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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM


September 8, 2002

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you this evening for coming here to be part of this mission teaching. Each of you is making progress in your lives. You are working, striving, progressing and yet also you remain children of God, students of the Melchizedek schools.

Yes, it is wise to ever remain humble, obedient, and willing to change. Human beings often tend to find something that works for them and remain stuck in that rut. You may even change many aspects, but the core understanding will not change but will remain the same until some rather drastic occurrence alters the landscape for them. It is very difficult for people to remain students of life. For it seems that it is easier to narrow your options to a manageable few and stop taking big chances, stop stretching your abilities.

Your culture is obsessed with remaining young and I will give you a great secret for maintaining a youthful attitude. Keep challenging yourselves. Allow life to be a challenge and adventure. Keep stretching your abilities and reaching a little further than your grasp.

The excitement of life is in the new directions and new challenges, win or lose. Humility is hard to find among those who have reached a pinnacle and are coasting there. But, humility is easy to find in those who struggle and try and continue to allow themselves to win and to lose.

Growing in the spirit means growing completely. It means growing in flexibility, tolerance, understanding, patience. It means that every new challenge in life is a new start, a new beginning. As you continue in your lives and you grow in the spirit, your minds naturally crave to be challenged as well.

Those who become experts in certain fields should not forget the wonder and the questions that sparked that first quest for knowledge. No human field of endeavor remains static for very long. All are challenged, all are forced into change eventually.

As you grow in the spirit also, there is a growing love for other people. Each person must eventually come to terms with that fear of others which so plagues one's heart in the early stages of life. As you grow in the spirit, that fear of people starts to diminish and is replaced by sympathy, understanding, and a kind of loving tolerance that allows for all manner of ill behavior on the part of others.

What have these erring children done that you have not done? Have you not been dismissive or intolerant of others just as they are with you? Have you not been rude or angry with others as they are with you? Have you not been gruff or unthinking and made some kind of social gaff in your lives as others have with you? You know the reasons why you exhibited such objectionable behavior so it is easy to sympathize with someone else who is feeling that same way.

The person who desires to be the most God like must be the most humble, the most kind, the most generous, understanding, and sympathetic among you. The higher you climb in the hierarchies of your professions, the more important it is to exhibit these qualities to those coming up behind you.

Rather than holding a position and bludgeoning those around you with the arrogance you are allowed just as you have seen those before you do, be the opposite. Be entirely kind, open, generous and loving with the most humble petitioner. Many people find a false arrogance which they feel gives them the aura of power. But how brittle, how shameful this posture is in the eyes of men of God.

Maintain spiritual grace. Remember that as you grow in the spirit, you are spiritually fragrant to others and they will be drawn unto you. Having spiritual grace is that confidence, that spiritual essence which does not allow for intimidation but rather allows for a gracious manner with all.

Remember as you grow that you are blossoming and this blossoming is attractive to many different types of beings and like bees jostling for nectar, sometimes these beings can be unthinkingly hurtful. But, it is your job to give as they flower gives. To give like a pure spring of water gives disregarding that there is nothing given to you from those who drink for you are replenished in the spirit. That's where you receive, the rest is all giving. Fully comprehend this understanding and you will go very far.

What are your questions?

Q: Do you have any guidance for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, certainly. My son, you are doing well. You have absorbed many slings and arrows of life without becoming embittered or judgmental. Always are you helpful and spiritually open with people and this is a great blessing. You are continuing to press forward in your work and this is very good. Remember that the Father will supply you with that which you need. Remember that no other human beings should be regarded as in any way critical to your forward movement. The seraphim will guide your steps and show you the way. The spiritual road is not easy. It does not lead to quick victories and easy successes. It leads rather to the development of character and the blossoming of the spirit. Remember the parable about the tree that did not produce good fruit. The gardener who cared for the tree pruned its branches, dug around its roots, and in general produced shock and pain to the plant and behold the following year, it bore a great deal of fruit. So it is in your life. You have had the blessing of much suffering which has lead you where you are today. You are well able to handle the little traumas of life and to trust in the Father's guidance without fear and largely without anxiety. This is a tremendous achievement for any man. Trust the Father now to lead you where you need to go and to give you what you need to begin helping others even more.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, you do very well. You have come far and have far to go in this life. The future is very bright even as dark clouds may seem to gather and temporarily block the sun. Their presence is not lasting. Be assured that you do very well and as time goes by you will continue to blossom and grow in the spirit and in the very substantial areas of character, confidence, and spiritual trust. Remember that you have everything needful to do the things which must be done. Do not fear that the way will not open or that things will not be available for you as time goes by. All things needful will be added unto you. Cleave close to the Father's spirit.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. The way will open for you as well. You are finding very real help when you need it and you are learning to trust your inner guidance more and more. The spirit within will bring you that which you need. Trust always in that loving connection and continue to reflect this good spirit toward all who come near you. Increasingly learn to release all fear. Move forward in assurance and trust. Your future looks very bright indeed. Trust the spirit to lead you.

Q: Should I think of that as the Master?

Ham: Certainly, yes.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Certainly my son, you are a person who trusts on a certain level but on deeper levels finds trust somewhat elusive. As the Father acts to strengthen this trust, it may seem as if you are beset on all sides by unkind forces. But this is not so. You are simply learning as all men must learn how to trust the Father in all circumstances. It's easy to proclaim faith and trust when everything is going fine. It is harder not to succumb to fear when there is pressure applied. But surely your faith and your trust are equal to any circumstance and you will gain courage and confidence through proclaiming even if I cannot do such and such, there lives within me one who can and will.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Marije?

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you do very well. You life is changing and there are many adjustments to be made. You are always of a naturally optimistic humor and this naturally buoyancy will lead you through much that might discourage less faithful souls. Have courage and confidence as you go forth. Trust the Master to show you the way and be at peace.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Liz?

Ham: Certainly my dear. You are doing very well. You are a person who rushes forward with confidence and then suddenly has and attack of self doubt which can be quite sever at times. As you grow in the spirit, you will find your rhythm and your basic confidence level will rise. You are doing very well and have come very far. Don't forget that. Trust those around you. Trust in their judgment and experience. The way is not always clear but that doesn't mean the way is absent. It is just the fog of uncertainty and self-doubt which obscures it. So be at ease, for you do well. The way is there. Trust.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You have greater faith and courage than you even acknowledge to yourself. Faith is not something which comes and goes. Faith is the bedrock of character. Faith is the corner stone on which your lives are built. You, my son, have greater faith than you realize. Draw on it. Trust it. Bring it into every moment of your life. You are someone who claims great faith in God, but then allows little faith for your own person. If you have faith in God, you must have faith in yourself for God lives within you. Trust that you will know the right thing to do and do not worry about things which have not yet come before you.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly. Each day you find new courage and confidence and yes that old fear of people is diminishing gradually but surely. As time goes by, your trust in yourself is increasing and you are not nearly so plagued with self-doubt as you have been in the past. Now, win or lose, you have the path before you. The difficulties on the way are part of the scenery but not really obstacles. Continue to have courage as you take new steps and new challenges for you are much stronger than you realize and you have access to the source of all goodness, righteousness and truth. Be therefore at peace.

All of you are doing well, even better than you think you are. All of you are making progress in the spirit. Have courage and confidence and remember to lean upon the Father, the Master, and all his many servants. They will show you the way. So be at peace. That is all, farewell.