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Alana; Ham; Daniel - An Exercise - Mar 16, 2001 - Pocatello, ID





An Exercise

March 16, 2001

Prayer by Ham (Bill): I am Ham. Let us pray. Almighty invisible God, all wise, all powerful, but most of all, all loving: we your children rejoice to be in your presence, and in the midst of each other. Let our hearts tonight be lifted up with adoration. May we join the Supernaphim of Paradise and bow down and worship you, First Thought, First Word, First Center of all that is and will be. May your love so fuse with our love that the two shall be perfectly one. Tonight let this experience occur to these, my dear friends, brothers and sisters. Even so, carry us on the wave of the Spirit from one experience to another, from one magnitude of joy to the heights of ecstasy in serving each other. Let us be literally walking in the steps of our Sovereign, Michael. Amen.

Ham (Bob S): This is Ham. In deference to our many guests this evening I shall not speak long. May I take a moment to greet all of my friends in this group. Resting on our long and trusting relationship, may I greet those who are new and challenge them to begin the long walk, which is available with their personal teacher, if they so choose. Remember, my friends, you have many resources on this side. You, however, hold the key in your hand. If you choose to open the door, we may then step through. Now with those words I will step aside for we have a long number of personages here to greet you, our younger brothers and sisters, this evening. Until we meet again, I am Ham.

Daniel (Bill): Hello, dear ones. I am your proud teacher, Daniel. Tonight, as Ham has indicated, we are an august body of personages. Not just those who you do not see, but all of you assembled here as well. Michael's spirit, which resides in each of us, results in his personal presence as well. Your seraphim are here. Your personal teachers are here. Guests are present. Visitors from other universes are present in this standing room only gathering.

I am pleased that we teachers have been given the honor of serving Michael's birth place. Our pleasure and joy to serve on this planet is boundless. You experience a constant droning of negativity from many sources: people who speak of the woes of existence so that the failure and mistakes are exaggerated in relationship to progress and spiritual growth. We, on the other hand, cognizant of the problems and the continued barbaric nature of much that transpires on your planet, recognize the white background against which this dark shows itself.

Wonderful things are happening. Hearts are transformed as in a manner without a precedent in the past. Indeed is Urantia in a spiritual transformation. This Teaching Mission, of which we are a part and you are a part, is only one small part of the larger whole. Yet it is a most pristine endeavor. The Father loves all of his children without distinction, without favoritism, but there are degrees of difference due not only to inherent, genetic differences, but also in the willingness of individuals to open wide the door of their hearts to the spiritual influences which surround them. You, despite your imperfection, are here at this time because you have opened the doors that led to this path. You have made those choices in the past which have brought you to this meeting this evening. I am not saying that you are better than others. I am not saying that you are more greatly loved than others. I am saying that you need to accept the responsibility for this point that you have reached in your lives.

You see, my friends, this is part of your work which you are doing. Your work is the same work that our Master Son did, to do the will of the Father, and to be a servant to all. You have accepted the commission to be apostles to this generation. This is not a small thing. This is high privilege and a great responsibility. To him that much is given is much required'. But do not hear this as burden. Hear it as a privilege, as an opportunity to express your creativity, to do your part in the completion of the Almighty Supreme.

I am not the featured speaker this evening. I am merely wanting to tie together some of the thoughts of the past with this present meeting situation this evening,. But I will conclude with a familiar admonition. My friends, in your prayers, pray that your eyes will be opened wider, that your ears will be unstopped, so that the reality which surrounds you will be able to penetrate more completely into the depths of your soul. Tonight it is my honor to introduce teacher Alana who will address you at this time.

Alana (Susan): This is Alana. Your transmitter's heart is pitter-patter. We thought this would be a good opportunity for her to test the waters. Your pond is not so big that she runs away. [Laughter.] She struggles with questions in her mind. Does she truly want to commit herself to the ministry she envisions, to the tasks we have spoken of, and does she choose to expose herself, if you will? But I believe that she will find such a welcome as I have experienced here already myself, and that she will truly strengthen her choice, and strengthen her voice. She does, as you, wish to share the heart room. Yes? (Response is "yes.") So shall we construct the heart room together? (Response is "yes.") My new friends, you wish to join us? Yes? (Response is "yes.") Ah, some very beautiful voices here, and your hearts already are so open, so welcoming, that it shall be a piece of cake. Yes? [Laughter.]

