methods as best you can remember. Each will have his objects that will trigger his memory, a bookmark, a flower, a bird singing, may remind you that God is ever present and we need only to pause and ask Him to come into your heart. You are each loved and cared for, I know, I have told you this many times and yet it is often forgotten.

When one lives in the temple body much stimuli comes from the environs and the spiritual stimuli is often the last to be acknowledged. If you step out of the warm house into the night air, you immediately remember the cold and are quick to retrieve your steps for a wrap. However, the Father must be remembered consciously through the will or through stimuli you have assigned as being of the Father's realm. So, take the time. If you are not about the Father's care and counsel now, when will you be? What must occur that would allow this time devoted to the Father that is rightfully His?? I tell you, Dear ones, the joy, the ecstasy, received from this practice of being with the Father in your quiet times will bring such reward into your temporal life. You will never want to be separated from this love you have through your will initiated.

The illumination surrounding this effort brightens with each attempt and your progress is assured. Let me encourage you to steal away if your life becomes crowded with activities. Steal away, leave, and rush to the Father, rush to your place of solitude!

Dear ones, this short lesson is meant only to lighten your hearts and encourage your participation in the love and joy available to you every day. You both are so giving and loving. Your partnership and dedication is noted and many will attest to their beginnings under your being. I am happy to be with you and this one tonight. We look in on the others and assure you each is well and being impressed and cared for by their individual teachers. I leave you now and wish you farewell."

Lucille: JarEl, before you go I would like to ask you a question.

JarEl: Yes, Lucille, Dear one, hello.

Lucille: Who was with me Sunday night?

JarEl: A woman, an older woman, who brought messages to you.

Lucille: Was it Helonia, my teacher, or was it Verona, who helped me in that car?

JarEl: A companion of Helonia, an unseen helper of her order, who was assigned to your watchcare in Helonia's absence. Her eagerness to carry out her duties was exuberant and her excitement was impressed upon you as concern. I am receiving information from a third party that is somewhat unclear........

Lucille: I thank you for saving my life.

JarEl: You were duly cared for by this helpmate and your safety was assured in the absence of your teacher. Often we are impressed to avoid situations and never do we know that they might have occurred. Your incident might not have developed had you taken other directions, so you see things are always coming to pass and evidence of our protection is clear in retrospect.

Lucille: I thank the Father at the moment, I have been thanking Him for the last two days. It was an experience I never had before.

JarEl: Dear one, know that the Father is always with you and he cares for you in all ways. You are never alone and without protection as each of us depends on this protection. It allows us to forsake the fear that also resides within. Now, I must leave this one fades, and breathing is difficult.

Lucille: Thank you.

JarEl: I leave dear ones, farewell!

Hal: Farewell!

Lucille: Farewell!