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Half Moon Bay, CA

From: SK

Machiventa Melchizedek

Commitment To The Teaching Mission

May 23, 2000

From SK:

This is an excerpt from a transmission that I did a few days ago, with my daughter, Caitie, and Tim. I rarely hear from Prince Machiventa, and when I do, I am still always overwhelmed by his powerful personality. Whenever I am connected to his energy, I suddenly feel as if I am about seven feet tall, muscular, very strong, and glowing...... It's just an image, but it gets at the feeling, folks. :-)

Machiventa Melchizedek:
You are now in the presence of Prince Machiventa, who comes to you with much satisfaction in the efforts you have thus far made to work with me in my Campaign of Redemption for this planet. I need your help. I appreciate and savor every effort you make in your labors in my behalf. This is a campaign of love and respectful efforts to redeem this graceful and yet tortured planet, which has suffered so from the travesties laid upon it by the rebellion. When I speak of this as my campaign, I am not in any way assuming a false ownership of this effort. I labor for God now, in the name of Christ Michael, and I "own" this campaign with my faith, with my love, with my respect for the great responsibilities placed upon me now. And in this way I wish you to own this campaign, also. Indeed, think of it as your campaign to save the planet.

I wish each person who now works with me to indeed be invested at the level of their soul in this work. Their soul is to labor in love for this world. This is the birthing place of your soul, and you are faced with a great responsibility, and indeed, a great honor, to be involved in this work now. As a soul created by God, there is so much good that can be done now, as you join in this campaign with me from this level of full soul commitment. Do not take lightly what you are hearing me say now. Please understand that your lives will be marked deeply by the efforts you place now in this work. Any who are touched by this calling are deeply led, and will be required to be deeply committed in their efforts.

There is much more to be done in this world that will call for a deep effort and commitment from you in your lives. There is deep effort and commitment asked of you in any marriage relationship that you may make. There is deep effort and commitment asked of you at times in the work of the world that you may engage in. There is deep effort and commitment asked of you in terms of selected friendships and bonded relationships you have with your children and other family members. Each of these callings does--as you well know already from your experiences in life--each of these calls forth much from you in the way of your character, your integrity, your value system, your sense of faith in what is true, and good, and beautiful--what is purposeful in life. And I am saying to you that aligning yourself with this work of the Mission is such an effort, such a relationship.

And I ask you to perceive all of this with the deep sense of integrity and responsibility that you make in such recognition as a marriage vow, the emotional commitment that you make to a child when it is first born, the way in which you hold a deep connection to certain people in your lives where you know you will care for them as friends throughout all your years of life. Whether you are immediately present with them or not, you will always hold them with a deep love in your heart, and if called upon, you would indeed respond to their needs at any day or hour, if this were asked of you. It is this level of a relationship which I am asking you to consider now with the Teaching Mission. And I ask you to understand that it is this level of soul commitment which those of us on the celestial side have indeed made to this Mission. We are here in our full beings, owning this work, and allowing it to define our very beings. We are "Those who will redeem Urantia now." That is, indeed, the definition of ourselves. And I call upon you to consider this in your own identification with this work.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group