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FEBRUARY 2, 2003

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am touched by the genuine spirit here this evening. You, brothers and sisters, do a great deal to bring healing to one another on many levels.

These lessons you have received over these many years have obviously served you, for you would not have carried on. You each have made it clear on what is to be reality and acceptable. You have vowed to forsake mysticism, ego comfort and surface level topics. What has been acceptable to you concerning these lessons has become reality. This reality has not always been a great source of comfort, but it has brought growth and expansion of mind and soul. Well done.

Continuing on the topic of truth and awareness, I would say a few more words about putting truth into action. Your lives at this point in time are the way they are because of your levels of awareness and what you find to be acceptable.

A man, who was quite unhappy with his life, always had some reason or another to not ever believe things could change. He in fact blamed Father for his misfortune. He had severed ties with his wife and children. He was on the brink of unemployment. His living place was quite unfit for living. This was his reality, for this was what was acceptable in his mind.

He saw not the good things in life. He saw no value to be obtained in the deeper meanings of mortal living. The man had a fondness for alcohol and found that this was his companion, his escape from reality. This escape was what was acceptable to him. He had justified his actions so that he could accept a so-called life of ease, a life without too much thought.

One day the man was in a terrible car accident and he woke to find himself quite alone. He called out for Father in his pain and agony with absolutely no faith behind the intention. He in fact blamed fate or God for his misfortune. To his surprise he felt a loving embrace and thoughts and words came to him.

The man realized his years of misery were of his own doing. The poor treatment of his wife and children were his own fault, for that was what he thought to be acceptable. His financial woes were from his tendency to work without integrity. His disruptive personal environment was his escape from having to deal and put forth effort into any relationship. He put out no effort and he gained nothing.

As the man recovered he had a great deal of time to reach advanced levels of awareness. These truths were painful, and yet not as painful as the existence he already lived. The man soon realized his living conditions were not acceptable any longer. His attitude toward life and ease seeking were not acceptable. His un-fulfillment was not acceptable anymore.

Of course he experienced an array of emotions, including anger. This anger began to create a new pathway to a new and better world. Over time his connection with Father grew stronger and he began to demand that he have a spirit led life. With this everything changes. His treatment of people softened and he was indeed a new man who began to look sincerely at others as if they were indeed his brother or sister in the Kingdom.

His work habits greatly improved, for to work without integrity was no longer acceptable. He demanded more from himself. He demanded meanings and values at any personal costs. The alcohol he consumed was the underlying lie he had been living and he found this to not be serving anyone. As the man built relationships he found the value in a good friend, the love of a wonderful woman and the importance of being a father to his children. This was where true meanings and values reside.

Life is still a constant effort for this man, but so much has changed because of what his awareness brought him, what he decided what was acceptable or not. His reality changed when he began to demand a life lived in the spirit. One cannot change their life overnight, but one certainly has the power to quit blaming others for their pain and demand to be more, do more, and have more.

What are those persistent things in your life that are not serving anyone? What has become acceptable to you? What do you demand from this life? How have all your thoughts made your life what it is today? Do you find methods of escape or are you willing to embrace the awareness and the truth that comes there from? Our meeting is kept short this evening. Know that you are each always in my thoughts and I find myself ever growing in love with you. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.