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DECEMBER 8, 2002

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a peaceful atmosphere for us to gather. My sincere gratitude to those who provide means for us to meet. You are each quite loyal to the spirit, and for the most part, do your best for the Kingdom. I thank you. I am astounded at times at how our Mission is moving along and proceeding with real progress. Mortals have made that happen, listening, well-intended mortals have brought this Mission and Correcting Time to life. You are each an energy life-force to our overall purpose. Over these many years you have learned to set aside your desires for what was to become the reality of the Mission. True things have stayed living. Basic truth is now and has always been ever flowing, ever growing, fulfilling that ultimate purpose--Michael is once again definitely alive in the hearts of men. Even through life's harsh realities His hand is visible. His plan is understandable. He loves each of His children with an unfailing Fatherly affection. You are each helping His Mission on earth come into full fruition. How easy it is to love Him. Jesus did set the ultimate example of self-mastery for us. He also bestowed us with beautiful techniques in which to relate to our brothers and sisters in the flesh.

While self-mastery is an ongoing practice throughout this mortal life, we will most likely begin to study on other topics. Tonight I will however keep the weeks focus short so that we may leave time for questions. Beginning on a simple, but important note, we will take this next week to focus on gratitude. At this busy time of year it is common to focus on where we are lacking. We may find it easy to lose sight of those things with real and meaningful substance. For many there is a tendency to believe they are in a state of loss or emptiness. That can certainly color an individuals perception of reality.

This week let us focus on what we have with real meaning instead of what we don't have. Let us concentrate on the meaning of universe abundance. How are you being cared for? Can you find the time to see where Michael's hand is at work in your life? Where your treasures are--there will be your heart also. Find time to journal your life's priorities from your point of view and then perhaps from Michael's. What is the foundation in your lives from which all things are built? Have you questions?

MARSHALL: Yes. Abraham, it is nice to hear you taking questions again. It has been quite awhile. I just want to let you know I so value the relationship that is developing between us and the insights. Everything! You know what is going on. It is just so special and I an getting to know you. I have never experienced such clarification of spiritual meanings, enhanced cosmic insights, some of the things we are working on now. It is exceptional. I would just like hear anything you would have to say here through our most trusted TR, Nina. It would be much appreciated.

ABRAHAM: Marshall, my son, I thank you for your kind words. I admire your enthusiasm. I admire your courage to be reborn. I am also glad for our communication and the building of our relationship. You are perceiving the deeper meanings in life, and as it is written, everyday a true believer lives, he finds it easier to do the right thing. You are indeed living with a new sense of integrity and honor. Your allowing the expansion of heart and mind is very much creating a new creature. You do well. Keep open our communication. Another question?

LOU ANN: Hi Abraham. I feel so guided and blessed to be in this group of people and to know you. I don't know if you know me yet. Just any advice for me with my son and family, my feeling of dislocation. I would also like to know my spiritual name if possible.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My daughter, of course I know you and at this point I do love what I know. You need not have too much concern with the issues at hand. You are reacting to situations in the best way you know how. You are still mortal. You have experienced somewhat of a difficult path of late and your feelings are completely natural. This is always growth promoting. This is always leading to higher understanding. My suggestion for you this evening is to bravely face something that you have been hoping would just go away. This is not to be overly concerned, but time will be needed to absorb and comprehend the meaning. Understanding of new meanings leads to new values. You are certainly on your way to mind expansion. Concerning your son, I know not all the details, but I can suggest that you provide for him a safe arena to express himself where you simply listen. In allowing others to talk they many times find out answers for themselves without really any help. People just want to know they are heard and worthy, accepted and respected for where they are at the present time. Ann Rayel, Ann Rayel is how you are known On High. Have not worry, my daughter. The Father is nearby and always are His arms open to you. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you. I am so honored to be in your presence.). You are very welcome. I also thank you. Another question?

STUDENT: Abraham, I too wonder if you could give me some guidance in the choices I am facing right now?

ABRAHAM: I am only able to answer in broad terms, for I know not too much of the details. I am understanding that you are quite intelligent and at times you are believing that to be not congruent with the spiritual life. You seem to be one who would always choose peace. While this is wonderful, it is at times undermining your intelligence, your desire to be logical. The Father is peace. He is love. He is kindness, but He also is highly intelligent. While intelligence can seem to be harsh, there can always be a balance found. You need not bury your intellect to keep peace. You would do well to calmly express yourself and allow your intelligent side to be seen. You indeed have a kind heart and this will never be lost. Do not allow your kindness of heart to create imbalance so you are hiding any part of yourself. I hope this is helping. (It is. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Am I hiding any parts of myself or being a little be too open? (Laughter.) I can take anything you can send my way this week.

ABRAHAM: You are incapable of hiding any part of yourself. That is an asset however. You set a good example for many men to follow. Long ago it was thought best for men to only show a virile side. Your honesty has allowed others to feel comfortable also being honest. You are indeed understanding the fluctuation of the stages of life. Moments can be good, and without understanding why, turn negative. Sometimes this is your fault, sometimes it is not, sometimes it is just life, just natural evolution. Your perception of it however is everything. You are continuing to hold fast to the fear of failing. Take this topic and become a teacher with it. Help others to understand what you have learned from it. You control it. It does not master you. By becoming a teacher and sharing your experience, you will feel more productive and eventually dissect this difficulty into nothing but meanings and values. Is this helping? (Very, very much. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

ANTHONY: Abraham, last time I asked a question you said I was doing well as wonderful helpmate and friend--I think it was. That seemed to end very abruptly with a lot of negative impact on at least three friendships. Can you help me see that in a more positive light, give me some advice on the future?

 ABRAHAM: Anthony, my son, your enthusiasm for the spiritual life is to be commended. You are always with the highest of intentions. You can be quite book smart, but many individuals want to see this spiritual intelligence put into real life, down to earth, so to speak. Perhaps take this experience and learn to incorporate patience into your attitude and perhaps loosen up a bit, have fun. Have no fear that your true self will be seen as unacceptable by your fellows. Everything that needs to be done will be done in its own time and you would find a larger sense of peace if you can allow this. There are underlying issues which make you feel you must express yourself quickly, as if you will not really be heard unless you put forth your point quickly. Individuals like to really be heard and understood. To listen without judgment or advise on how to live better would be a good beginning. You also have a kind heart and you would definitely do well to show that side of yourself. You need not work so hard. You are fully welcome to work with joy. If you find not joy in those things you do, then you are definitely imbalanced to a more mindal state instead of a loving state. Overall, my son, you do well and know that you are truly loved for who you really are. Allow that person to be known. Time will bring more understanding and closure to these relationships. Have not worry. One more question.

SAMUEL: Do you have any advice I need to focus on?

ABRAHAM: Samuel, my son, you are certainly learning to exhibit a more courageous side of yourself. You are becoming more every day. Your striving is to be commended, but there is something a bit lacking and that perhaps could be your willingness. You have good intentions, of course, but there is some fear to totally allow Father and that does interfere with growth and the direction you should be going in. You are a son of God and deserve abundance. You are entitled to good things in life. Stand not in the way. Know that you are loved and cared for every day.

With that I shall take my leave. I have enjoyed our interaction this evening. I look forward to more of it at another time. Know that with each week that passes I am with ever-growing love. Until next time, shalom.