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San Luis Obispo, California

Alista & Hilson

September 13 thru December1993 &

January thru May 18, 1994


We present this publication as our own personal record of lessons in the Teaching Mission, as well as for the enjoyment & edification of all truth seekers, our brothers and sisters who strive toward light and who attempt to live lives steeped in truth, beauty and goodness.

When reviewing these lessons, be mindful that they are in a sense mere shadows and reflections of the fullness of the Teaching Mission experience itself. The Teaching Mission is not found in these transcripts alone.

What is missing here is the range of relationship & example which extends beyond the spectrum of mere words the silent ministry of the teachers and the healing comradery of souls on the quest of spirit. What is not captured here is the enfoldment of faith, nurtured in the stillness, ever reaching homeward to our Father, while reaching outward in service impulse. What cannot be recorded on paper is the love, the joy that emanates from our beloved teachers who, with gentle persuasion, lighten our path to spiritual existence. This is where you will find the Teaching Mission.

The Students of San Luis Obispo