I ask you to focus. Focus now. Focus deep, deep inside, into your heart, into the center of your heart, deep. Open your hearts now. Open, open now, and allow me, allow me now to breathe with you. As you breathe in I shall blow love deep down into your hearts. Into your hearts now, breathe, breathe my love in. As I move about the circle, breathe my love in, and allow it to flow out through your open heart to the one across from you. Breathe it in, and breathe it out.

Now I ask you to open the holes in your bodies. Open the space at the top of your head. Open it now, and allow, allow Michael's love to pour down through the space at the top of your head down, down into your hearts. Fill your hearts. Fill that space, that center of your heart with Michael's love and Michael's light. And open the space at the base of your skull, the base of your skull, the tip of your neck. Open that space, and I shall blow love into it filling your skull, filling your skull with my love; allowing Michael's light to pour down through the top of your head; [allowing] my breath, my breath into the space at the base of your skull. Down through your spine, and open the holes in your back. Down, down the line of your spine, open your backs now. Open your backs, and allow me now to blow love through the holes in your backs filling your bodies now out through the space of your heart filling your circle now. We are filling the circle with my love, and Michael's light traversing to the one across from you. And now I would have you allow, allow my love and Michael's light to pour down through your bodies through your paraface, down through your legs, pour out through your feet, through your toes across to the one across from you. And see that light, lines of light, pouring out through your toes across to the one before you. And allow this love now, allow this light to pour out through the sides of your body to the one on either side of you.

We are constructing the walls of the heart room now. We are together constructing the walls of the heart room. And I stand in the center of your heart room now, and each of you is constructing the walls, and allowing Michael's love and Michael's light through the space at the top of your head, down into your bodies, out through your hearts to me, and out through your feet to each other. Breathe now, breathe in my love, and let it flow through your heart center, out, out into the center of the heart room. And I welcome you, Lori, to come now, in your heart to the center of the heart room and rest your head in my lap, and I shall blow love upon you, and give you voice. And I ask anybody now, if you have doubt, bring it to me now in the center of the heart room and I shall blow love upon it. Bring your fear. Let me hold it now to my heart, and I blow love upon that fear that brings doubt to your mind and creates the confusion. Let us all blow love upon that confusion, and allow it now to disappear. Allow it now to be surrendered, surrendered up, up, up, up to the top of the heart room, up, up, up to that small, small hole at the top of the heart room. Surrender it now, that confusion.

We would take you to the upper chamber, but at the present time I believe your transmitter must become more comfortable with the sense of enlarged space of the heart room. This, you see, has been a part of her confusion, shall we say. Her perspective has been enlarged this evening. She has known a heart room as somewhat smaller, and she grew quite comfortable with that small heart space, rather like many of you may have experienced in your life times, and this planet, Urantia, where you begin to believe that your heart can only expand so far. Not larger, please, no greater. I cannot go any farther. Yes? In loving someone, in trusting someone, that is your task. That is your mission now. That is your task to learn to expand your heart space to include greater numbers of people, familiar and unfamiliar, strangers trustworthy and not so trustworthy, even those who have made such horrible mistakes as to cause you pain. And this is the experience that we brought your friends to your country and to your meeting to have. We wished for them, especially the transmitter, to experience the heart room in the larger part. So we have given her that experience, and now I would give to you the opportunity to welcome into your heart room those you would forgive, and we shall blow love upon them. Yes. Welcome your leaders, and blow love upon them. And breathe, breathe into your heart room the broken hearts, the betrayals, the broken people, and we shall blow love upon them. Is there anyone who would speak to me at this moment. We shall stretch our lady a tad more, Yes?

David: Yes, she likes to stretch.

Alana (Susan): Yes, you serve her well. Yes?

David: Yes. I would just like to say something, Alana, if I may? It is very sweet to have you here in this group. This is a new experience for us, and my hope is that everybody loves you as much as I do. You're such a sweetheart. [Mummers and nods in agreement.] She's my lover. I truly love her.

Alana (Susan): Thank you. I have truly enjoyed giving voice to those who find it difficult to speak with love, and we have used this beloved friend of mine as practice in the laying on the tongue, laying love upon the tongue.

And yes, my friend, you wish to speak to me?

