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JANUARY 12, 2003

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the peaceful surroundings here this evening. Each week that I teach I am made to learn more. I am fascinated by your unique personalities and your perception of attempting to live a divine life on a mortal planet.

Emulanís lesson last week discussed getting to know our total mortal make up and how everything works together. As I have now passed the mortal material level I am with new concepts to take in, while retaining the value of the old. I am different now than I was in the flesh. My acceptance to consistent changing has enabled me to advance in the spirit. Again I give you EMULAN.

Greetings fellows. I am with gratitude to have learned and worked with my brother Abraham. I am different because I have known him. I am made more having known the individuals I have throughout my career. Even in negative experience there was value. In my realm now I still experience conflicts, differing opinions and always that temptation to be noticed. I look forward to new growth and change because I am made more and I am always moving forward. That is my perception. I look forward to change.

As you reflect upon your lives, I am made to wonder how many individuals feel they are living the life they were meant to live? How many are being their genuine selves? When you look at your overall life, what is your measure of joy? What is your measure of comfort and security? How do you greet each day--with enthusiasm or with dread? Answers to these questions can reveal to you if you are living to your highest light. There should be a good measure of gratification, combined with the knowledge that life is work, play and balance in all things.

I so love the mortals of this world, for their intentions are truly touching. All have high hopes and expectations. All are striving for progression in some way. Many every day are deep in despair, for they feel they are not living the life that they are suppose to. This does not mean one hopes to have a life of ease and bliss, no. This means that even in times of hardship there is a true knowing that everything moves forward toward an ultimate good.

Every good thing begins with God, the Father of all fathers, the Eternal Light. He is love, intelligence and action beyond our comprehension. Those who strive to know God and be like Him are assured with the fact that the divine life is not one of blissful ease, but one filled with challenges and learning. One who is feeling without fulfillment is not living an authentic life.

Individuals can live for many things, money, love from others, self-glory, but the one who lives for God sees true value. Those who embrace value live their lives according to what appears to be for the ultimate good. There is balance. There is satisfaction. There is fulfillment. One could have all the riches of the world and love of family and friends, respect in their employment positions, and still be unfulfilled with the thoughts that they have somehow sold out and are not living the life they were meant to live.

This week find time to answer these questions I have posed. Who do you serve? How would you envision the life you are really meant to live? Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. I am in awe of Fatherís plan for eternal living. There will always be hard work. His plan is not one of ease--but one of balance. The universes are with intelligence and you are also, and expected to use intelligence in combination with love. Nothing can be kept from those who watch over us.

To live a life serving the ego is to be blinded to Fatherís ministry. To understand if you are living your best life is not measured in material amounts or even in the love of others. Living true to your status as a child of God means that you are with balance in all situationsógood or bad. You will have times of despair, confusion and anxiety, but never enough to overcome that persistent child of God. A few questions this evening.

RYAN: Hello Abraham. I want to thank you for visiting with me last time I came. I have two questions. I was wonder what my spiritual name meant and what my dadís spiritual name meant.

ABRAHAM: I am happy to meet with you again, my son Ryan. Not all spiritual names have particular meaning, but are resonated through the love of those who bestowed you with spirit. Your name is reflective of one who is willing to endure no matter the personal cost and Marshall, your name is reflective of an area on Havona where many go to learn. Is this all my son? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

SIMON: Yes Abraham. I enjoyed a program yesterday at the Impact Training Center. Hansburger seemed similarly inspired along these same lines of choosing happiness and joy. One of the statements at the end of the evening seemed to remind me of Jesus eventually coming out to proclaim truth more openly at the end of His life here. Are we at the point where we should be more open with truth? He was talking about praying out loud, bringing truth to the forefront.

ABRAHAM: I would believe that would depend on an individualís level of comfort or spiritual advancement. Truth is personal and not always shared among individuals. If truth is used to move forward toward an ultimate good for all then that is what one should strive for. Many fear using truth as it may harm others or make themselves look negative. Comfort levels are also to be considered. Sharing truth should always be balanced with love and without intention to boost ones ego for being right. Truth should be a revealer of light. Jesus always waited upon the will of Father, and in the beginning of His ministry He always had put forth His truth in an attitude of service. At the end of His ministry however He had the mission of doing as much good as possible and many were not open to the truth. He was at times perhaps a bit forceful and at other times He knew it would not serve. Is there something more my son. (I am just grateful for the Mission and (Inaudible.) I am just going through some personal transformation right now.) You do well Simon. I am still experiencing personal transformation. I now happen to embrace it. You are with intelligence and a kind heart. You are fully capable of going forward with your highest light. Well done. Another question?

DIANNA: Abraham, I would like to get some clarification on some of what you talked about in the lesson tonight. When I look at my life and being fulfilled spiritually, when I look at the cycle of allowing Father to transform my life and transform the patterns of behavior, beliefs that I have built, I do feel fulfilled. However I also in the recent discoveries of the other patterns in my life seem to also color this fulfillment as well. Is there a point where this is always incorporated in my moving in from a place of not feeling fulfilled because I am not quite accepting and forgiving my past into a place where I will be, because I can see that constant change?

ABRAHAM: I can see how your fulfillment from the spirit life can benefit other aspects of the mortal life, and yet I can also understand negative occurrences could create a bit of space between you and the spirit. Nothing can take you away from the spirit though. I understand that individuals can be become who they are because of past experience, and even behave in a certain manner, but the mortal life is about overcoming the challenges that block you from forward momentum and growth. The lesson is perhaps more focused on the total mortal life, finding fulfillment in all areas, not at all times, but with balance and the knowledge that things are always in a state of natural evolution. The mortal life is hard work and takes great effort to overcome the animal-self. My message here to you, my daughter, is that you are indeed with power and spirit support to change things in your life. Where there is sorrow, there can be joy. Where there is hopelessness, there is always Fatherís plan for perfection. Is there something more I can answer for you? (No. (Inaudible.) Thank you.) Youíre welcome. Another question?

ANICIA: Abraham, I really want to speak with you right now because this lesson is everything that I have been going through for a long time. It really hits home to me the walking in balance because the intelligence that is within me is at times very clear. I know the steps that I need to take in the moment and I just like to jump ahead and figure out my whole life plan because I am so worried about being fulfilled. So many days I wake up dreading the day because I donít feel I am where I am supposed to be. There are times when it is really unclear for me. If you have anything for me I would be appreciative.

ABRAHAM: Certainly my daughter. Father completely desires your happiness. Many believe God to be unmoving and somewhat of an enforcer. He very much wants you to discover your gifts and do what you most love. All are bestowed with gifts and can serve in some capacity. It was meant to be fulfilling to use these gifts in whatever you choose to do. This is your life. It is also Fatherís to live with you, but He does not force His children into anything that is not suited. He does not ask the individual who does not want children to have children. He does not ask those who want to work as a gardener to be a brick mason. He has given you gifts and free will. Many of these decisions are yours to make whether you will live or work or be in a relationship somewhere somehow. Fulfillment comes from knowing you have done your best from where you are. It comes from knowing you have chosen a path of divine light rather than one that is selfish. You are still quite young in your eternal career. Have not worry nor anxiety, but know that whatever you choose your Father is always with you and guiding you. Remember He desires your happiness.

I am slipping. Know that with each week that passes I grow in love for you all. Until next time, shalom.