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MARCH 10, 2002


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am amazed at your progressive interaction exemplifying those truths you have learned so far. Well done. You quite possibly learn as much or more from your discussions than from our teachings or any other text. It is beautiful to behold the open minds and hearts that seek nothing but growing understanding. I believe you are turning a new corner with one another, where there is less demands by egos, and more pure intention to reach spiritual heights, yes.

It is quite wonderful to see the self-honesty you are each displaying. This certainly clears a path to new understanding. The spiritual life requires a great deal of courage, patience and persistence. The spiritual life is not a trouble free existence or living in a continual blissful state, no. Real spirituality is uncovering those spirit poisons that weigh down the soul.

A woman, who had difficulties raising her children because of her own past childhood, went through a great deal of seemingly negative trials to create a new plan of parenting. This woman had parents who were emotionally abusive and negative. The pain from this experience had caused her to do just the opposite with her children. She was so over protecting that she practically smothered them, and made them feel as though they were quite incapable without her. The woman longed to change her parenting pattern, but had such a difficult time because she knew not the origin from which it stemmed.

She did indeed have to travel back though her childhood to find the roots of her present difficulty. For one, she had to find understanding of the reason why her parents were the way they were. The woman had to find understanding of them so she could forgive them. Second, she had to dissect her issues over her poor self-esteem, and see that she was somewhat sabotaged and that she was indeed a child of God first and foremost. The woman had to realize she was not a poor disabled victim, but an intelligent child of God with great potential.

These self-discoveries were not easy by any means, no. There were many tears over the painful memories, but they were necessary to find a way out of her negative rut. These changes do not come overnight. This purification requires you to fully understand it to find the meanings and values from it. This woman was able to implement a new plan to allow her children a bit more freedom to experience life and grow in ability and confidence.

Said the Master, "In all your afflictions, I am also afflicted." You are never to be alone to face life's cruelties and hard truths. Remember as the Master's human side ached with grief while coming to terms with His inevitable death, His divine side is the strength that saw Him through. As mortals, I know we can feel so inadequate and so alone, but you that are committed to living a divine life, must know that the seemingly inconsolable mortal-self is very well watched over by that divine-self.

In you lives that Fragment of our First Source and Center, which can and will do all things. As we go through the process of purification and receive that spiritual baptism, will we be made to have more confidence in that divine side of us. We are not helpless victims of the mortal life, but co-workers, co-creators in that potential of the spirit life.

Under those mortal burdens we at times forget who we really are. We forget to put first that we are children of the Most High. It is quite popular to find escape in various activities that help us to forget present difficulties. I would say that positive activities are quite acceptable in refreshing the spirit and mind, to be strengthened to cope with life's daily happenings. Sports, exercise, art, are all good reversion activities that help clear the mind and refresh the spirit.

This week I would ask that you journal those behaviors that may stem from past events to create a clearing on your spiritual path, and also I ask you to find a healthy, balanced reversion activity to participate in, not to escape the present difficulties, but to become sharper in mind to find solutions. Find activities that feed the soul. Not so much the mortal self, but provide nourishment to the growing soul. This could also include service activities and creative ventures--something you can build or participate in that takes the focus off of present difficulties to provide refreshment for the mind. Are there questions?

SIMON: Abraham, I would just like to welcome our new visitors, Luke's daughter, Samantha, Borge and Angie's friend, Melissa.

ABRAHAM: Greetings. Feel free to ask me anything.

LUKE: Abraham, this is my daughter, Samantha. Do you know her? (Of course, I know her. Yes.) Do you have anything for her?

ABRAHAM: Are you asking or is she? I would not volunteer information to those that are not ready, but I perceive you, Samantha, as a open and somewhat aggressive personality, that you are certain of the direction you want to go in, but uncertain of how to get there, yes. You seem to have a diplomatic personality and are interested in creating equality among those individuals who you love. Your lighthearted countenance, and yet logical outlook, are certainly a help in building bridges between people. You do well, child. Have not worry. You are definitely on your way, yes. Anymore questions?

SIMON: Abraham, I once again would like to ask about teaching my children. I know you will probably say I do okay. Sometimes I wonder if I am. Maybe some pointers on living the spiritual life and being a better father.

 ABRAHAM: Simon, my son, there is no doubt you would certainly lay down your life for your sons. You have done well considering your own experience, yet I realize, as you do, that past misunderstandings dominate your technique of parenting. Like the woman in the story, you also would do well to journal your experience and finding understanding therefrom. Children understand humor. They understand fun. They understand love. They do not do well with judgmental authority type preaching. They do not understand disrespect from adults who would require respect. Also they most definitely need loving direction and a program that connects the family as a working team. Do you understand that they also need to participate in family decisions and undertakings? They are wonderful boys and a lot of that is due to a loving Father like you. Well done. One more question.

TECTRA: I hope this is appropriate. Can you help me with something to speak to Willeena about in her experience of her life? It seems to me she is kind of in a rut right now. Is there some words of insight or wisdom I can impart to her at this time?

ABRAHAM: What a wonderful friend you have been to her lo these many years. I am understanding her disappointment that some of her visions have not played out. It would seem as though at times she sees the universe as being against her, even though she has come so far in spiritual growth. There will still be further challenges that will help her to advance in spiritual levels and also maturity. She would do well to also take up some reversion and come to see me at the meeting every once in a while. Tell her to not have worry, for she has been though greater trials than these. She is quite capable of finding her way. Perhaps a little encouragement will point her in the right direction. That is all. I do appreciate each of you for your wisdom and willingness to generate spiritual ideas within the group. This group is an anchor in the sea of mortal life. Together we can overcome many things. I leave you with my love.

Until next week, shalom.