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Christmas Message 2003 from Salvington

December 21, 2003

Ham: My greetings to you my friends, I am Ham and I want to tell you how greatly joy filled is my heart. Each of you is continually rededicating yourselves to our Master's service and as this celebration of his birth begins, it is wonderful to allow the joy of his spirit to fill your hearts. Welcome then this Christmas message from Salvington.

Michael: Blessings be upon you. As I walked in human flesh and gave of myself fully to God as a man, so have certain of my flock pledged their loyal obedience unto me. Human kind advances into an uncertain future and so I send you to be human guideposts helping your fellows saying this is the way. Gain strength from my strength, courage from my courage, but above all have love by my love and faith by my faith.

Each human being must experience my birth within their hearts. In you am I born again. In you am I alive upon this world. As you have life within my Father, so do I and He have life anew within you. Ask of me and you shall receive. Give of me and you shall be blessed. Reveal me and you yourself shall be revealed. Know me and the way is settled and firm. Choose me as I have chosen you. Let you faith be such that you are unmovable as mountains. Let your faith be such that you are light as a feather floating upon my breeze. You are in the world, but not of it.

It is truly said of me that once I touch a man's heart, he is never the same. Let then your lives touch others reflecting and transmitting the transforming power of my spirit. Fear not for the future. Those who go in service of me are given all they need. Fear not for your lives, for your lives, when dedicated to me, are eternal. Fear not for your faith, for the light which I have lit within your hearts is unquenchable. Come to me when you are weary, come to me when you feel like giving up, come to me and receive my comfort. Come to me as a little child would come to a loving and protective parent. Trust in me that I will show you the way. Rest in me that I might give you spiritual supper and rejuvenate and energize your spirit. Find in me that which is lost.

May you find our Father's love in my love. All of my vast dominions pray daily for our little lost planet Urantia, humble place of my final bestowal. Feel the vast ocean of love surrounding this tiny world and know that my spirit will not falter nor fail you. There are great tests ahead and great triumphs as well. Let my spirit uphold your hearts. Know that I am with you and know that I am God.

Hold on to my light for I am the light of the world. Now and through all eternity is this so. Blessings be upon you.

Ham: Greetings once more, I am Ham. Take this message to heart my friends. It is the Master's personal gift to you. Rededicate your lives each day to him and let his words comfort you and strengthen you for the tests that lie ahead. That is all for this Christmas transmission, I too am praying for you each and watching over you as well. I am humbly grateful for your friendship and your trust.