Bill: I am very pleased to meet you, Alana. I thank you for providing me with another vehicle for prayer. I have had problems trying to feel satisfaction in prayer for others, and your heart room construct I can see has great merit. It also reminds me of George Barnard's Akashic Library construct, and so for both, what you have shared in the heart room and what George has shared, I am wanting to publicly say thank you. (I am speaking now as Bill. I am not transmitting.)

Alana (Susan): Yes. Yes, my friend. I know your friend, Daniel, very well. And I thank you, and I would say to you, use this transmitter, and we will come again with Legion and construct the heart room with you, and any others who may be able to join you, so that you have again the experience of constructing the heart room. You are correct that this is a construct, very much as your friend George Bernard's construct. And they are very different, yes? I would be most pleased to have you experience the difference, and to question me and have a discussion again at a further point in time about that difference, so that you may get the maximum for your efforts, yes?

Bill: Yes, Alana. I have to admit that I personally have not been practicing George's construct yet; but I am planning on getting into it this summer when I have more time after my retirement takes place. So I will be glad to think about what you are asking for here, the differences and so forth, as I am sure others of us will. If I understood what you said maybe we can expect to have your presence with us here in Pocatello. Did I understand this correctly?

Alana (Susan): Yes.

Bill: Very well. Thank you.

Alana (Susan): And I would say you have already put your finger on the very small, but great difference between the two constructs. You will discover the heart room once you have learned to step into it becomes yourself. By this I mean we are looking to teach you, the most interested, how to carry the mission which is to love easily. The heart room becomes you, and with practice you become the heart room wherever and with whomever you may be. Thank you.

Lori: Alana, I just want to tell you, you are most beautiful, and to thank you on a very deep and personal level, because I needed to put my head on someone's lap today after a very difficult afternoon. And I thank you.

Alana (Susan): Yes. Yes. Breathe my love in, beloved one.

David: It is pretty easy , actually.

Alana (Susan): Yes. Yes, and you recall, my friend, the first time you put your head in my lap, yes?

David: I didn't think adults could do that, but low and behold they can. [Laughter.]

Alana (Susan): Yes. Yes.

David: Especially your lap, Alana.

Bill: Alana, you remind me of Olfana somewhat. Are you two related other than spiritually?

Alana (Susan): Do you wonder if we are sisters, or cousins perhaps?

Bill: Yes, exactly.

Alana (Susan): Yes. I think you might in your language think of a cousin once removed.

Bill: Thank you.

Alana (Susan): Let us say the Mother Spirit, her lap flows through my heart, and that, my beloved is what you recognize, yes?

Bill: I believe you are right, of course, yes.

Alana (Susan): Is there another?

David: Yes, Virginia has a question.

Virginia: Actually I don't, David. I was just identifying with Bill that I did see a resemblance between the two teachers, and whether it's the movement of the mortal TR, or whether it's the flow from Nebadonia, that would certainly explain it.

Alana (Susan): Thank you. I will gladly return.

Minearsia (Bill): Greetings, dear children, my zealous students, I am your instructor in residence, Minearsia, with you this evening. I am one who has also rejoiced in the presence of our guest, Alana, this evening.

Alana, my dear, you are certain to receive an invitation to meet with this gang again [Laugher.] for they are good students, and spiritually hungry for your truth and your way of expressing the old truth, the love which is the source of all reality.

I, my friends, have not spoken with you recently for Daniel was assigned the task of doing his series on self-esteem, so therefor, this phase of our curriculum is at an end. However the material bears constant rehearsal. You have by no means mastered it. You have merely been given the lectures. The workbook will now unfold. I see where Alana's heart room construct is one such exercise, therefore I strongly urge you all to add it to your repertoire of paradigms. Continue to use George Bernard's construct, but I strongly urge you now to endeavor to master it, the heart room, so that it will become you, and you will become the heart room, so that you will have the moment by moment contact experience with your Indwelling Adjuster, so that like Jesus in his perfected humanity you too can move with that assurance and confidence and faith.

I will conclude our meeting, my friends. You have much on your plate, and you are avid connoisseurs of spiritual gourmet food. Therefor, I know you will do well. All of our love is to you all. I speak for all spiritual and morontial beings here present this evening. Go in peace. Go with strength. Let the love flow. Good evening.